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  1. Picked up a Rapsodo last week. I've taken it out to the range several times already but I've been frustrated by the numbers I've been getting. They seemed to be registering well under my usual distance. So today I picked out a yardage sign that was placed on the range, took a reading with my laser scope to get the exact distance, and then proceeded to choose a club that would carry to that sign. There was about a 15 yard discrepancy between the laser reading and what the Rapsodo was telling me. I know that they say that there is no need for a calibration-- that it's extremely accurate right out of the box.... but I'm not so sure. And I have no idea how to manually calibrate it (if it's possible or even if I should!) Any thoughts???
  2. Greetings everyone! My name is Bill. I'm about to turn 64 years old and I have been golfing since I was in grade school. The entire family were/are golfers. Many of our vacations were golf vacations, fondly remembering the 'old' days at French Lick! Over the years, golf and friendships have been synonymous. I still get together with several of my high school buddies for an annual golf weekend in Green Lake, Wisconsin, where we play at Lawsonia and Mascoutin. A traveling trophy is involved, and this past summer I finally got to engrave my name on the winner's list. Last year I was picked by MGS to try out the SuperSpeed Golf Training system. It required quite a commitment, but I definitely saw results, as others have indicated who have tried the system themselves. I was first introduced to MGS by a good friend and fellow member, RevKev. He's a super golfer and just a wonderful individual! We used to play a couple of rounds together before he up and moved from wintery Wisconsin to fun-in-the-sun Florida. The season is relatively short up here along the shores of Lake Michigan. But that doesn't keep me from thinking about golf year-round. Great group of guys at MGS! Really enjoy the camaraderie!!
  3. I was playing a set of Maltby irons. Graphite shafts. I'll be hanging on to them for my 'senior' years.
  4. Greetings, Group! Well, my increased speed prompted me to go and get a new fitting. Last one I had was about two years ago. I made an appointment at GolfTec (since I've done business with them before, they had done my previous fitting, AND they were running a special for March) and, lo and behold, my increased speed warranted a move from my current regular shafts into a stiffer shaft. The fitting process was interesting. The first thing that the pro did was do figure out where I was at with the optimal shafts for my swing. One thing that was consistent was my need to have a much lower spin rate. He narrowed it down to three different shafts to compensate for my increased speed and to achieve a lower launch angle. Then, it began with trying out different brands of irons. I tried Mizuno, Taylormade, and Ping, in a more game-improvement style. Settled on the Ping 410's with the Project X LZ 5.5 shafts. Again, a stiffer shaft than my current regular flex. My club face will be set to 2 degrees flat. I was gaining about 10-15 yards per club. Then it was on to the drivers. Again, tried a number of them-- TaylorMade, Mizuno, Ping, and Calloway. Went with the Calloway Epic Sub Zero 10.5, set at 9.0, with an HZD Smoke shaft (again stiffer than my current driver shaft) cut down by one inch. I was hitting the Calloway about 10 yards longer than the other drivers I tried, which were all about 10 yards longer than my current driver. So, I think I'll be picking up at least an additional 20 yards if not more. I bit the bullet and ordered the Ping irons and the Calloway driver. And then I did the bravest thing a man ever could-- I told my wife what I had done.... and we're still married!!!! Very glad I took the time to get professionally measured. The pro kindly waived the fitting fee since I ordered the clubs through them... nor did I get gouged... the prices were comparable to anything I could order online elsewhere. Plus, the clubs will be tweaked to my length and lie at no additional charge. I'm very confident about the choices in clubs and shafts. They should be coming in at the end next week. Now, if only the rest of the snow would melt so that I can hit the links with them!
  5. Well, things didn't go quite as planned for me this week. Had a winter storm blow in and I came down with an awful cold. Those two combined to cause me to cancel my plans to visit my brother in Florida. Have rescheduled for a February visit. But the long and short is that I'm going to be behind a week as far as the protocols are concerned.
  6. I'm out of commission for this week as well. Visiting my brother who is hospitalized. Even though I'll be down in Florida, I'm not going to be able to break away. I'll pick things up next week. (A little iffy as far as my flight taking off from Milwaukee tomorrow evening, as they're expecting a new round of snow.)
  7. Echoing what several of you are saying, there are swings when I feel like I've cut through the air faster than ever, only to be surprised that the numbers were lower than I expected. Other times, I'm amazed that that last swing that I took registered as high as it did. I think a lot of that has to do with the tension in my arms and my hands. Those swings that feel like a really killed it are usually when I'm trying to use my arms (and consequently my hands) to generate more speed. The looser my arms and the lighter my grip usually produces higher numbers.
  8. I'm not too concerned. It's like when I was active in Weight Watchers... sometimes you gain a few, but you knew that you'd be taking them off in the long run. I sent a video of my latest driver swing to Daisy. Didn't hear anything back. Had to go to an indoor range to track the results. Their radar was only one or two MPH off of the speeds on my radar (used both at the same time to compare). I did notice something about my swing mechanics when I reviewed my videos. I'm going to try to make a little change-- for the good of my actual swing, not just for the SwingSpeed trials-- but hoping it might also result in a couple of extra MPH's. RevKev, heading down to Florida next week. Not a pleasure trip, however. My brother is in very poor health. Need to visit him. Just a quick trip down and back over a couple of days, otherwise I'd see if we could have hit a few on the range together.
  9. Question for the group... have any of you noticed-- or utilized-- any swing or grip changes, other than what you'd normally use in your golf swing, in order to get an increased speed reading?? Part of my reason for asking is because I've been getting some strange read-outs where my non-dominant side is sometimes faster than my dominant side. I think someone alluded to this before, asking about the possibility of getting some left-handed clubs. Anyway, I think that using a reverse grip for my non-dominant side swings causes me, kind of naturally, to employ an earlier wrist cock. So, when I attempt the same thing in my dominant side swing-- and earlier wrist cock-- I'm registering some increased swing speed. However, it's an unorthodox swing for me from what my 'normal' golf swing would be like. Are we supposed to be maintaining our normal swing mechanics while doing the exercise or can we fudge a little bit to try to 'cheat' the system for a couple of extra MPH's??? Pics are of non-dominant on left and dominant on the right.
  10. Stats after week 11. meh..... This is getting a bit discouraging, having no way to translate the exercises into actual driving range/golf course results. It's going to be a longgg winter hiatus.
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