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  1. Nice looking par 3 even with the rough look around the tee boxes. Airborne!
  2. Thank you, and that is more than I was finding but adds well to the fact it was sold primarily by Kmart at one point. Like many of the clubs I find, this set is destined for someone else who is interested in starting to play golf so they will have at least one more caring owner.
  3. Derek Henshaw/Buffalo, NY Practice Putting in this region happens two very distinctly different ways for cold and warm months. In the winter it is indoors in the living room on carpet (since hardwoods, tile and linoleum don't provide anything that approximate a green) into a glass or over a button. The same happens when I travel as a putter and 3 pack of balls turns any hotel room into a practice "green" something my wife is always amused at me for doing. In the warmer months it is usually fit into the routine of heading to the course with enough time for a putting warm up to get a feel for green speed that day, or when I don't have time for 9 holes I will hit the putting green for as much as an hour. Average for 3 putts is maybe one for 9 holes and 2 for 18 holes unless I'm just having a bad day. I've been working on a putting routine to settle out whatever it is that contributes to a bad day. Lately with chipping practice I have been solidly 2 putting though sometimes that is from a good distance. The Exputt looks like the putter's dream come true, real putting and not the never-good-enough because it is totally a different game when playing WGT or any other virtual simulator for putting. This game uses the putter and gives as much information as those ball launch monitors except where my love of golf began, on the green with a putter in my hand. Most of my off season putting mileage is done on carpets into whatever target I can find without getting yelled at. It is compact and unlike using a launch monitor, ceiling height and more delicate room contents are of no concern with Exputt. The interactive pad takes this to a new level too, no constantly moving away from the focus of the ball and the putting surface to touch a computer keyboard, mouse or screen, it does it all right there with the head of the putter, hands can stay where they are most comfortable, on the putter grip. This needs to work right and become a best seller to drop prices to where the average dad can hope to get it for Fathers Day from his not too well to do family. Really interested in seeing this review done well for MGS and the manufacturer.
  4. I was taught the interlocking grip but only use it for irons regardless of loft. Driver and fairway hybrids all get 10 finger grips. Chipping onto the green use a somewhat modified 10 finger grip choked down low on the 7i using it like a putter (very much like the Square Strike Wedge ad swing). Those are landing and rolling to a "basket diameter" distance of the cup usually good for a 1 putt. Started putting at Putt-Putt miniature golf before I was old enough to ride my bike out of the neighborhood, still using the same 10 finger grip. Tried many different variations on practice greens to no satisfactory result. Years of practice can't be undone so a routine has been the best influence for better putts.
  5. If it has the word Golf in it, it's proper enough. The best thing we can do with a club in our hands is forget that anyone else is around (near impossible I know) and (like letting anything rip) just do it because it feels good. Par 3 exists because it is fun and good for short distance skills, unless you swing like I do and pull out a fairway hybrid for a 165 yard hole. Everybody has a natural swing that's unique to them. So why compare? Trying to do what anybody else does isn't in your best interest, except for not rushing the back swing because that always helps, so just do your own thing. A good teaching pro will help you do better what you are already doing, and they will let you swing your natural swing, which is a good way to know if they are helping you or helping themselves. Cheers and nothing wrong with playing the game from the least expensive side
  6. 1. Started with a full set of Rhinos that played ok but I was new to the game so I had more issues than whether a uniform brand was in the bag. Son plays those now better than I did. My second set was Verdict, full set. Nephew now has those. My 3i and 5i are same brand, and 4 fairway hybrids another brand but I'm equal opportunity for any club that feels right in my hand from just holding it to the end of swing. If it doesn't feel right it doesn't stay. Right now in the search of a 9i as Confidence might be on the current club but that's just sarcastic. 2. My mixed bag is what gives me more enjoyment on the course, but I don't get excited about that term consistency. In my version of golf, consistency is best measured by arrival at the golf course.
  7. That nifty set of initials on the outer bottom edge of the putter suggests that DJ could have whatever he wants for his putter design, and so he should. As long as the putter is balanced, a center hit shouldn't cause any twist as the center of gravity is providing the momentum transfer.
