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  1. Always used face balanced putters...and frankly would love to have a free putter ..... purchased Callaway EXO 2-Ball a few months ago and i love it. The EXO replaced a Cameron Kombi. I added the center red line to the EXO...Let's see how the competition stacks up....cheers and smiles.
  2. Grant Callaway Rouge 10.5 Swing Speed 90 TSi3 or TSi2 Index 10.3 Age 71 North Carolina
  3. Grant--Graham, NC--USA Scotty Cameron Kombi stainless 35" Would love to test the Ketsch. The specs indicate a slight arc to straight putter path. That is the stroke I use with my current putter. I am 71 and a great putter. Perhaps thats why I have only two putters--a SC Futura and current Kombi. Thanks and Smiles ZenMaster
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