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  1. The Rovic storage compartment has a cover that snaps shut. I keep my phone in there as well, but I check it often for music selection (Yes, I'm one of THOSE guys.). I also used the Bushnell GPS app, so I'm in and out of that compartment quite a bit. My GPS use will wain, I'm sure, but I do like the shot distance feature. The Rovic storage compartment is much bigger, so I'll probably keep my wallet (quicker access for cart girl) in it as well and possibly fey fob. ...I'll figure it out The real/bigger issue is the irons banging into the graphite shafts of the woods.
  2. Looks good, Chip! I did buy a 2020 SM C130 at Dick's tonight. I was returning a Bushnell Pro XE that I bought yesterday.... might start a new thread about that laser. The C150 was $249 online, and Dick's had one in the store. I wanted the black, grey and white one, and fortunately that's the one they had. Even better it was marked down to $199. I ended up getting another $20 off at the register. It looks good on my charcoal Rovic. I have to flip the clubs, putting the woods on top otherwise the irons would bang into their graphite shafts. Plus, woods on the bottom would cro
  3. I have a SM SCB as mentioned. I also have a SM C150 that I was looking to replace AND a Ping Hoofer. C150 for when I ride, SCB for push and Hoofer when I carry, but really for vaca golf with a caddy. Clicgear also states standbags for their bigger "flagship" cart. The hoofer would obviously work, but not enough storage, and I'd still have the handle issue. I put the C150 on the cart and it pretty much dominates the cart with it's size. I got the Rovic for three reasons: swivel front wheel for Alphard V2, MGS "Most Wanted" cart AND I got it for "free" through work using points.
  4. Best Bag for a Pushcart I recently acquired a Rovic rv1s to go with an Alphard V2. I have a Sun Mountain SCB that was made for my Speedcart, but it doesn't pair as well as I'd like with the Rovic. Any suggestions on bags that work great specifically for a Rovic?
  5. Brian / Illinois Ping G15 stiff shaft Hdcp 10. SS about 100 mph. I seem to be between and regardless and still flex. I do not currently use a tracking device. Never played Tour Edge, but I was considering getting fitted there because of your best value ranking, and I live about 20 minutes from their offices in St Charles, IL. Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Brian Illinois Ping G15 TFC 149 D Stiff (doesn't state weight) Swing Speed 95mph
  7. Brian Illinois Hdcp 10 No stat tracking currently
  8. Brian Illinois Ping G15 stock shaft stiff flex 7 iron distance is 160
  9. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Charley Hoffman Tier 4: Pat Perez Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -10
  10. Brian Illinois ​Do you use performance tracking? No Do you use a GPS watch? No. I've use a Bushnell laser for many year, and have been curious about a gps watch. Which ones? N/A
  11. 1. Brian - Illinois 2. Ping G15 driver and 3wood, Ping i15 3 and 4 hybrib, Ping G25 irons 5-gap, 2 Cleveland wedges 54 and 58 and a Bettinardi putter 3. 10 handicap 4. I need to become much more consistent with my driver down to 5 iron. Also need to improve my greenside bunker play. This should help me get back to a mid to high single digit. Thanks!
  12. Aurora, IL Bettinardi Baby Ben Distance control on long putts I dubbed the Bettinardi my "putter for life", but would like to see if I'm missing out on newer technology.
  13. Brian Illinois 10 Ping G25 F7 one length I used to see small ads for one length clubs in the golf rags many years ago. The concept makes complete sense to me and would love to try them out.
  14. Brian Illinois 10 Ping G25 Strength: short iron accuracy Weakness: solid contact with mid/long irons
  15. Handicap: 10 State: Illinois Swing Speed: 95 Ave. Carry: 230 Preference: F7+ Thank you.
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