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  1. We’ll I’m still bagging the 9015D and this might be one of the few driver that have intrigued me in the many years since I got it.
  2. Who in there right mind buys a golf company at the moment. Let alone TM, Adidas aren't going to let it go cheap.
  3. Maybe a couple of wedges, thats about all I need and nothing else is making me consider buying anything.
  4. Have you the new versions since they re-released it last year. You can one exactly like the original along with newer versions.
  5. Any chance the Chinese economy gets bad enough they call in the $$ they have loaned to everybody?
  6. My tee shots, for me when I score play well it comes down to GIRs. To hit those greens I have to keep the ball play. If I can do that "normally" everything else falls into to place. Of course, there are those rounds where I couldn't hit a barn door from 20 yards.
  7. I've got a Sizemore kicking round somewhere that I keep throwing back in the bag. Not that I play much anymore but back when I did I could never bring myself to part with it.
  8. I think I played 4 times maybe. Already played once this year, ahead of the curve already.
  9. The are pretty good. Nybrids were great too but they were made for a high SS,
  10. Other way around, Sonartec licensed the designs from Royal Collection.
  11. He became one of the best in the world at his job, made a lot of money. Then decided he doesn´y really want to do it any more. Can´t say I blame the man.
  12. 76 is a hell of an a scoring average if you´re hitting 8 hybrids for 2nd shots in a round. Well done.
  13. I play better when I walk. I´d say I walk 80% of my rounds. Summers here can be brutal so like some of the other guys said it´s temperature related. Anything above 33´c I´ll take a cart.
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