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  1. Because of sun spots or food poisoning, starting playing driver games again, last Sat. at range out of boredom changed ball position for driver, moved ball way forward and was hitting some stupidly high bombs with TM M2 74 gram GD Tour AD. Suddenly decided to abandon TM M3 9.5 with Accra X455, why? (to try hit bombs) Then the next two days was monsoon weather so had no chance to dial in this experiment. Golf league on Tuesday I'm in limbo so I start with TM M2 10.5 w 74 gram GD Tour AD and hit 1st drive off 1 and 2 '"ok" then proceed to hit weak, putrid flares on 4.5.and 6. There is a backup on 8 so I get out the wrench (the league is pretty loose with this kind of stuff, like rules) and swap out the 74 GD Tour AD shaft for the Accura X455, shaft 65 gram) which now feels like a feather and then on a short par 5 I hit an g-ball 40 yds. down the hill into a small meadow, with the geese and snakes. Note to self, never swap out shafts, especially heavy to light, during a round again. Besides, it might be against the rules. Yeah, it is. Couldn't get up and down all day to save the royal bacon, I was full of self-loathing and despair. Shot 6 over for nine holes, stink, stank, stunk. The worse part, no 19th hole therapy or sympathetic beer cart girls. I love this game. See you next week.
  2. You missed the eagle putt by "that much"???? Er, sorry about that Chief. Did you tap in for birdie?
  3. I think you have created an entire thread, "When to yell fore, when not, why, why not, premature fore yelling, etc...." There is a whole science to it.
  4. Be careful lugging the bag, I lugged from age 17 to age 48, then had to have 2 hip replacements, nobody knows why I needed them, just did. Had lower back issues too. I loved to carry, had all of the clubs with me, could walk in straight path, etc. Now I push a cart. I'm fine with that. Best wishes ZR.
  5. Hookerooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I confess, it's me.
  6. Exactly right, the treks required from green to the next tee, or the path from the tee to the fairway isn't direct (target golf), it takes so long. They built these courses with the motorized carts in mind.
  7. Got to love every minute of it too. The big swing, the "where did it go", followed by the search 45 yd in front of the tee box. It is more fun than actually playing. Bless us all who play. Young and old.
  8. I talk mostly to myself, the only honest conversation going on... if there is anybody else there then It varies, frpm the,genteel small talk w the unfamilar people to cut throat insults from the beloved family members, the better we know each other, the fiercer it is.
  9. Ironically, I did end up buying a set of Callaway 2009 X forged irons during a browsing episode at a Golfsmith which is now a GG. Initially wasnt my intent to buy a set of irons, but it happened. I wish retailers all the best, and if possible, I will support them.
  10. Great job! Don't sell it short. You got the ball in/off the hole, what's all you can do. Clay Ballard has a video on youtube on improving scoring, he recommends moving up to the forward set of tees as to have easier approach shots and improved scoring opportunities. This is really a mental exercise, the idea being getting used to scoring well. Most of us normal golfers have had a great round going and then we start feeling weird because we are scoring so well. Then a big whammo happens like a double or a triple and then we get that old familiar feeling of bad. We get uncomfortable scoring well, and now we are comfortable because our score is more what we are used to. I guess what I am trying to convey here is to be comfortable while you are scoring well, even when you are in uncharted waters.
  11. Wow, what a difference. I'd be taking about 50 clubs up to the front desk for cleaning. What I used to do: First, I go to the back and check out the used clubs, then I go to the putters, then I check the grips, over to the shoes (once again I have to confirm that adidas wide sizes are too tight), then the bags, back over to the wedges, the irons, the hybrids. Then I head over to the hitting bays, try out whatever they got there. Typically I hear "may I help you sir", about 15 times. After that, I check out the hats, balls, gloves, tees, gadgets, etc. Might even look at rain suits, golf shorts, and shirts. I'm old school, I have to touch before I buy it. Now it looks like I have to stay in the car. How do we buy a golf glove now anyway?
  12. Been playing the yellow Z Star XV for quite a few years, love it off the tee, from the rough, sometimes from the fairway. Feels great on and around the greens. Sweet ball. Fine choice Scotty.
  13. A couple on the chip and pitch shots to feel the bounce going the turf and maybe once and awhile on a longer putt. Often shot preparation/practice swings can be done discreetly while others are playing too as to not slow down pace of play.
  14. Ah, and a symptom of this bending of shaft tip is the dreaded "ferrule creep"?
  15. I'm going to try to lower my bottom hand tomorrow. I eventually end up having that bottom hand creep up and completely cover my top hand thumb. Damn. If I didn't have a brain, I'd be a better player. Expected high of 50, but I got to hit balls at the range at least.
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