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  1. The crazy shot I ever SAW.... I saw a friend of mine top a 3 wood so bad, that the ball popped straight up in the air and then hit the ball again during his follow through knocking it 40 yards or so straight down the fairway.
  2. Simply put, I hit a blocked cut off the tee with my driver and knocked a squirrel out of a tree.
  3. I was on a golfing trip in CA, and I believe this particular round was at LaQuinta. On a par 3 over water, my ball hits the bank and rolls back in the water. One of my playing partners, Jim, dunked his tee shot. I reload, and this next shot hits the stick and end up within 6" from the cup for a tap in 4. Jim re-tees and knocks his shot in the cup for a hole-in-three. So much for MY post round story. On a different trip a few years later, my 4some is playing a 6 point Scotch game. My partner make an ace. I get up and down for par. Jim, the same Jim, makes a 20' putt for birdie while getting a stroke. His partner makes par, so instead of a "certain" umbrella, we get one point for proxy, AND Jim steals a skin that everyone on the trip is playing. In 2010, the same group is on a golf trip at World Wood in FL where I get my first hole-in-one on their most photographed/picturesque hole! Guess who's in my 4some? Yep, the same Jim who drains a 30 footer for birdie stealing my skin because he's getting a shot, and my team again ends up with one point for proxy. Damn you, Jim!
  4. The two units measured about the same. They weren't exactly the same, but within a yard or so. The biggest problem was that the slope calculation on one of them wasn't even close to being accurate. An obviously uphill shot was calculated as flat or even downhill. This made me question the overall accuracy of both units. Do I think the unit I kept is as accurate as a Bushnell for distance or slope? No. Do I have proof? No. ...But nobody is going to confuse my iron distance control with that of Johnny Miller's in his heyday, so for $159, it's accurate enough. Sent from my SM-G960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. I'm on my fourth laser this year. Yep, fourth. I sold my Bushnell 1500 with slope at the end of last year, so early this year I bought the ProXE. I play in colder temperatures, so I thought I'd like the elements feature. However, while playing in temps in the upper 30s, the difference in yardage was that much. That an expensive unit, so.... I returned that unit and bought the V5 shift. A solid unit, BUT after experiencing the red as apposed to black numbers of the Pro XE, the black numbers just didn't cut it, so.... I returned that unit and bought a Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized. There are a lot of good things about this unit - waterproof, 5 year warranty, red numbers and the Stabilized feature is really good. HOWEVER the distance doesn't lock in when you hit the flag like a Bushnell does. That annoyed me, so.... I returned that unit and bought a Shotscope Pro L1. The unit has red numbers that lock when the target is hit. It is slower than the other units. The scan mode is fast, but it takes 3 seconds to get a distance when using the pin locking mode. At $199 this unit would have probably been a keeper, BUT I recently found it for $159 on a fb ad directly from Shotscope. ...I guess technically, I'm on my 5th laser. I'm a huge fan of Bushnell and think their products are superior to anything else on the market. If the Nikon would have locked the number once the target was hit, it would still be in my bag. It would've been well worth the $400, imo. I actually still have both Shotscope units. I think I'll take them both out this weekend to see if the distances match up. ...Then again,, maybe that's not a good idea because if the numbers don't match up, I might be looking for a different laser! :) Sent from my SM-G960U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. I was looking to buy an electric cart and thought for sure that I was going to get the Zip Navigator. But then the Alphard V2 came ont my radar thanks to MGS. I went with the V2 because it was more cost effective, but more importantly, it's "weatherproof", so I won't be afraid to use it in the rain. A representative from MGI actually told me not to use the Zip in the rain. That was a deal breaker for me. I haven't actually used it yet except for tooling it around in the house because it's been too cold/too much snow to golf. The unit can work with a fixed front wheel, but a swivel wheel works best. I didn't opt for the TFS (tether follow). They have a non-tethered system in development. Battery is rated for 27 holes, and you can purchase an extra battery if you want. It does have a gyro, so it should steer straight. I doubt that this unit is going to be perfect, but right now I'm happy with my decision and can't wait to get it out on the course. Sent from my SM-T500 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. The Rovic storage compartment has a cover that snaps shut. I keep my phone in there as well, but I check it often for music selection (Yes, I'm one of THOSE guys.). I also used the Bushnell GPS app, so I'm in and out of that compartment quite a bit. My GPS use will wain, I'm sure, but I do like the shot distance feature. The Rovic storage compartment is much bigger, so I'll probably keep my wallet (quicker access for cart girl) in it as well and possibly fey fob. ...I'll figure it out The real/bigger issue is the irons banging into the graphite shafts of the woods.
  8. Looks good, Chip! I did buy a 2020 SM C130 at Dick's tonight. I was returning a Bushnell Pro XE that I bought yesterday.... might start a new thread about that laser. The C150 was $249 online, and Dick's had one in the store. I wanted the black, grey and white one, and fortunately that's the one they had. Even better it was marked down to $199. I ended up getting another $20 off at the register. It looks good on my charcoal Rovic. I have to flip the clubs, putting the woods on top otherwise the irons would bang into their graphite shafts. Plus, woods on the bottom would crowd the storage compartment on the cart. ...I'm able to put the cart handle in the most upright position without any issues. Still not sure if this will be the bag I use for the Rovic. Sidenote: I found out that my umbrella handle doesn't fit into the cart's holder.... great.
  9. I have a SM SCB as mentioned. I also have a SM C150 that I was looking to replace AND a Ping Hoofer. C150 for when I ride, SCB for push and Hoofer when I carry, but really for vaca golf with a caddy. Clicgear also states standbags for their bigger "flagship" cart. The hoofer would obviously work, but not enough storage, and I'd still have the handle issue. I put the C150 on the cart and it pretty much dominates the cart with it's size. I got the Rovic for three reasons: swivel front wheel for Alphard V2, MGS "Most Wanted" cart AND I got it for "free" through work using points. Unfortunately, I think the handle is a design flaw on the Rovic. I can lower the handle to solve the problem, but then it's not at the optimal pushing height. HOWEVER, I'll have the ewheels, so how much pushing will I be doing any way.... I prefer a bag with 14/15 individual slots with plenty of storage, large cooler pocket, dedicated range finder pocket. The SCB doesn't have a laser pocket, so I use the valuables pocket. No biggy - valuables go in my valuables pouch. I really don't want to put a STANDbag on PUSHcart even if it's just for the principle of it! I'll probably get a new C130 anyway and try that out. I want one for riding anyway. I COULD use my current SCB, but I want more storage. I was just hoping someone had a perfect setup that they could share - not too big, not too small.
  10. Best Bag for a Pushcart I recently acquired a Rovic rv1s to go with an Alphard V2. I have a Sun Mountain SCB that was made for my Speedcart, but it doesn't pair as well as I'd like with the Rovic. Any suggestions on bags that work great specifically for a Rovic?
  11. Brian / Illinois Ping G15 stiff shaft Hdcp 10. SS about 100 mph. I seem to be between and regardless and still flex. I do not currently use a tracking device. Never played Tour Edge, but I was considering getting fitted there because of your best value ranking, and I live about 20 minutes from their offices in St Charles, IL. Thanks for the opportunity.
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