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  1. Put my dibs in on the 25% because of so many factors that must fall into place, most notably the $ part but that is family budget driven. One golf possibility has been removed from competition for those $ as that one falls on the wrong weekend for work when my availability to ensure a smooth payroll for the regional office is a premium. One obstacle down, so many including those not yet well defined to go. After Queenstown Harbor experience, I would prefer to not do a daily commute as my brother lives in Cary NC (an option) and "being there" was an amazing part of that August weekend at QHGC.
  2. My wife grew up in a golf family and all the men played golf with only her aunt also a golfer. So it was probably expected that I would golf and I get total support to golf. I actually invite her to go out with me, not because I know she will say no but with her total acceptance and support of my golf it feels like the right thing to do.
  3. I cut my computer teeth on my dad's 8080 processor using NOVEL DOS and Windows 3.1, all command prompts and keyed code. I couldn't comprehend sending something to Apple to have them do the coding to do whatever was wanted on their iOS because of their proprietary requirements. I also could not understand how to use their logic that was obvious to Mac users just as the IBM coding was beyond most Mac users, and IBM was open source then and the playing field was wide open with Microsoft a minor player. Loved OS/2 as the most capable operating system, CompuServe as the best online community, Describe for everything document creation, Magix for everything music and photo/video, SCSI "scuzzy" drives to link peripherals, and the 14.4 kbps modem squawk (that was an improvement on the telephone acoustic coupler). To this day, despite the move to make iPhone/iPad/iWhatever user friendly and intuitive, I still have problems using them and it's the only kind of phone and computer wife can use Funny how we would both look at the other's side as the dark one LOL
  4. Might have been a supply chain thing but from their website just ordered parts for my Clicgear 3.5+ and received them about 1 week from order date with shipping across the country. Long wear on the Clicgear so far without issues and the parts I ordered were to get the order up to free shipping for the wheels cover to keep the trunk neat after playing a round when wheels cannot be cleaned adequately packing up. I don't immediately need the parts and they are for what looks like might need repair in the next year or two... Having spares on-hand is something intrinsic to my sailing experience. My first pull cart was a Bag Boy and so old I have never seen another like it or found a single photo of one online. Served me well until the plastic wheels suffered irreparable damage.
  5. I can keep one in play for about 36-45 holes depending on how the condition of the cover deteriorates. I don't consider my swing to be fast and/or powerful but some balls get cut from the clubface grooves easier than others. Those that suffer most are Nitro so I no longer play Nitros even if they must be rescued as lost, neglected, and/or abandoned golf balls that are given to whomever wants them.
  6. Looks like I need to get the screen fixed on my long neglected Chromebook, Lenovo laptop while low end slow does most everything I need it to and replaced the Chromebook years ago after it got underneath my rocking chair slider and screen suffered loss of about an inch of pixels in the bottom rows... and I have a long good relationship to Garmin that began in 2006 with the GPS unit provided with a Hertz rental in Munich to find my way through Bavaria on a military trip (and was routed shortest distance through spectacular countryside and historic villages ). Just saying
  7. Looking forward to seeing the newest update to the overall leaderboard for the MGS Tournament! This is going to get very complicated following all the different tournaments by type and I hope @Golfspy_TCB is up to the challenge if not no worries, it is by no doubt a significant time consumer keeping tabs on each competition by week and this is over the top with tabulation and computation
  8. I was looking for that gap filler between driver and irons early in the 2022 season and I never had a good rapport with a 3W or any other W. Had been gifted the Tommy Armour #3 19* fairway hybrid a couple years before as graduation gift for a PGA HOPE Veteran golf clinic and decided it was time to give it a try. Pulled it out of the spares bag and peeled off the plastic and took it to the course. Wasn't long before it was doing exactly what I had hoped it would, and fit that distance between Driver and 3i very nicely . Even connected once off fairway turf to a distance I have never hit driver figuring it must have found a rock or something to bounce off... Only mentioning it as you are looking to replace and as clubs go it is a lightweight in the bag.
  9. I went to a Club Champion with Veteran golf event and had chance to roll many putts with the dozens of putters they had lining the walls around their indoor putting green. From that experience I noted what worked for me and even which one of the design that worked for me. Luck had it I was selected to test one of those that rolled amazingly well and it is now my primary putter displacing my first ever putter that by a pleasant surprise has all of the same qualities the new one, the main difference being the design of the grip and it has a graphite shaft. Can't recommend enough having as many putters to try as possible including what you don't usually think will work with as much time as possible to relax and just see what they will do when you can focus on making your putt.
  10. - there should be a delete for posts and responses made in error... @GolfSpy_APH @GolfSpy MPR @GolfSpy_BOS @Golfspy_CG2
  11. Totally feeling a Tiger Woods moment of no-play and still up the leaderboard. Is it possible to get vertigo up so high not being used to it at all? (Sorry but I honestly don't understanding the statistics thing, my Business Analytics educated daughter usually helps me to understand what numbers mean. Just give me an azimuth and distance... ) The cup is going to someone else as it should!!! I'm rooting for everyone still playing golf!
  12. In my experience I could slice any ball with any club but because of the length of the driver shaft the slice effect was multiplied with disastous result to where I played golf for years without a driver in my bag. One lesson 9 months ago, not really a lesson but a suggestion from a Pro who happened to see my swing and for the first time in my life I am able to hit straight and fade drives. In another lesson another Pro showed me how to hit a fade on demand with driver or irons - mind blown. Question was about equipment but experience draws the question into question as to whether it will result in any real improvement on ball flight.
  13. Anyone who has been reading my posts since the end of April knows my forte is the 9 hole round. I don't mind playing 18 but I always make sure to be well fed beforehand as I tend to graze on nutritious snacks along the way and more is better. When I have not had a good intake of calories before setting out I am watchful of symptoms I get that warn of impending low sugar, nothing diagnosed mind you but I know when I need to refuel from a lifetime that began as a Cross Country runner and then Soldier for life. Something new this year was playing 9 on one course in the morning and then meeting others for another 9 somewhere else in the afternoon. A few hours recovery and food in between and the afternoon round was just as if I had not played the morning round. Something I am going to try again in 2023.
  14. That moment in the grocery store when you find they've got exactly what you want. Love our Wegmans ❤ GO BILLS!!!
  15. SAFE IN THE BAG: Clubs :: are pretty safe for now, everything is working better than me as how well the ball flies when I get it right. Not being the club ho it is more the other stuff that gets my attention, admiration and ire. ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK: Ball retriever (yes going there) :: is adequate but its twist lock extension handle leaves much to be desired. Improve or find a new one, it's on the chopping block.
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