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  1. Boxing up a few things in anticipation of the move. This doesn’t make me weird that I own and plan to pack and move this around does it?
  2. So 8 rounds in, how do you like Shotscope vs Arccos? Don't want to hijack your thread into a review, but the distances you've posted for 8i-PW...as dedicated as you are I can't imagine those are actually your gaps with those clubs...
  3. Sounds like a lot going on for you too; thanks for taking on all of the setup responsibilities, we're all very appreciative. That said, just clarifying: the date is 5-7 Aug, so 30 days out would be roughly 5 July for payment then...right?
  4. Hey Rob, I've got packers coming in 2 weeks, will leave Nebraska in 3 weeks, won't settle in to new address until 3rd week of July...point being I don't want to miss it when you call for second/final payment. You have a rough idea when that will be, and the damage? Thought about messaging you but perhaps the answer interests everyone else at this point too...
  5. Like most have already stated here, yes. I've read Sasho MacKenzie, and the SuperSpeed guys, say that speed training should have no ill effects on your swing, but I believe the HUGE caveat there is that you continue to play and practice. Like others have said, I've struggled for two springs now coming out of speed training during the winter...largely a tendency to really fly open and not stay behind the ball maintaining my spine angle long enough. I keep saying I'll do Orange Whip swings to try and maintain tempo but I have yet to actually follow through with that. Not a reason not to speed train for me, just something I expect to deal with each year until I can get a simulator or an assignment to a warmer state!
  6. Hey, sorry, just saw this post. I know you and I messaged about this...what did you end up doing and how did the round go?
  7. So I'm 43 and boneheaded, but my recent Stack experience might be driving home the point that I need to emphasize recovery a lot more than I used to. Case in point, exhibit A & B below. As you can see, I went through nearly 2 weeks of mediocre Stack sessions, which coincided with a stretch of 4-5 hours of nightly sleep at best and poor hydration. I finally got a solid 8 hours in for two nights in a row, laid off the sauce and hydrated, and tada...speed.
  8. Got my MRI results back...SLAP tear, and partial tear of the long head bicep tendon. Actually, I got into my record and downloaded the radiology report myself...haven't heard from my doc yet. But, I'm likely going to just live with it rather than risk the surgery. Sucks.
  9. Wife's grandfather went to the VA, who promptly sent him to the ER, and he's now been in the hospital for a week getting blood transfusions. Had a bone marrow biopsy yesterday and they're waiting for the results, but it's more than likely leukemia. Apparently there are different levels of severity of leukemia, and he's 87, so exactly how to treat him is still TBD based on the results of the biopsy. We're still in Nebraska (the move is in 3 weeks), so my wife flew back to PA to visit with him and to help her grandmother and mother with some of the difficult decisions that lay ahead. Quite the monkey-wrench overall...golf trip with the buddies and my promotion ceremony next week both now cancelled, and moving prep has to begin in earnest since I'll be here solo for a good stretch. All VERY small inconveniences when measured against the larger context of things overall, just venting the stress of it all I guess.
  10. I'm a bit frustrated with myself for entitling this thread "Swing your swing"...maybe some of us are getting wrapped around the axle concerning what that term really means. What I was trying to communicate or speak to was the challenge instructors face is identifying the difference between nuances in your swing that need to be "fixed" versus characteristics that aren't necessarily textbook, but also don't prevent you from playing solid golf. Some quality inputs here regardless...
  11. So my son (8) has a baseball tournament 2 hours away in Des Moines this weekend. I assistant coach the team…head coach just called me and he’s out due to a family emergency, so all of a sudden I need to set a lineup and be the guy for 3-4 games. I can handle it, but at the end of the day I’m a golfer…if a kid struggles at the plate this weekend I got nothing unless TourStriker sells baseball training aids too…
  12. Sure enough, I post this and then hit a bunch of blocks in a scramble today. I chalk it up to overall fatigue but I had a hard time staying behind the ball today. @cnosil, you’ve dabbled in Adam Young’s stuff haven’t you? Thoughts?
  13. This is exactly the direction I think I’m going…find a good instructor IF I get off the rails, but start now turning to a skills focus rather than a technique emphasis. I’m starting to poke around Adam Young’s stuff given his emphasis on skill development…
  14. That’s fair, “swing your swing” is pretty cliché, but (as you pointed to) the challenge seems to be getting a basic understanding and improvement of your fundamentals versus understanding “here’s what I do when I’m successful”
  15. I thought long and hard (that's what she said) about entitling this one "Getoffmylawn's Swing Odyssey" but that would be yet another third-person self-absorbed post, so I digress. But, I've been giving a lot of thought lately to how one balances the need and desire for lessons from professionals with the need to dig it out of the dirt and game what swing works for you. Some background on me...as many of you know, I've been taking lessons from GolfTec for a while. I thought I had only taken 8-10, but looking back through my account, I've actually taken 15 in total, and I've gotten better. I came to GolfTec a 13 handicap, and here's what I looked like at impact: As you can see, I'm very folded up at impact and there is a lot of forward sway. Now, I'm a 6 handicap, with obvious room for improvement, but I'm also in a better position at impact: That compression sleeve on my right elbow kind of obscures the fact that I'm less folded up and have my arms much more extended, and I'm not sliding nearly as much. So, why the post? Because GolfTec in particular, and a lot of other coaches, seem to have a tendency to want to fit you into a mold of what should be happening and maybe don't do the best job of working with the nuances of your particular swing. My very last lesson from GolfTec, right before winter, I came to my coach hitting a lot of blocks, and the diagnosis was that I was sliding forward too much and not staying behind the ball, and that I needed to use more hands/arms to release the club. That last part about hands and arms has had a serious negative impact on my swing...for a while now I've gotten very scoopy and was making impact with my wrist in extension, resulting in some cuts, high ball flight, and a loss of distance. 2 weeks ago on the range, I basically said "screw it" and resolved to get back into a more bowed Rahm-like wrist position at impact, and the net result has been great...I've regained about 10 yards of distance, a lower ball flight, and can hit the draw when I need it. So, what's the lesson learned? Obviously, lessons have value, but when is it time to swing your swing?
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