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  1. There’s nothing in the Hogan lineup I wouldn’t consider- it’s all well made. Putter, is the closest thing to a miss since, IMHO, they priced them a bit too optimistically for the offerings.
  2. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Paul Casey Tier 3: Ian Poulter Tier 4: Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5: Luke List Winning Score: +2
  3. VA_Golfer

    Mc henry MD

    I think I have a few pics from last time I played there. I'll see if I can't dig them up.
  4. Touche' still getting used to this whole GolfspyRob thing
  5. I think this is the thread: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18731-marylanddcvaand-of-course-depawv-outing-april-30th/
  6. VA_Golfer

    Mc henry MD

    Did you play or just swing by to check it out?
  7. VA_Golfer

    Mc henry MD

    There's a nine hole gem not too far away called Thousand Acres. It's a new track without a lot of fanfare, but it plays well and is in good shape. They are currently working on a second nine, IIRC.
  8. Grab them up. Spring's just around the corner.
  9. You could find a Cobra wedge in Wide Low config. Basically the same thing as far as the bounce is concerned. $200 is a lot to drop on a flyer to see if it'll work.
  10. I have a local pro shop that has demo sets of the AP line. They will let you play a round with one or all of the clubs. I played a quick nine with three of the AP3 and they played very well. All I needed to do was leave my CC at the counter.
  11. Titleist has a problem here: they're trying to sell a 2pc distance ball for $35/doz. They need some way to justify that price point and IMHO this ad is one attempt to do that.
  12. If you're looking for player's irons at that price trolling eBay, you should be able to find a set of W/S FG Tour V4. They will be 2014 vintage sticks and should be able to be had lightly used at your target price. Even new sets are trending down into the $250s Plus, it's a great set of sticks overall.
  13. VA_Golfer

    Maltby PTM

    Can I test your 6 iron when you decide to build a full set in black? 😁 That leading edge looks very Titleist-ish. A nice move since it works quite well.
  14. If you're comfortable with the 56 I see no need to replace it. The only reason I didn't keep the RTX3 was I traded them in to offset some of the cost of the new wedges.
  15. I have switched from the RTX to the CBX. Where I think you'll see the most difference is on full swing. On shorter swings and around the greens they perform how you would expect a wedge to perform. On full swings, off center strikes are punished much less. You are limited in the CBX as far as bounce goes. All the CBX are basically two dot bounce wedges. If you're playing a 1 or 3 dot wedge you'll have a greater adjustment period. I was playing RTX3 in the 2 dot and the CBX were essentially plug and play for me.
  16. I would answer your question CG2, but I'm one of those who thinks the ProV pricing is excessive as well. But they have to pay those contracts somehow.
  17. Aside from being more readily available, the Cut Grey differs from the original K-Sig: Grey is 3 layer vs. 4 Layer K-Sig Grey is a little softer than the K-Sig Grey doesn't have nearly the buzz the K-Sig did when it came out
  18. The Cut Grey most closely compares to the Snell in terms of construction and feel. The Grey, IMHO, is an inferior ball to the Snell. With the bulk pricing of the Snell being basically equal to that of the Cut, buy in bulk and keep enjoying the Snell.
  19. I've played 18 holes across a few rounds with the AVX, courtesy of my brother bringing me a dozen from California. I have the yellow and it is a bright and easy to see color. The ball itself performs well but with the price point being equal to the Pro-Vs I cannot for the life of me imagine why one would opt to put this ball into play over them, unless one absolutely loves playing a yellow ball or feels they cannot compress the Pro V any longer. Performance was on par with other ball makes available for much less. There is nothing earth-shattering about this ball that makes it worth nearly $20 more than, say, the Q Star Tour at full retail. If Titleist is hoping this will help it recapture some of the market share it's been losing I think they are bound to be disappointed. If it stays at $48/dozen I predict most of its customers would be folks moving away from Pro V rather than others moving from a competitor to AVX.
  20. Hello, all. I'm new to MGS having followed in some other forums along the way. Been following on social media and decided to get more involved. Can't get too much golf I suppose!
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