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  1. Congratulations Testers!!! @GolfSpy_APH @B.Boston @GregB135 @IDontGiveAchuck Looking forward to seeing how well this one works, looks like a move to low cost device that mimics the big ticket devices much like how handheld calculators went from $300 TI and HP to $10 Sharp and National Semiconductor, same features in just years after introduction to the market. Or does it? That is the question...
  2. Now my First Strike Deliverance hybrid clubs are working for me and my game is coming together it would be interesting to see if these top line latest design clubs would also respond as well in my hands. Who knows, dropping 10 more shots on an 18 hole round would get me sub80 All the best for everyone submitting to be testers for being chosen. Remember, it is about what you can do to capture and share your experience MORE than just getting the stuff to try out. Our job as testers is nothing to take lightly. Read this if you have not already
  3. I'm very sorry I broke 90 and I promise... that I am... going to try to do it again and again! Haha haha haha!!! Can't stop me Broke 90 badge please
  4. An older golfer was pulled over at 2am on his way home from socializing with his golf partners… The officer asked him where he was going at that time of night. He replied, “I’m on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effect it has on the human body, as well as the dangers of smoking and staying out late.” The officer replied skeptically, “Oh? … and who is giving that lecture at this time of night?" He said, “My wife”
  5. 7.28.2021 Had a great day on the Thousand Islands Golf Club Lake Course and didn't realize just how well I was playing. The SwingU app I have used since 2014 dutifully recorded a 47 on the front 9 and then a 42 on the back 9 for a total 18 hole score of 89. The reality hit me like a hammer when I realized I broke through the 90 level for the first time ever! Totally awed and still hearing my son Patrick's words (as he was driving us back to the clubhouse just over a mile from the Lake Course 18th green, "did you score each hole as you always do?" to help me wrap my mind around it. And the answer was of course "yes" as the creature of habit I am. One birdie and one par, the rest single and double bogies. Awesome day, awesome weather, awesome spending it with my son, and awesome surprise after touching the 'close and save' feature on the app... I think I will keep playing golf lol
  6. I have never been a big fan of rangefinders, until now! The Cobalt Q6 has gone with me everywhere I have golfed since receiving it and it has found it's place in my game but not as a regularly used device. It is one of those tools like a trouble club that comes out when needed. How it has been needed is to find how far things are away and in many ways. The first way it started use was determining when it was safe to tee off to not hit into players in the group ahead. I think this is an important use and not one I have ever seen promoted, why I have no idea. I have used it for distance to pin but usually only when visual clues for red, white, and blue stakes or other markers have not been obvious (usually missing) for traditional methods of determining distance to green and pin. The laser feature with slope has been helpful when concerns have been expressed, usually by playing partners, about how high or low the green is to the tee box. In all these ways, the Cobalt Q6 has been exceptional for ease of use and speed of results. (No watercraft were used for a layup as these photos may suggest.) (Still working on getting the Phone camera to see the display but you can get an idea of the overlay on the image here from the parking lot of the Thousand Islands Golf Club on Wellesley Island, NY)
  7. Congratulations Testers!!! @KCLeo12 @Berg Ryman @jddaigneault @TxTwinDad+2 Looking forward to hearing about how well the club works and trying out different clubs that way. It sounds to me like a novel idea and it might very well be worth writing one about the experience
  8. Good to have you on board with MGS and welcome to the fun and camaraderie that goes on with regular forum contributors here. My 2 cents comes from the "we were young once and brave" angle of intrinsically knowing we can do something because it is what we have done, but then there are reminders that age is not kind to us for doing what was once easy and done with flair is not so much in either category. As a late to the game golfer, I have accepted a driver makes no sense in my bag and par is my birdie. Hope your renewed normal is close or better than your old one as that would really be great!
  9. Golfing weekend, 3 and a half days worth with the 2nd Annual Brian Jacobs Golf Veterans Classsic. Planned for staying on his property, due to heavy soaking rains the campsite for our "village" was moved to Mill Creek GC in Henrietta, NY where we played on Saturday and where Brian Jacobs, PGA is based for instruction. The campsite is a disused short course parking lot and tee box. So cool to actually stay on the golf course we played one of the 3 days of golf. The green to the left of the white canopy is the steeply dropping 10th, par 3 that has a view of the camp. Brian Jacobs' tee shot from the 10th tee box over the fescue dropping to the green with the camp on the right side of the photo in front of the treeline. A good and challenging course, the game was Team best ball scramble starting on nearest tee and moving back a tee for each birdie, staying with the previous tee level for par, and moving forward a tee for bogie. Had a visit to Club Champion in Victor, NY for a fitting experience and here I proved my preference for mallet putter with single stripe across the clubhead. All venues where donated generously at no cost to the Veterans. Sunday golf was at Churchville GC muni course in Churchville, NY for variety that gave different challenges than Mill Creek GC and Monday was at Caledonia Golf Club in Caledonia, NY. If Brian Jacobs Golf sounds familiar, he is part of Golf Academy on NBC Sports. Next round is tomorrow at 1000 Islands GC on Wellsley Island in the St Lawrence Seaway with a front row view of Canada the next island over...
  10. Does the putter become a natural extension of yourself or does it behave like any tool you have to work with to get the job done? In particular I'm watching to see comments about how putting style, technique, and/or routine is altered to any degree or changed drastically because of the Evnroll putter being tested. I know from doing a test and review how my own approach was challenged by what was being tested.
  11. Just one more example of why MyGolfSpy is a site and forum I put so much of my effort into with contributions to forum content and testing opportunities. Yes there is free stuff but it pales to the wealth of information and the spirit of joining with others with golf as the focus to enjoy life and get the most out of the experience. Echoing this statement 100%
  12. Just got a notice about a response and comment to the testing I already posted my review on. I clicked the notice and instead of going to see the response or comment it went to the review. Something is not right with hotlinks that should take me to the thing being notified of, and short of scrolling through the review and looking for, then having to click on comments tab with hope it takes me to the right place (it doesn't always work and when trying to navigate to the previous page of comments goes instead back to the review )... Still smiling and choosing not to imagine how a new'er' forum reader would interpret these navigation problems. Sudden flashback to the first time I let son drive a go-cart...
  13. Water and resistance to walking through it with the Inesis shoes: Still walking through puddles and we have lots of them now, yesterday at South Park GC in South Buffalo NY the standing water in some places a couple to few inches deep were too tempting to go through instead of going around. What I noticed this time while pushing my golf cart from green to tee was the lack of resistance to a regular walking stride through the rather large puddles (temporary water hazards). So low was the resistance to walking I mentioned it to my regular playing partner (who has endured most of the rounds of golf testing these shoes) that besides my ankles getting splashed my feet were dry and cooled by the water cooling the shoe but otherwise felt no different than walking on the grass the rest of the way. Not the usual experience of feeling like shoes turning into drogues or anchors going through water. FWIW Playing partner did say after the second puddle heading for the third one "oh now you are just showing off."
  14. Photos are always a good thing to include when possible it's eye candy for most of us
  15. At that price it must include X-Ray vision.
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