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  1. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 35”. Condition is Like New. Standard loft and lie. Used 1 round and some practice. $300 No trades.
  2. Rob - Arizona Yes, Bushnell and Precision Pro 18Birdies App
  3. Hard to believe the Sim Max D did so well. Lower spin that the Sim Max? Crazy. Guess I am glad I loved from the Sim to the Sim Max D. Two rounds in and I am very happy and this study makes me happier.
  4. James - USA HDCP 10.2 TM P790 7 iron - 165
  5. Rob / AZ 11.0 hdcp used a few putting aids but would love this opportunity to try this one.
  6. A putter fitting is a must after going through one at PXG. Wow! Fit into a setup that I was making everything. Gen 2 Gunboat will be on its way soon.
  7. Did my driver fitting yesterday at PXG HQ in Scottsdale. Wow, that facility is amazing and so was my fitter Tyler. Amazing experience fir sure. Yes, the fitting is free through the Hero’s program. I brought my TM M6 GD AD DI setup with me. After warming up with the 0211 irons (crazy good irons) we hit numerous shafts and I really wanted to be fit into a no upcharge shaft. Well, the best shaft for me was the Tensei Pro White shaft in the 0811x 10.5 head. Man that was a really good setup. It cut almost 1k spin off my driver and added about 20 yards. Mind you, I was not fit for my current se
  8. So is it really worth $125 for a putter fitting? Sounds like it. I may have to get one after all.
  9. Update: talked with PXG and my fitting is free because I am eligible for the Hero’s program.
  10. You were right. Just checked my appointment email from from PXG and it says $200 fee.
  11. Thanks. Calling today to ask. Not sure it can beat out my M6 AD DI setup and not sure I wanna fork out the cast to see. PXG told me on he phone I cold hit come irons during my fitting too. The Hero’s program is what really got me interested.
  12. I am getting fit at the Scottsdale HQ in a few weeks. I heard it was a free fitting even if I didn’t buy. True?
  13. No one uses Hole 19? I used along side a laser and it very accurate. I love the stat tracking too.
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