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  1. One of my favorite reasonably priced places to play in Vegas is Rhodes Ranch. Fun track close to the strip (about 15 minutes from Planet Hollywood) Always in great shape and when I've played pretty cheap. Think under $80. I always play super early when I'm there so I don't know if that changes any thing, but I love it there.
  2. $325 shipped obo to the lower 48 States or Canada. Sorry no trades.. It was right before the pictures
  3. I want more info on this... The idea sounds good. What i want to know as well is, does it improve the shot tracking. especially around the puts. That is the one part of the system that i have the most issues with.
  4. Has Puma started to make a shoe that might actually fit someone with at wider foot.
  5. I will play with a couple of my friends what i call the 2 club challenge. I will play with my 7 iron and 56* wedge. My friends insist on playing with 2 clubs and a putter. For some reason they just cant get behind not putting with a putter. I think that my game usually gets better after playing it. I know it helps my putting a lot. As an aside, i have never enjoyed walking a round of golf more that just carrying only 2 clubs.
  6. Snow. That is usually when the course closes. To enjoy golf you can pick 2 of the 3. Wind, Rain, Cold. When it gets to all 3 it becomes a little bit more of a challenge to go out to play. Its never stopped me from playing, but on those days you can't get in to the clubhouse fast enough.
  7. I replaced my 4 iron last year with a 21* hybrid. Its not coming out any time soon... I hit that club way too well. The 4 iron, not so much.
  8. This is a great opportunity. Would love to be able to test the Hogan wedges. Ken, Alberta Cleveland RTX 2.0 52,56,60 Tight lies around the greens. Pretty sure that it is the bounce on my 56*. Should probably use my 60* more Current handicap: 5.4
  9. No. We have enough up here thanks. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. You should just move to Canada. You will have 6 months every year to step away and rethink/second guess your game. And then you can come out at the start of the season and hope that you still remember how to hit a golf club. And just when you get everything exactly where it needs to be, Its time to pack it up again and forget everything all over again. But the good thing is we dont have any exotic bugs.
  11. I installed the GP align grips on my clubs this winter. For me they were really hard to get on the last couple of inches. I did have a little bit of movement with the clubs when they were mounted directly on the shaft. Once i put some single sided tape down they were snug. Getting them straight was really hard. To the point that none of mine are perfectly straight. I'm kind of thinking that putting a bamboo skewer under the tape would have been a better idea.
  12. This was such great video!
  13. I have always just played off the shelf. The cobra bio cell driver that i have, i have only made the initial adjustments to get the right fit for me. All of that was prior to me finding this site. I don't think that it should be mandatory for anyone to get fit. But if it was me i would do everything i can now to make sure it is the best i can make it. Especially if it is going to be my gamer. Even if that is just for the testing period.
  14. This show is a gigantic tire fire. The hosts are awful, no personality. The side comments from the people waiting on the side just come across as snide remarks. The big break was a way better presentation. I do like the idea of more shots in less time. Some of the time these people take to make a shot is part of the problem with golf.
  15. With the Oilers not even having a sniff of making the playoffs, my hockey season is over. I will passively watch some hockey but my concern level is 0. The worst part of all of this is that we still have a metric crap tonne of snow. We are still weeks away from being able to golf. I figure if we start at the beginning of may that will be a win.
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