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  1. Mike Hayes/Wyoming 20.6 handicap Current wedges PW RTX3 46 degree. A Taylormade burner 2, S Eidelon 56. Favorite shot - from 50-100 yard shot to the green that stops where it lands!
  2. You mentioned the Wishon equipment. My local fitter also uses Wishon stuff. So far I have a 3 and 4 hybrid/iron from him and I love them. He also had me try the Wishon forged irons. Uhhhhh.... guess what my next set is gonna be? LOL! Those things felt SO sweet!
  3. Thanks Moe. Almost brought a tear.
  4. Hmm... Well.. things have thawed out a bit here, but not totally. I've been able to get to the driving range twice and the short game practice area twice. Still haven't played a round. I am supposed to be going out this weekend to do just that! But, at the moment, we have sleet/sugar-snow/small hail falling and its about 1/2" deep. AARRGGHH!!! Temps in the 70s 2-3 days ago, 34 for today's high. Hopefully the weekend will be at least a little warmer or I won't be able to play then either! Oh well, if nothing else happens good in Wyo, I'm going out to Calif in a couple weeks to visit Pop and my brothers and will be playing some golf with them while I'm out there.
  5. Make a big deal of "Breathalyzer test result of 0.16 or greater". Then find someone who has firsthand knowledge (I was in Law Enforcement for 17 years) and find out just how much drinking it takes to reach .16. It isn't much! Ever stop in to the clubhouse and have 2-3 beers after a round? You were very close to that kind of measurement and could have been the one in the stories and video. My point is this: Its easy to grab onto a stat that someone sensationalizes and make it sound like a real big deal. Its a lot harder to pay no attention to the sensational writings and think about things as they really are. But regardless of all that, I do not support or condone drinking and driving. DJ shouldn't have done it and neither should anyone else.
  6. rowjow... watch more golf on TV. It happens often by a LOT of players. People comment about it by Tiger because it is Tiger and they want to drag him down. Are they right to comment when he does it. Hell yes. Are they wrong to then remain silent when someone else does it. Hell yes.
  7. Lets see... People can play baseball in the park on Saturday and have a good time with a cheap bat, glove and ball, or heck in some cases a stick and a rock. They don't expect to play like the Yankees and nobody cares. People can have a pick-up game of basketball at the schoolyard and have a good time even if they play with a volleyball instead of a b-ball and $10 vs $200 shoes. They don't expect to be in a class like Shak/Lebron/Koby/MJ/Malone/Wilt. They laugh when they completely miss the basket/backboard. People can have a Sunday game of football and have a great day in tennis shoes and shorts with rags for flags hanging off their sides instead of cleats and pads and helmets. They probably aren't playing up to the caliber of Packers vs Steelers. They laugh when they miss a pass and fall in a mud puddle. But in our sport those who play well complain about those who don't taking too much time and slowing them down. Club makers tell us we suck and we MUST play their $400 club to be better. Ball manufacturers tell us we don't hit it far enough so they make a $5 ball just for us. Our so-called buddies tell us we need to go spend weeks at the practice range so we will be "good enough" to play with them. Country Clubs tell us if we can't "afford" to join them, we can't play on their hallowed grass. For God's sake, do NOT try to play golf at "our" establishment in a T-shirt and tennis shoes. AND TURN OFF THAT DAMNED CELL PHONE!! To be "good" at our sport, you have to drive like Couples, look like Poulter, scramble like Mickleson, putt like Kaymer and act like Palmer. And by the way, if you aren't "good" at it, it is NOT allowed to be fun. I wonder why anyone would want to leave this sport????
  8. I voted for B-stone based on the fact that they last longer than Titleist. Now as far as either being a "better ball", there are a heck of a lot of tourneys won with both balls. I think the exact ratio comes to something near equal to the amount payed to players by the manufacturers. LOL
  9. I'd love to check one out. But with the nearest being over 200 miles away, that probably won't happen.
  10. Very interesting article and stats re Tiger. Prossibly the best I've read. Can he turn things around? I hope he can. It's going to take as much or more mental work than it will physical. He sometimes looks almost lost when in a difficult position now. In the past he looked confident even when he was 4-5 strokes back headed for the final 9. Horrible pun, but he has lost "the eye of the tiger". If he can get that back, he'll go back to winning on a regular basis and probably break all of the records. If not, he will probably still win a few but it will be very few.
  11. I only want enough "workability" to stay in the fairway with my driver!
  12. Unless there are full length dividers in there, all the club handles are gonna slide to one area. That could cause some quickly damaged grips, let alone the frustration of trying to get a club in/ou without shoving/yanking... Bet they'll be 300+ bucks too!
  13. Whew... started a new job working I.T. on the AF Base here... finally getting a breather and getting back to watching the forums!

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