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  1. Looks like Game Golf may be down for good. App and website are not loading this morning. Might have to give this system a look.
  2. I would love to play with some of the games greats... But, I would pick my dad and uncle first. I didn’t know they played the game until just before my uncle passed, and my dad had already passed. And my fourth would be my older brother, because he just started playing, and we haven’t had the chance yet.
  3. I like that Asher bag! Never heard of that company. I have always used Sun Mountain in the past. They have great quality and customer service. I would want a double strap, but that canvas bag looks great. I just picked up another Sun Mountain 2.5+ bag. If I saw that sale price on the canvas bag, I would have bought that!
  4. Our course in CT just opened up again this week. The cups were raised, now they are down and have the foam noodle in the cup. I would rather have the cup raised. Not sure if I really want to play yet. I’m coming off quarantine today. Our whole department has been out, with one coworker on a ventilator for over a week. Scary stuff!
  5. Great, thanks. I'm an hour away from Ridgefield. Thinking this might be valuable to my game!
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