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  1. I'm in agreement with most of the posting here. What I concluded it that each individual has a swing that can be optimizes by considering swing speed, spin, launch angle and smash factor. Fitters look at all this information and select heads, shafts and setup (driver settings) that provides the best results for you.
  2. I have the Arccos and it work pretty well. Out of the box, I didn’t like the fact that you had to keep your phone in your front pocket for it to identify your shots. I added the Arccos Caddie adapter for another $130 and it’s much better. It’s a adapter that you connect to your phone via Bluetooth and clip onto your belt. The clip is in need of a redesign as it’s too tight and will either break if you force it on your belt or it will fall off because you can not position it securely to your belt and you will lose it. Another potential issue that you may have is attaching the sensor to your putter if you don’t have a standard putter grip. Think about grips like the Flat Cat or other grips that don’t have an opening on the top of the grip. The Arccos app is great, it’s intuitive and easy to use. The gps course mapping and course selection seems pretty comprehensive. Great application for understanding your game and improving.
  3. Marlon Leesburg, VA PING Heppler Ketsch The revised No. 3 Thanks!
  4. Marlon/Leesburg iPhone 11: Testing Primarily Outdoors No Net
  5. Marlon/ Leesburg, VA I am a RH golfer 1st - 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 2nd - 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff 15.2 index 18° Cobra Utility ONE Length Iron
  6. Marlon Leesburg, VA Ping G410 SFT 14.7 102 TSi2 9.0
  7. Marlon, Leesburg VA 15.7 RTX 4 56/50 Great looking head finish
  8. Marlon/Leesburg, VA/USA Taylormade Spider and Scott Cameron Newport 2 Notchback I just made an appointment to get fitted for a new putter, which I have never done . I went through the Ping fitting tool and I would love to game your 32" Heppler Ketsch. I think this would be a great option for me as I have an almost straight back and forth putting stoke and I love the look of this putter. Fitting on hold!!
  9. Marlon, Leesburg VA RTX 4’s 56,50 would like to test the 60
  10. Marlon - Virginia Yes, Garmin Approach S6 Bushnell Hybrid Range Finder
  11. Marlon / VA 15 Callaway Maverick Look at setup and high shots that can stop on greens. Also, distance and not too much draw.
  12. Marlon, Leesburg, VA 15 Hcp Blue Sharpie with clip on alignment stencil Bridgestone RX
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