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  1. Spieth back in action this week. Was his recent stretch just a blip, or a harbinger of success to come?
  2. I have a couple pair of last year's UA HOVR Match Play's and am definitely going to look hard at the Drive's (but at the end of the season when they can be found on sale). It wasn't really talked about in the Buyer's Guide, but damn if Under Armour hasn't come a long way with their shoes in a short period of time. Just a few years ago they were typically pretty narrow and not the most comfortable, and didn't really rate that well. Now apparently they're the new king in town...impressive.
  3. I would really like a second career in golf once I'm done with this whole active duty thing, although I'll have a very hard time getting the wife to sign off on $40K a year when she's convinced I can go work for a big bad defense contractor. Makes me wonder how flexible they are on the whole 1-3 years of golf, retail and/or education experience requirement. Oh, and @B.Bostonand @Lacassem, looks like there is an opening in Boston too. Do it!
  4. Hard not to wonder how these will hold up after the wear of a season...?
  5. Wednesday's I'll be doing a basic "maintenance" workout with the simple aim of some beach muscle preservation, with the occasional smattering of "golf specific" work. I'll post that workout below (it will vary week to week in terms of exercise selection) but I don't intend to continue the workout log style posts here...I have the distinct impression that kind of post has worn thin! So, after a SuperSpeed C Club Level 1 workout, I knocked out the following: - Landmine Shoulder Press - 55, reps at 8, 3 - Cable Pressdowns - 200, reps at 11, 3 - Preacher Curls - 115, reps at 8
  6. @dlow206, thought of this thread this morning when I was listening to the latest Fit for Golf podcast by Mike Carroll. His guest was John Novosel, the guy behind Tour Tempo Tones, who explained that as a general rule most elite ball strikers have a 3 to 1 ratio in terms of speed of backswing vs speed of downswing. He went on to share that most amateurs are shocked by that and fearful of the perceived speed of that kind of backswing, largely based on fears of accuracy issues if they depart from a "low and slow" backswing. The reason the conversation reminded me of this thread is that Nov
  7. Your comment that Bryson is the first is the intriguing part. Like the analogy of the 4-minute mile, I think it's absolutely accurate to suggest that the flood gates will open to more bulked-up speed-freak type players like this, UNLESS he gets injured or shows an inability to keep it in play and score...two things that critics have said are bound to happen but are probably based more on old-school thinking than actual data or science. Do I like that this is a possibility? Not necessarily, but it's certainly going to be fascinating to watch it all unfold.
  8. I quite agree that "dry" swings, or without a ball, can be VERY useful. I can't recall the instructor whose blog I was reading, but he spoke to the idea of that little white ball too often becomes the object and the "hit" mentality takes over, to the detriment of ingraining the swing moves you're trying to incorporate. GolfTEC is big on this approach too; of all the lessons I've taken I'd say 90% of the drills I've been prescribed have been without a ball. Congrats on an overall successful offseason...I know you don't have on-course results yet, but I'm willing to bet they'll be very po
  9. Article on Golf.com this morning concerning a Bryson speed training session. Apparently he hit 216 mph ball speed and immediately set a goal of 220. INSANE! What it's like inside a Bryson DeChambeau speed training session (golf.com) Article reminds me of Lattimer in The Program...
  10. A big second to @cnosil's input concerning the DECADE system. Granted that's a long term review but I think it'd be very valuable to the community and probably open some eyes for all of us. The new STACK system would also be a good one. On the equipment side, agree with a lot of folks that a Srixon iron test would be intriguing. Also on my list would be the new Mizuno fairway woods and ES21 wedges. Newer Honma offerings like the TR21 fairways and hybrids as well. Either way I'm excited to see what's coming!
  11. Based on your work ethic I am thinking your "stretch" goals might not be quite as lofty as you think. Looking forward to hearing how your season goes. Keep at it!
  12. Yeah, fair. I suppose I could meet that goal simply by having a really good day chipping and not actually putting all that well. Really the goal is to putt better overall. I don't have Arccos, but I may have access to a putting average via the Grint. Bottom line is I'd like to putt better but maybe need a better metric.
  13. I may live to regret this (hope not) but with the season in Nebraska likely to begin in a matter of weeks, I've been inspired to try to identify some goals for the season. "Big Rock" Goals - Lower handicap from current 6 to 3 or better - Break par for 18 holes - Win my Saturday morning "league" championship. (This is unlikely, at my handicap it would take a very low round...usually a 13ish handicap shoots an 80 or something like that and that's all she wrote.) Sub Goals - Drive the par 4 2nd hole at my home course. It's 330 but a bit downhill, and if the tees
  14. Frankly, I can't decide. The Ryder Cup is far and away my favorite sporting event, and after what he did at Hazeltine (and having been there in person) I'll always want him on the team. I think it's fair to say the American's could use more/bigger chips on their shoulders. That said, the interview that he gave at the last Ryder Cup wherein he basically threw Furyk and Spieth under the bus didn't sit particularly well with me. And I am bothered by the cheating incidents. You can't tell me it's a non-issue when you have Peter Kostis, who as far as I know has no reason to be biased, say t
  15. Back at it after a week off. What a trip that was...drove 14 hours to visit my daughters in Tennessee, then 13 hours to attend a promotion ceremony in Louisiana, then 12 hours back to Omaha. I don't road trip as well as I used to. As planned, I've officially gone back to the drawing board and started with the Level 1 SuperSpeed protocol this morning, with the modification of adding Single Arm swings with the green stick only. This time, I'll be monitoring/measuring swing speeds. And, the gym work has been radically overhauled as of this morning. Having achieved size/strength gain
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