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  1. I have been hearing some good things about the new golf shoe line by Travis Mathew. Has anyone been able to get a good look or try them. The only way I can find them is on web sites for stores where you have to order them on line. I'm one of those guys that has to try the shoe on and walk around the store before buying.
  2. After the last post by MSG I cut open my chromesoft, ERC and Chromesoft X and found no problems with balls at all. I posted on the site my findings and noticed it was taken down. ???? I went out cut some additional balls and found no problems. I would hope they would also post the inperfections of other brands and not just call out Callaway. Also do some more cuts on Callaway balls and see what results they get. I am totally confused. I also did like you and spun my chromesoft and found they balanced really well.
  3. I have had my V2 for over a month and it seems to work fine most of the time. The last couple of rounds it did not track my fairway shots , just the tee shots and putting strokes. I am finding the pre shot routine to wake it up to do the tracking a bit of a pain. I have to had multiple practice swings to wake it up, much more than I prefer. However I do like the real course information on club distances and then the info on approach shots.
  4. I would to test this product. I've been looking for something like this to practice my putting at home. I practice putting drills at a course but having something like this at home would really help my short game. I've done eval's for Callaway so doing the write ups would be easy for me. Being able to work on my putting year round at a moments notice seems interesting. Handicap 15 I live in Nebraska
  5. Jerry/Nebr. 13 / 103 swing speed Callaway Rogue Epic Flash Sub Zero and/or the Standard Epic Flash
  6. First name: Jerry Home State/Province/Country: Nebraska ​Do you use performance tracking?" I try to use a Sky Caddie touch to figure out distances on shots. Do you use a GPS watch? No Which ones? I have always wanted to find a way to get better information on each clubs average distance. I would love the opportunity to use Shot Scope V2 GPS product on the courses and ranges and give a detailed report.
  7. I would love this opportunity to improve my game: Jerry (70) Nebraska My biggest issue is consistent ball striking from the tee thru the fairway, specially with my irons.
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