  8. Two friends were playing golf one day and wanted to spice it up. They decided that they would adhere strictly to the rules, i.e., no mulligans, improving their lies, etc. After a few holes, one guy’s ball landed on a cart path. As he reached down to pick up his ball to get relief his friend said, “We agreed that we would not improve our lie.” No matter how much the first fellow tried to explain that he was entitled to this relief, the second fellow would not allow it. The man went to the cart to get a club. As he stood over the ball he took a few practice swings, each time scraping the club on the pavement, taking out big chunks of blacktop and sending out lots of sparks! Finally, after several practice swings, he took his shot. The ball took off and landed on the green about 6-feet from the pin. “Great shot!” his friend exclaimed. “What club did you use?” “Your 7-iron.” The man answered.
  9. WITB? BigStu commented on my signature, said if seen at the bag drop my bag would look like they belong to a hustler. So BigStu this is what it looks like! And if I keep practicing you might be onto something. Coming to the game through the side door, I have 3 things going for me; (1) a smart phone that can reach out to the internet to learn about clubs while perusing them , (2) a critical mind that decides for myself what right looks like, and (3) my local friends and golf partners are not as obsessed with golf as I am. If a club doesn't work for me, it gets pulled out of the bag. Every club considered gets a chance to make itself comfortable in my hands and move the ball but if it isn't right then it moves on. Older clubs most always show their battle scars and those are as important the condition of grips, shaft and head. I don't play with junk so if it needs a new grip (which is not yet one of my skills) it is passed over, if the shaft is questionable it too is passed over, and if the head has any issues it is just no longer considered. So my clubs have passed all these gates and proven to feel good and perform well for my kind of golf. I do not understand people who comment on golf played the way I like it as if there is something wrong that needs fixing. Golf for me started at the end of a military career while I was authoring problem solving curriculum for the current generation of middle and upper level Army leaders. Those being critical can't possibly understand what golf is to someone like me and the haven it provides from everything past and present that given a chance would obliterate one's inner peace. "Unsightly" ball retriever under the Stars and Stripes head cover and 5i hiding underneath the O'Donnell Triumph 19* hybrid. Much prefer the hybrid wedges as they aren't as prone to hitting it fat. The PowerPoint graphic does help staying in a golfing mindset through the endless months of frozen greens.
  10. Stopped into the local AMVETS golf club emporium after getting chased off the course by a thunderstorm this afternoon and honestly I was only looking for a left hand club for me and a replacement 5i for my son. What I discovered thanks to looking at every 5i in the barrel, I mean club selection display, was this Northwestern Thunderbird II Tour Ground set in 4i, 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i and pitching wedge. The shafts are black (I'm guessing) fiberglass that are narrow from club hosel to about 2/3 length before flaring out quickly for a thicker diameter for the grips. The grips are still in good condition though the 5 and 7 have a half inch split at the bottom of the grips. Not knowing much about them, they struck me as something to adopt as a full set, if there was anything else that looked like them I would have bought that too. What can anyone tell me as I begin my own research? Thanks in advance [emoji106] Sent from my SM-A102U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. The adventure continues! Not only is it a great example of teamwork but also the way it is captured and presented is really telling the story. Thanks for taking us along for the ride, a real Fathers Day treat
  12. Name the hazard in the emoji golf course between the tee and green... (only hint- it's almost Fathers Day) . . #1
  13. I keep hearing about trying a left handed club and when that happens it usually means it's time to listen. Father in law is lefty but I would never ask to try one, so keeping my eye out for one possibly 2 left hand clubs in the club rescue bins and see if it is latent talent. Long ago in place far away I used to play street hockey after school and was the only one shooting left...
  14. Sets would be a term that could apply, maybe. I have my bag and my son has his bag. Then there's an old Ben Hogan bag that collects the clubs that are found, tried, set aside and sometimes put back into the playing bags. We have a spare bag that can be constituted for "a bag of clubs" on the off chase someone wants to play. So far have given away 2 bags with full sets to family and they now play. But reality is new clubs are pretty and something of a distraction (oh look shiny!) but still in my first decade of playing I really don't want to worry about scuffing or scratching a club. At least nobody asks me if I'm farming anymore.
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