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  1. I’m having a pint of champagne! I don’t even like this stuff, but I bought a 6-pack on a whim. Not all that bad actually, but not all that good either...
  2. Yes it is; can't wait! If anyone's wondering how the US Open affected Rahm's fate for the Ryder Cup team, it kinda didn't...he was a lock before, and he's more of a lock now. Here's the European Points list: And, here's the World Points list: So, the team for the Euro's as of today is: 1) Rahm 2) Fleetwood 3) Hatton 4) McIlroy 5) Casey 6) Hovland 7) Westwood 8 Fitzpatrick 9) V. Perez Plus, 3 Captain's picks. Looks like a tough squad to me, should be a heck of a cup.
  3. Thanks fellas! Took the day off and teeing it up in a couple hours!
  4. I wonder how far we could take this? "Honey, I only got a girlfriend to improve my relationship with you!"
  5. Happens every time. I swear, the best way to straighten out your driver is to have a new driver paid for and on the way.
  6. No, not a lefty, although he's asking me to let him switch-hit...
  7. My 7-year old son's travel baseball season ended last week, so of course tryouts for next season were last night. We're trying out with a few different programs so we can be more selective for this coming season. Anyway, this particular program last night gave the kids three throws and radar gunned them. My son was thrilled that he threw the ball 327 mph. I felt bad telling him there was a decimal point in front of the 7. And yes, my son not noticing the decimal point might not be the punch line. That some of these youth select baseball programs think radar gunning kids is necess
  8. Holy crap...there are over 6.9K signups for the Voice Caddie rangefinder test!!!
  9. @B.Bostonalready hinted at this but I found this happened to me when I stalled and stopped rotating/turning. Martin Chuck really emphasizes using the body and your big muscles to control the club rather than your hands and arms, and it seems to me in my experience that was the "secret" to avoiding the band getting caught up as you describe.
  10. Maybe your buddy's couch isn't level so it just looks that way when he watches on TV.
  11. Thank you again MGS! And mystery box...best prize yet.
  12. You dirty hijacking SOBs! All good fellas. I geek out on the Marvel stuff too anyway. And @sirchunksalot, congrats on the weight loss...impressive! Plenty of positive enough feedback here to assuage my immediate concerns.
  13. I'm glad you can continue to play, but what's the long term assessment if you don't mind my asking?
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