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  1. Can anyone comment on whether a 1 degree difference in lie angle would be noticeable? I was fit for a 70 degree lie angle, but was offered a good price on a putter with a 69 degree lie angle that i couldnt try before buying. I think I stand a bit too close to the ball so if i backup an inch that would suggest a lower lie angle, right?
  2. Here are the photos. I'm sorry I forgot to put my name and the date next to them. I can take them again, or I can send you the actual image files with the metadata so you can see they were taken tonight in Towson, MD. A couple of notes: the toe of the putter has an idiot mark as shown. The actual face is clean. The SW has the most wear, followed by the 7 iron. The driver and hybrid have wear on the sole, but from address I think they look pretty good.
  3. I tried to send a message but received a error that your account cannot accept messages. I will post later tonight when I get home.
  4. I've never sold on here, but have numerous times on WRX. I don't have US Kids but I do have the Top Flight Kids 8 piece complete set, like this: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/top-flite-2019-kids-8-piece-complete-set-height-46-52-18tflytpflt19jr58set/18tflytpflt19jr58set I'd be willing to sell for $40 plus shipping if you are interested. I would estimate shipping would be $20 but I really don't know.
  5. Please DM with questions, for more pictures, or with offers. I'd consider trades, but would be looking for a TSi2 head only or Spider X + cash. Mannkrafted Carob Steel MA/66. Slightly longer neck produces less toe hang than standard Anser style putter. Pingman Blackout putter grip. I do not have a matching head cover. I believe the headweight is around 355. My local shop measured the other specs as 34/72/3. $415 shipped.
  6. First time listing something to sell here, but have sold on GolfWRX before. Prices are shipped in US. Message me with any questions and offers. 1) Scott Cameron 6M 34". Good condition. I removed some of the paint fill on the face and sole. Comes with matching head cover. $170 2) Odyssey Stroke Lab Bird of Prey 34" NEW STILL IN PLASTIC. Nothing to suggest that putter is not standard specs. I've hit a few puts on the indoor carpet, but it still has plastic on the head and shaft. SOLD
  7. 5, Towson, MD JPX 900 Forged, 155 Nothing other than what I just looked up on Social Media
  8. Mark Johnson, Towson MD No Nikon rangefinder I would love the opportunity to compare the rangefinder to a GPS watch with front/middle/back. My course tends to have firm and fast greens. I often end up shooting a yardage to the pin, 150 for example, and then trying to hit it 150, only to have the ball bounce 15 yards to the back or over a green. When I realize this, I tend to take yardage off the rangefinder, but then I tend to miss short of greens and not get the bounce I was planning on. A GPS watch might be the solution to land the ball on the front, but on the green, to get the regular bounces I would expect.
  9. I know its a long shot, but I am searching for a hVeylix Rome 688 Stiff+ shaft, Ping adapter.  I saw your ad from last spring. Did you end up selling it?

  10. Mark Johnson, Towson, MD Handicap is 6 55 and 60 degree- Callaway Mack Daddy Forged My favorite type of wedge shot is the little close shots off a tight lie that when picked clean, will one hop and stop on a dime. Thank you for the opportunity to apply!
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