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  1. So I've completed my official review and it's about time I start posting in here. Question for you all...I linked Arccos to my GHIN handicap, I thought. But, I just logged in to the GHIN site, and none of my Arccos rounds have posted to it. I can go ahead and post them directly on the GHIN site of course, but I thought Arccos was supposed to do that for me now. Is there an extra step I'm missing that I need to do beyond simply saving and closing the round? Thanks.
  2. Went out in 43 today, which included a couple of the s-words, then managed to avoid those on the back and obviously that helped...36. Grand total, 79. I also got on the course about an hour after a heavy weight session...probably didn't help and likely explains the occasional shank I suffered from.
  3. A look at an Arccos scorecard in the new Dashboard Beta: Overall Link did pretty good today, again. I had the weird phenomenon of Arccos adding a couple shots, and I'm still not sure why. I caught them right away, one was a putt and one was a chip, but I'm really not sure why that would be happening. Regardless, checking the score on the hole right after it while walking to the next tee box is turning out to be a solid "best practice"...it would be a pain in the ass to have to hunt around for those extra strokes otherwise. I also found myself gripping up on the club a couple times again, treating the sensor like the end of the club and effectively lengthening the club. Hopefully something I can train myself out of, but I have to admit I'm kind of annoyed at having to pay attention to it. Maybe that's not a thing for others...is for me so far.
  4. I have my first Phase 3 workout of Heavy Hitter coming up on Friday and damn it looks brutal! So far this program has been tough and not a ton of fun compared to the others, but I’m not judging anything until I’m done with it.
  5. I’m afraid I’ll have to miss this one; have to get Junior to practice…
  6. Posts like this really help ramp up the excitement for the coming season! And I suppose it's time to get in on the Virtual Tourneys...
  7. Great reviews fellas. As rangefinder user I've started relying on GPS a little bit more, largely because I'm trying to be better about getting away from pin-hunting and working more towards the correct portion of the green to be aiming at. I know @vandylandmentioned he feels having the zoom feature helps in this regard, but overall do you feel like you're going to eschew any GPS solutions going forward and do the laser only? I know a couple of you briefly spoke to this a bit in your reviews, just asking you to elaborate a bit so I can pick your brain a little...
  8. Yeah, saw it. Exciting stuff. We appreciate the work you guys do as mods, especially given the upcoming testing season…I have a feeling you’re going to have an incredibly high volume of applicants to sort through.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I briefly looked into other GPS alternatives, and found that most of the good apps and devices out there are subscription based too. 18Birdies for instance is free, but to unlock the premium version with conditions-adjusted GPS (among other things) requires a premium membership…$99 a year. Definitely something I’ll be investigating a lot when the time comes.
  10. Okay, so I’m not going to win. Training for next year’s challenge begins now!
  11. Twice now, did it again today. You're either dedicated to the forum or you're not @Lacassem...
  12. I was on the practice green when I took the shots, I definitely practiced those shots around the green, just never had to when it counted during the round is my point. Tracking now? I can try making a YouTube with some finger puppets if that'd be easier for you to follow along with...
  13. 60 degree Jet Black SM9 T Grind finally in hand! Made a relatively bad attempt at trying to hold it up next to the M Grind to show the differences in bounce; apologies for the poor photography skills, but I was on a practice green... Gamed it right away and never really had a shot that called for me to lay it open much. From the rough I'll definitely be going with my 54 (bent to 55) S Grind more often, but I think I'm really going to like the versatility of the T Grind. And It will likely come out of the bag altogether and get swapped out for my M Grind if the conditions necessitate it.
  14. Some discussion or mentions of forum content, beyond tests, on NPG would be great. I'll still faithfully listen to NPG, but Hack it Out is a must follow for me. Very very close second is The Sweet Spot with Jon Sherman and Adam Young...those two are constantly dispensing very quality information for improvement. Mike Carroll's FFG podcast is also a good listen; he's not the most gifted interviewer, but there are plenty of episodes with really valuable training insights.
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