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  1. Congrats. I just started Level 2 and am eagerly awaiting signs of a jump to show up on the course myself.
  2. Callaway FTW is an interesting reaction, honestly. I was more impressed with the individual than I was the company. Don't get me wrong, I do generally like Callaway, but I'm very soon going to have zero Callaway clubs in my bag when I had 3 about a year ago. At the end of the day, I'm going to be about a product and does it perform far more than brand loyalty. I will admit I'll continual to be partial to their stuff, but right now throughout the bag, they don't offer what works best for me.
  3. I was faced with a similar decision when I got my 919 Forged's, the set Gap wedge versus a Vokey 50 degree like I'd been playing. Ultimately I'm not doing a lot of partial shots with the gap, it's more of a full swing club, so I went with the set wedge. In the 919's it's a 51 degree wedge, so then I got a 54 and 58 Vokey and had each bent a degree weak (after testing and dialing in distances). So, my PW through lob wedge set-up is a set wedge in PW and GW, Vokey's in sand and lob, lofts at 46, 51, 55, 59. And I have had plenty of less than full swing GW shots but have no problem scrubbing off distance with where I position my hands on the grip, length of backswing, etc. Be aware, weakening the wedges adds bounce, which I wanted. I could have gone a degree strong on a 56 and 60 but that would have reduced bounce.
  4. Getoffmylawn


  5. I almost never use these accounts but I suppose that was about to change anyway with this Honma test coming up. I've bascially used Twitter to follow POTUS, Instagram to see Paige (ha ha). YouTube for Shiels, Crossfield, TXG, MeandMyGolf, Facebook to follow some others and get tagged by my wife in pics of our kids... Twitter: @HayesWeidman Facebook: Hayes Weidman Instagram: hayesweidman YouTube: Hayes Weidman I know, lots of imagination in these usernames. I must have fell asleep when they taught Operational Security when I was a Second Lieutenant...
  6. Seems to me there's not a whole lot to disagree on here. I think we can all agree that Bryson's likely got some professional help that's not going to have him bulk and simultaneously pulverize his arteries or do anything overtly unhealthy. I think we can also all agree that the snapshot of a daily diet likely is just that, a snapshot and not representative of what he eats every day of the week, or for the week in aggregate. At the end of the day, if you want to bulk up, you need a calorie surplus. If you want to cut down, you need a calorie deficit. How much to eat to accomplish either goal is a function of your own metabolic rate, activity level, and a host of other factors. And you inevitably need to eat the right foods to accomplish either in a safe and healthy manner. Anybody would be foolish to "eat like Bryson" without paying attention to these factors.
  7. Agreed, it was a great podcast. I particularly enjoyed the fitting discussion as well, especially the notion of fitters really being equal parts salesman and therefore vested in fitting you into their stuff, even if they know that perhaps another OEM has a better product for them. Reminds me of a Callaway demo day I went to a few years ago...was hitting the Rogue and after several shaft and head combinations, the fitter put my Epic back in my hands and said "I don't think we can do better for you than what you came with." I was VERY impressed to say the least; makes you wonder how often a fitter is really willing to do that.
  8. So you’ve graduated shaft flexes, can justify new sticks or at least new shafts, and have picked up distance and accuracy...where is the bad news? (I get it, costs money, just saying...)
  9. Knocked out my first Level 2 workout this morning. The kneeling swings...so that;s some work. Did anyone else feel overall clumsy doing those the first time out? I kept getting the feeling like I was coming out of it, like I wasn't maintaining my spine angle at all. I'll go back and watch the protocol video on the SuperSpeed website, but overall I just felt very uncoordinated doing them.
  10. Bryson...so much going on with this guy. He's great for the tour from the standpoint of enhancing the entertainment value of the product. That he's doing it his way, in a lot of ways (one length, bulking up), is laudable and certainly makes him an athlete I'll continue to follow and pay attention to. As to the cameraman incident...let's just say I was less than impressed. One, the cameraman literally did his job. I guarantee he'd have been in hot water if he had said to himself "oh, he's upset, better not follow him." At the end of the day, Bryson wanted to NOT be held accountable for his actions. That's not realistic, and he'd better grow up and figure out that the scrutiny comes with the territory, because his game is only going to increase that scrutiny and attention. For me personally, I don't need to think an athlete must be a nice guy for me to admire their abilities and follow them, but I know many others don't share that view.
  11. I may get some "feedback" for this post, but this thread and the topic as a whole have me seriously considering adopting my own mini experiment come this offseason. Living in Nebraska I'm not golfing in the winter months, save the occasional one-off odd weather day, but I'm very much contemplating starting a thread here, maybe mid-October, with the intent to add 10-15 pounds of (hopefully mostly) lean muscle and measuring any increases in swing speed. A lot a caveats and nuances to the idea. For starters, 10-15 pounds on a clean bulking diet and weight training with the intent of gaining a few mph, no a radical transformation. I've been doing some sort of weight training for nearly 20 years now too, so this wouldn't be a starting from scratch kind of experiment and would be a bit limited by basic laws of diminishing returns. (In other words, someone whose never touched weights or eaten for bulk before could add 10-15 pounds of muscle far more easily than I could.) But, I have access to the largest gym in the Department of Defense, a home gym, a dietitian and means to get solid before/during/after body composition and body fat measurements. Form a golf swing perspective, I can continue SuperSpeed training, my GolfTec program drills, and OrangeWhip tempo training in order to "preserve" my golf swing. I don't have a swing speed radar, but getting swing speed measured on a before/during/after basis would be easy enough as well. Really really thinking about doing this, and running a thread on MGS as I go. Dare I ask for thoughts/feedback?
  12. I don’t know man, I’m pretty sure the only conversation happening in my bag is “okay, whose got the day off today?”
  13. Just got back from my Thursday afternoon round with my boys. This time I only took my 5 year old, whose interest doesn’t quite match his older brothers yet. Not going to force him...he played 2 holes, drove the cart, picked flowers for his Mom, and had fun...the important part. As for me, ever have a practice round you wish you could count and post? 3 birdies and 1 bogey, would have been my first sub-par 9 of my life. But, it was just practice. Can’t wait to get out for 18 tomorrow morning. (And really hoping this great game of ours isn’t setting up to humble me...)
  14. Funny how that works huh? I’ve got a Honma driver coming to test, and suddenly my Epic can’t miss.
  15. I know you're not asking for a motivational speech, I'd likely have the same reaction, but there's a reason the progress and speed charts aren't linear...don't beat yourself up over it. Outside temperature, your blood sugar and your diet, other physical activity, how much sleep you got...tons of contributing factors. The important part is long-term progress. Just come back more motivated for the next workout!
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