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  1. I started with S&T in 2011 and went from a 2 hcp. to a plus 2 in four months. I also won a state senior amateur and was one of the better senior players in the state for many years. Anytime my game goes downhill, I revert to the basic S&T principles because they work. As I tell people, it works for me, you do what you want. I have two observations on many of the prior comments on this thread. First, while some tour players have tried it and haven't gotten to the next level, that's a very limited group. Once someone has spent their life getting that good, it's pretty tough to get a lot better. So, maybe it's better to start with it before you're good enough to play on tour. At some point natural talent is required. Remember, in any activity, a few people are the best in the world and the rest of us aren't. Second, if you focus closely on the basic S&T principles, you'll notice that most of the world's best players and many of the high profile teachers use them. They don't call it S&T, which I always thought was a bad name anyway. Still, the basics work for almost everyone.
  2. I am highly confident that the reason for the new wedges is that the list price on the SM8 is $159 and several other manufacturers are getting over $200 for their new wedges. So, I'm expecting a price of $199 for these.
  3. I prefer Lamkin Crossline Cord. For my recent purchase of two Mizuno wedges, they said the Lamkins would take a long time and suggested the Golf Pride full cord. I don't like those nearly as much and they will be replaced next year. I've also tried other grips, but I always come back to the Lamkin cords.
  4. John Ohio Rouge, VA Composite Raijin, S, 64 96 mph As a successful senior player at the state and regional level and Society of Seniors member, I've seen my distance decline as the years pass. I've been familiar with Tom House and his arm speed theories and it would be great to see if they really apply to golf.
  5. John Ohio Handicap Index 0.1 Current clubs Ping S56, 5-PW, Orange dot, DG S/L S300 shaft, Ping cord grip men's standard Club desired - i500 I tried a demo club for both the i210 and the i500 at a store. I thought the i210 would be right because it looks so much like my current irons, but it felt very soft. The i500 felt great. My concern with them is that, from what I've heard, they fly very far and it may be hard to establish consistent distance gaps between clubs. That's why I'd love to try a whole set of i500 irons.
  6. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Byeong hun An Tier 5: Julian Suri Winning Score: -11
  7. Dustin Johnson Alex Noren Rafa Cabrera Bello Chris Wood Julian Suri Winning Score: +2
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