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  1. I'm in again... I haven't been active on the forums much (since I haven't been out on the course at all this year) but I'll never miss on opportunity for Fantasy...
  2. Always in... I haven't picked up a club in a year, but at least I can get my fix this way. Thanks for hosting again.
  3. is the site REALLY slow for anyone else, or is it just me?
  4. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but I'm taking the best kicker right off the bat. One of the most undervalued players on the field...
  5. Has a draft date/time been announced yet?
  6. I'm in again... thanks for hosting...
  7. Another awesome contest...Thanks Bridgestone . Tiebreaker - 269
  8. Well, after 2 bad weeks of being on vacation and not touching my lineup, I currently have all 4 player in the top 7. I need to work some magic to get into the playoffs, and these guys are doin it for me... Certainly an interesting game...
  9. I'm in again this year... Looking forward to it. Thursday works for me. 8-9 EST would be great. Any night around that time is fine actually.
  10. Yea, that was a good match... I knew you had the win, but I didn't think it would be that close...
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