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  1. Good morning MGSpies from my downtown parking spot by the office building with hot coffee and Ocelot by Emancipator on Pandora on this Tuesday when I'm claiming either Fifty Thirteen or Thirty Thirty Three for my own as many would say I'm not like many people dinner later but a full workday first. Hope golf is part of your day 100
  2. Good morning MGSpies on a sunny cold WNY holiday Monday so the work computer is not network connected and functionally inert and slept in like it was still the weekend (sorry guys working today) because it still is! Plan today is for a late brunch with son in Rochester then... not sure but perfect for a holiday Monday hope golf is a part of your day
  3. Just the numbers as of 2/18/2024 4:30 PM give or take a minute or two. The minutes number looks pretty good
  4. Love this - huge numbers guy myself and glad to know there's at least one more of us lurking around!
  5. Good morning MGSpies from wintery cold WNY on this holiday weekend middle day Sunday with Veteran curling on again after a 4 week hiatus for various reasons. Dinner plans for later. Went to a local Veteran sendoff for our beloved local pro Brian Jacobs yesterday, an hour of socializing while we took turns hitting on a bay at the local golf dome. Brian is heading to Ballen Isles Resort Golf Club in Palm Beach Garden, FL to be their first ever Director of Instruction overseeing teaching pros. Great supporter of Veteran golf making lasting memories and he will be missed here greatly. Hope golf is a part of your day 102
  6. EP genres of non-golf YouTube channels tend to be in 4 camps: Sailing (my first love before golf) - Sailing SV Delos, Sailing La Vagabonde, Sailing Ruby Rose, Sailing Doodles, Sailing Good Bad and Ugly, Calico Skies Sailing, Taylor's Travels, MJ Sailing, Sailing Nandji, Captain Rick Moore, Spear It Animal General Aviation (always wanted to fly) - Aviation 101, Baron Pilot, Mooney 201er, Premier 1 Driver, Blancolirio, Niko's Wings, DutchPilotGirl Vehicle (all kinds) related (just my kind of brain candy) - Ron Pratt, Riding Shotgun, Happiness By The Mile, Wide World of Trains, Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels, Generation Tech, Real Engineering, Fractal Universe, Millennial Farmer, Kate's Ag, Ben Elias, Docuworld Music - Aram Bedrosian, Gigi Vibes, Vince Guaraldi - and do a lot of searching by title. Nothing stops me from bait clicking on dashcams of crashes, chases, or anything about science and the universe. But everything is neglected for the most part once golf season kicks in.
  7. Good morning MGSpies on this not so early but early enough to post on Page 500 of The Good Morning Thread Saturday! Light coating of snow overnight and can commiserate with just about everything that has been posted this morning from not a lot planned to troublesome days with no idea what was causing it, to kids with funny behaviors and such. Sunshine is the bright spot of this morning hope golf is a part of your day 103
  8. Only 5 weeks until Spring and the Vernal Equinox. This was a fun kind of snow tonight letting the corgis outside.
  9. Good morning MGSpies from cold windy WNY on this Friday in real winter which has pretty much missed us until now (I know January snow, that was just, ok winter too) but it is c o l d although I think @ParFore74x has us beat and remembering my one winter in Kansas I know that cold. liking the new computer now the permissions, defaults, accesses, programs, everything is working like the old one did, getting on the network so far is also easier so heading into the workday with optimism on the no commute agenda enjoyed the community call last night, was much more spirited and that as Jamie said marked the annual mark so it is now beginning its 2nd year! Hope golf is a part of your day! 104
  10. I know the feeling, reminds me of trying to decide to commit to the Queenstown Harbor trip. And here is the guy who put that last straw in the balance that tipped it towards GOTTA GO! on the Queenstown Harbor trip No doubt about it, just gotta decide and you know there is only one real answer. Besides, we really do want to witness the technique now made famous by the expert and King of the False Turn (and even doing all that feel bad not being able to play as well as you do )(not really)
  11. Good morning MGSpies of old and welcome in the new friends on this cold winter that might look like winter again this afternoon WNY community call Thursday joys of a new work computer still getting it configured to the efficiency of the one that was turned in, ah there is the network connection now coffee needs to be retrieved from the pot but it is a no-commute workday so all is well looking forward to this afternoon and hope golf is a part of your day 104
  12. Similar to the Full English Breakfast! 2 eggs, sausage links, bacon, blood pudding, cooked tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, beans, toast with butter and marmalade, orange juice and tea or coffee. Shoot now I'm hungry again Teaser, the Culture Cafe that is 6 miles and 14 minutes from Kingsmill Resort (according to Google Maps) has an English Breakfast for a reasonable price.
  13. Good morning MGSpies from sub-freezing cold but not frosty WNY on this community call eve as I like to think of Wednesday no doubt going to come with the references... hot coffee helping the space heater warm the bunker HQ at Fort Home Station with a new work laptop and the joys of setting everything up the way worked well for me on the old one that served well but became obsolete unable to receive upgraded updates let's see what else today brings! Hope golf is a part of your day 105
  14. Good morning MGSpies from a frosty dark downtown parking spot by the office for today's rendition of workday on this Tuesday with A Letter from Home by Ulrich Schnauss on Pandora to enhance the coffee for a peaceful start. Hope golf is a part of your day 106
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