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  1. Speaking for myself as an old guy with 2 hip replacements, shoe tying is no longer a trivial matter. This is true for other things that we take for granted in our youth as well. Actually, my shoe tying is now terrible. Never can get the knot centered. I am a big fan of loafers, even have steel-toed loafers for work, and BOAs. Put in foot, a few twists and push on the button. If they loosen a wee bit, they are easy to re-tighten quickly. To quote @Kenny B, "getting old ain't for sissies".
  2. Did it feel like you lost a little clubhead speed with the larger grips, especially with the woods?
  3. Standing over a makeable eagle putt definitely gets the blood pumping. And there other bodily reactions we won't list here.
  4. I get a few eagle putts over the course of a season. Unfortunately, I rarely make them. A few years ago got on a par 5 into two, had about 50' ft. downhiller for eagle that I putted off the green. Had to walk back to the cart to get a club to chip with. Then stubbed the chip, and whack, whack for a six. One of my personal faves.
  5. Hopefully with Tiger and anyone who suffers compound fractures will heal and recover without complications from infections and the like. Infections are so dangerous. Heal and get back to normal living. Small steps.
  6. SlowNLow


    Yes, even happens in the summer, just for a few days them Im ok. Sent from my SM-A716U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. I drove from MI to GA (I-75) for work in early December. I'd be very nervous if I had to drive regularly in Tennessee in the winter months and I've been driving in snow for years. Ice and those steep slopes would be a bear.
  8. We got bombed here, about 10", but it is light, fluffy stuff that is easier to shovel. Just massive quantites, and a cold north wind. Golf is down around here. Junior shoveled today, bless his heart. As a reward he will continue to receive food and water (and other stuff) at the low, low, low discounted prices he has becomed accustomed to.
  9. Did you align the rib in the neutral position (180 deg. from top of the shaft), or did you rotate it to align the rib with your hands at address? (my grip is strong, so if the rib is in the neutral position, would that work?)
  10. When you play in your events and touranments, are you allowed do this? It seems that even introducing another ball from you bag while your ball in play is in the fairway and you are waiting for the green to clear to play a shot would be, odd? What happens if the ball in play with the ball gets hit by the ball being juggled? What would happen if the juggled ball lands on the ground right next to actual ball in play and a player gets confused of which one is the ball in play? I have no experience in tournament golf and have never encountered anything like this.
  11. From the original post "juggle a golf ball (not the one in play) on my sand wedge", isn't this striking a ball with a forward motion?
  12. I've got Plus 4s on my irons and wedges, have used the Multi-Compounds and the Tour Velvets, both are good, I like the feel of the non-tapered grip in the trail hand through impact.
  13. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=5&subrulenum=5 I believe this could fall under practicising while play is stopped, here is link to USGA rules.
  14. Actually, she has used mine on more digusting things.
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