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  1. I would bet Scott Fawcett would look to upgrade and improve the DECADE app more than partner with another entity. If you're a DECADEr, you know he recently pushed a major upgrade to the app called "Driving Targets" where it basically draws the tee shot for you as an overlay on a GPS shot of the hole, so he's already tinkering with moving from teaching you how to pick correct targets to actually doing it for you...
  2. Callaway and Taylormade join forces to create an AI-engineered Flash Twist Face with Jailbreak Velocity Blades! I wouldn't mind SuperSpeed Golf bringing on Mike Carroll (Fit for Golf) to play a role in their speed training protocol development. Word is this might actually be happening...
  3. It’s C Club, so not something to get TOO excited about, but making gains and nice to see a new PR. First time in the 140s…
  4. Really appreciate all the congratulatory messages fellas. Love this group…makes me really hope an MGS forum invitational comes to fruition someday…
  5. Thank you. Outside of a few years as a student or on staff, I’ve been in the Contracting career field my entire career.
  6. I just got the word...I've been selected for promotion to Colonel! This was a career goal when I started out in the Air Force 20+ years ago; pretty emotional moment for me. That said, not sure what it says about me that my almost immediate reaction was "I wonder what golf-related thing I should I get as a promotion gift to self..." Thoughts drift to Stack System...
  7. Thank you for taking the time to participate in AMA on MGS! I’m curious: some competitors to SuperSpeed have emerged in the overspeed training space lately, most notably the Stack System and Rypstick among others. How will SuperSpeed refine and/or improve their product to maintain their “industry-leading” status?
  8. Sorry, should have clarified…the hybrid. Very small profile and is another anti-left hybrid…
  9. It's been a while since I've posted here, but rest assured I'm slogging away and hatching some off-season plans that I'll detail here soon. Regarding that slogging away, here's my progress through SuperSpeed Level 2 so far. Again, pretty slow, but as Bill Miller often says, I'm basically one of those athletes that is very good at moving heavy things, but not good at moving light things fast. The Level 2 work happens every Monday and Friday, minus the occasional out-of-town missed session. Level 2 C Club work happens every Wednesday: Again, almost embarrassingly slow, but as a guy who hasn't trained for explosion and power (but instead hypertrophy) for about 20 years now, I'm cutting myself some slack. I feel like the sprints, jumps and med ball work are starting to pay off, and as long as I see these trendlines continue to creep up I'm happy. Not satisfied by any means, but happy. More about my off-season training plans soon...
  10. You know I share your affection for the DHY, but have you tried an Apex Pro?
  11. Might sound sacrilegious to some, but while Hogan’s book certainly has its place on any golfers book shelf, that book might as well be called “how to not go left”. Point being, really not the best prescription for most. Sounds like Toski’s was a good one…
  12. Eh, sounds like you're reaching...still a Titleist stamp on those Vokey's...
  13. After a VERY solid range session this morning with my new Callaway Apex Pro 3 hybrid, it's going into the bag, and my total brand count is now up to 7...
  14. I for one would be really interested in a "We Tried It" kind of article that explores just how good or bad Nike equipment actually was. We keep hearing about why Nike failed in the golf equipment space, and one reason I keep hearing was it was just bad stuff. I think Rick Shiels put out a video that was really critical of it. It would be interesting to have a Covert and some VR Pros put through their paces and see if they actually were that bad. Granted, no utility or usefulness out of an article like that, but I'd definitely be interested.
  15. Callaway Apex Pro 3 hybrid arrived! Can't wait to get it on the course, although my Nebraska golf season is dwindling fast. Next question will be does the TaylorMade DHY 4 stay, or will a 23 degree Apex Pro 4 have to get ordered. Personally I hope it's the former, I like the DHY, the gaps were just a little off with the DHY 3.
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