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  1. Yeah, played a fade for a season too. The worst was getting paired with a random who thought he was complementing me when he said “man, you’ve really learned how to play that slice.” Not what you want to hear...
  2. Hey, probably unnecessary, but I want to extend a quick apology and explanation to the community. I've been a lot less active for the past couple of weeks than I was for the bulk of the summer, and I want to make sure I don't give anyone the impression I took my test Honma driver and ran. I'm assigned to USSTRATCOM, and no phones are allow in the building (classified stuff going on) and a lot of websites are firewalled from the work computer, including MGS. Over the summer i was temporarily assigned to a training course that went 100% online due to COVID, so i got to spend a lot of time at home and was then able to get on the forums a ton. With no access during the day, I get home to 3 little kids and those "demands" and suddenly I am dead tired and i haven't gotten on here. Sorry about that. I'm still around, still lurking, still posting a little bit, and still loving the community, and I'll step my game up. My club championship is this Saturday, after which i launch my offseason training plans that I'll document here. Again, maybe an unnecessary post, but i REALLY don't want to risk the impression that I took a test club and ran. Oh, and @B.Boston congrats on the Cobra Connect Challenge win...eases the sting of that .1 fantasy "beatdown"!
  3. So the day that I thought would never come has come. My Scotty Cameron is coming out, probably never to return. In it's place, this bad mama-jama... EVNROLL ER2B. Yeah, the MGS "Most Wanted" rating had me curious, so I picked it up having no intention of buying anything, ever. Big mistake, an hour later it was in my bag. I did the responsible thing and got fit, and compared several others, but this was a clear winner for me. I like the look of a blade over a mallet, so a wide face-balanced blade is a perfect compromise/solution for me. I've gamed the Scotty for 6 years and was fit for that too, but 4 years ago I switched to left-hand low and haven't looked back, and about that time became a Dave Stockton believer, so a straight-back straight-through motion and a new grip meant the toe-balanced Scotty really wasn't a good fit anymore. But, I love that putter and I made it work for a long time. The feel of this thing is great though, and the Sweet Face tech is no joke. Give it a try and you'll see what I mean.
  4. Damn @B.Boston, 147.7 and losing by .1 points?! I almost feel bad. Almost. Sutton going inactive got me...
  5. I haven't paid as much attention to Titleist as other OEMs in the past...is it a given that TSi hybrids are coming alongside the drivers this year? I seem to remember the TS2 and TS3 hybrids didn't replace the 818's until 9-12 months after the TS2 and TS3 drivers had come out. Or am I remembering that wrong...? I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a TS3 hybrid, especially given the price drop, but it will annoy me if something (possibly) better rolls out in a couple months.
  6. Nice pics. Hope the shoulders okay. It happened during a normal swing?
  7. Same here. Going to be well into a bottle of JB Black when I draft...
  8. What if I’m not going to be at the draft?
  9. Hey man, I don’t have the driving game you seem to have...you give this big softy a big boost in ball speed, accuracy and carry and hell yeah I’m going to rate it high! All kidding aside, I’ve kicked the tires on a lot of drivers over the past year and the TR20 has easily been the best. It’s a quality club, and I think I also got very lucky in being selected to test a club that to my surprise works especially well for me.
  10. Nice review brother; both you and @Judge Smails. Was a little concerned I was being a cupcake about it...nice to see you both also rated it highly.
  11. Another "meh" 79 but I see signs of coming out of my recent funk. Had a horrendous start, 5 over through 3, but the day got better. Frankly, I blame the start on the starter...we had an 8:06 tee time and got called to the tee at 7:45, while I was still on the range and hadn't hit the putting green yet. Honestly, I should have made it to the putting green by then, but I hadn't, and sure enough, first hole was a 3-putt. I've also been working with a Planemate and am seeing some improvements, but overall I think I just need better tempo...need to go watch some Freddy Couples videos..
  12. Let's hope he joins and participates instead of just throwing in on tester threads...
  13. Has anybody had a chance to hit the TM DHY? Doesn't look much different from the old Adams version, I had one and loved that club. Much as I'm not a fan of TM, i'm going to have to give that one a look I think...
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