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  1. I agree. I use a rain glove when the humidity is up. Works out great. Even yesterday it was only 75 but it was so damn humid. The normal leather gloves turn into soggy mush in ten minutes. (Maybe I should stop drinking beer.) Some days I use a rain glove on the trail hand too. Only bad thing is my rain glove stinks like a hockey glove.
  2. Congrats, KB (Spartacus). If you shoot 73, is that good too?
  3. I played at (2) courses in E. Lansing in 2019, and they had those solid flagsticks with the thinner diameter posts at the bottom of flagstick which mounts in the hole. Those things are very heavy and solid, and ball will bounce off of those much more frequently than the more prevalent fiberglass flagsticks, where the stick gives much more. My putting has gotten so much better since the rule change allowing the flag to be left in, especially on the 6ft and in putts, so I never take the flagstick out for myself. Actually, the foam in the hole helped me putt better too, I could see where the ball was going to end up. The foam is gone everywhere I have played so far this year but the water jugs and the ball washers are still missing, need those to return. Not for this though.
  4. No way. Last time I indulged on the course, probably 1977, I whiffed three times on a 5-wood shot off the deck, then when I finally made contact, I almost killed a nice lady 100 yards to my right in another fairway. (Maybe coming over the top "a little") Was even too stupefied to yell fore. Never again.
  5. It went down, I'd say you hit it perfectly.
  6. Maybe during your session at the range dedicate about 20 balls and pretend you are playing the holes a familiar course. Tee one up, visualize a fairway using whatever visuals are available and smoke it. Iif you hit well, then hit a wedge shot. Or whatever club you think will get you to the pretend green. If you miss your approach, next hit a chip or pitch shot. Putting might be not be practical. However at the range where I go often, the practice green is very close to hitting area, so I hit shots, then I will even go to the practice green to chip or pitch, and hit a putt or two, then go back to the hitting area. I look like a weirdo but it is a cheap way to practice playing a round of golf. And no do-overs, unless you have hit a shot so badly that on your pretend hole you went OB or in a penalty area. When we play, we can't re-do the last shot, we have to grab different club and play the next shot. This will simulate a little of bit of pressure too, which is good since we have to deal some pressure when we play. Whether it is very little or a lot, it is still there in some degree. Only thing missing is the beer cart girl.
  7. Got to practice today, sun was out, temp in the 50s. Went to range at Cracklewood, hit balls off the turf, stiff, sore, disillusionment, the usual stuff. Damn this game is hard. Sent from my SM-A716U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2010/studio-select/newport-2/ https://sidelineswap.com/shop/golf/clubs/putters/l165?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_JaYpJu77wIVc_zjBx1WUggkEAQYBCABEgIem_D_BwE&similar_to=3163765&stid=1 There are some pictures at these links. That picture of stamping on the face, with "Cameron" not running parallel with the 3 dots would make me worry. Maybe its the picture angle, not sure, but it gets my spidey-senses going. I'm always paranoid about buying counterfeit stuff.
  9. 850 - ish. Looks like a few of mine from days gone by too. Finders keepers....
  10. Shake it off. This maybe cliche but it has been said by many that golfers don't forget how to swing as much as they forget how to setup.
  11. I got an Orange Whip (driver length) a few years ago, it is intended to improve sequencing, but I really like it for conditioning and getting loose before playing or hitting balls on range. It is always in the bag. I tried a Lag Shot, it was the 7 iron, it was nice, and while it is intended as a swing aid, it can be used to warm-up club also. For conditioning and warm-up, I'd go with Orange Whip. Can't hit anything with it, especially the ground. Both will help with sequencing. And both are well-made products. If you want something to improve ball-striking, then Lag Shot. If you get one, please watch the videos and be patient. And aim a little left.
  12. Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission? Re-shafted a 3 iron with graphite once, got it used off ebay, could definitely swing it faster it was like 85 grams. A used set of graphite shafts might be easier to get approval for.
  13. Speaking for myself as an old guy with 2 hip replacements, shoe tying is no longer a trivial matter. This is true for other things that we take for granted in our youth as well. Actually, my shoe tying is now terrible. Never can get the knot centered. I am a big fan of loafers, even have steel-toed loafers for work, and BOAs. Put in foot, a few twists and push on the button. If they loosen a wee bit, they are easy to re-tighten quickly. To quote @Kenny B, "getting old ain't for sissies".
  14. Did it feel like you lost a little clubhead speed with the larger grips, especially with the woods?
  15. Standing over a makeable eagle putt definitely gets the blood pumping. And there other bodily reactions we won't list here.
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