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  1. Boop beep beep. Me golf robot. Me only play what me told to play. Meep boop bop. Lighten up dude. Plenty of fitting has happened here. Golf - and golf equipment - is fun. Jeez.
  2. Yah, I've plenty plenty of time at my club builder-fitter so I knew what I was looking for when I went hunting. I think I'm done with shafts at this point. Who has a putter that holes the ball every time? Looking for that next.
  3. Who has found their unicorn shaft(s)? I went through trying most of the Obans, a few Padersons, some USTs, Aldila Rouge 125, a Nunchuk (!), Accras and others over the past few years trying to find something I really connect with (almost all of which I bought second hand). Many of which I really liked. Only a couple were in my bag for more than a season. Some of which I flipped almost right away. When I first saw the Diamana X'17 I was pretty intrigued. There was no way I wanted to pay the $750 MSRP for the shaft. Having tried out many shafts I have a good idea of what I'm looking for an
  4. Yah, I tested an ER2 and ER3 a couple years ago. They were basically the same size and ultimately I went with the ER3 at the time. Forgot about the smaller size of that blade.
  5. I've found myself in love with a putter with a really compact toe-heel length - 3.5". Not so small that I'm worried about toe/heel strikes, but I feel like I lose a sense of the ball on the putter face with longer blades. I have a couple other blades with 4.25" and 4.5" lengths and a heel shafted mid-mallet that's 3.75". Anyone out there know of other modern putters with a particularly short blade length?
  6. Ralph/Ohio Handicap 3.8 Hybrids in play: Cobra King F7 16 and 19 with Aldila Tour Green X Hybrid shafts. The most important thing for me in a hybrid is trajectory and workability. I want it to come in mid/high without ballooning and a neutral bias so I can work it a bit either way for long approaches or long par 3s.
  7. What's missing from the TaylorMade website are the bounces for the P730 iron specs; and not only the bounce but also the offset specs from the P7TW specs. This begs the question are the P7TW weakened P730s (which would also reduce the offset) or do they have a whole different "milled grind" for Tiger's clubs with the same or different offset? The more info they provide, the more we want...
  8. If you just went to the TM website, there are the specs for the "non Tiger" P7TWs and then below that is a drop down menu with the actual "Tiger Specs".
  9. Seeing all the numbers of Taylormade's Tiger Spec P7TWs is pretty interesteg. Since his 9 and PW are the same length, anyone know what his SW and LW lengths are? I can't find the info on the internets...
  10. Yah, I saw that MGS piece. When I've tried out a slant neck putter with what I would consider a grip and set-up which doesn't try to manipulate the lie of the putter, it seems to leep my leading arm and putter shaft in the same plane and I produce stroke which seems to brush up the back of the ball. It feels oddly natural - like I'm not trying to hit through the ball or manipulate a forward press or anything. Just kind of a pendulum-esque sqing with my front shoulder dipping and lifting with my trail handbeing a guide/piston.
  11. So I understand what a slant neck looks like - it is a putter with a shaft which slants "away" from the plane of the putter face (I believe it is not a putter whose shaft is in the same - or parallel - plane as the face, but whose hosel may slant). I am unclear what a slant neck is supposed to help to accomplish and why or why not it might help someone. I've found amazing little to read about slant necks on the interwebs... Who has some good info? Thanks.
  12. Nice. Thanks. Will look into them. Love to try everything, but also want to play golf. I'd be interested to hear if anyone plays Accra. I had one in my bag about five years ago and it was great.
  13. Getting fit for new shaft. I have lots of experience with $$$ Obans, UST Mamiyas, Project Xs, Padersons, Fujikuras, etc. I've been playing Paderson for about two and a half years and love their smooth liner release. What has come on the market in the past couple years that is marketed as low spin and low/mid-low launch, which doesn't have an overly "boardy" feel? I've hit the Even Flow and do like it, but I'm wondering what else might fit the bill? I'm 115-120mph; about 13 launch; mid-agressive tempo. Thanks!
  14. Nice description, thanks! Yah, I meant the Forged version of the XTD. I love the CMBs. Whenever I see a set on eBay in very good condition, I have a hard time ignoring them.
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