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  1. Great points. I just ordered myself a Cleveland Smart Sole 4 chipper yesterday and can't wait to get it in. I'm a 16 HDCP but after reviewing my stats, I'm losing 5-7 strokes a game on my shoots 60 yds and in. I'm looking forward to gaining confidence in my chipping.
  2. Giga Golf was the first set of clubs that I purchased brand new back in 2009. I played with them until I upgraded to Mizuno in 2017. As tehuti stated, Giga Golf hasn't updated their clubs in a very long time. They used to be a great deal but with so many DTC manufacturers Giga is now just one company of many. However, the m410s do look nice.
  3. Just wanted to add that I’ve had my m7 for close to a year with no problems. There could be a quality control issue but, I’m loving mine so far.
  4. Truefit was a good starting point. After my fitting, I got the Gen 4 0811x with the EvenFlow Riptide CB 50g. My launch angle was too high with the 0211. The 0811X with a 7.5-degree head worked better.
  5. Yep, I got fitted their on the second day they opened. I picked up a Gen 4 Driver and 3 Wood. My wife was impressed with my experience and scheduled herself a fitting last week. She has the 0211DC coming. Looking forward to multiple visits to their store in the future.
  6. I have the riptide blue as well and I will agree it is a smooth shaft. I'm still getting use to it but I do like the feel.
  7. Great post. I'm planning to get my wife driver fitting at the PXG store that opened close to me. Concur with your overall assessment about getting fitted and felling confidence in your clubs selection. I hope you enjoy your new purchase.
  8. I know this isn't the answer that you wanted to hear but, I would recommend doing a fitting. I plan to do one for next season to match the correct driver to my increase club head speed.
  9. My issue with Radar based LM is the space requirements for indoor use. A camera based LM is best for my indoor use. Looking for to seeing the price of the Bushnell Launch Pro.
  10. Concur with your statement. I did a putter fitting and realized that I putter better with face balanced and longer length putter. I had a toe hang and it wasn’t working for me.
  11. I have the Arccos caddie as well and would interested in seeing what additional information I could get. Looks interesting.
  12. Another vote for the Snell MTB. I would also recommend MG Tour C4 $20/dz.
  13. I picked up one from Amazon and have been impressed with my putting success. Great putting aid.
  14. I just played a round with this ball for the first time last weekend. Very impressed! I also noticed that my approach shots to the green had very little roll. Great performance to price ratio and look forward to playing with them again.
  15. Looks like their kickstarter efforts was cancelled. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1393885060/strok-premium-golf-balls-under-30-dozen
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