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  1. Would be curious next time describing 'other' putters bought. Fully custom, personalised, off the shelf, price point. However else you could group the type.
  2. Also keep an eye out on what type of grooves. Golfworks, for example, have a pre and post 2010 groove sharpener.
  3. Snuck out to the local 9 hole course (Not my home club) that is in town after school. Half a dozen Year 7 students taking a shortcut through the golf course on the way to footy training. They recognise me and start yelling out at me to hit the ball. 100m out, stick the ball 5m past the flag, spits out of the green (I could say spins back, but more likely it didn't) and rolls to one foot in front of the pin.
  4. wouldn't you jsut love to see Bryson (Or any PGA player) leave the metalwoods at home and just take a full bag of irons to play one week, really force him to work on his irons.
  5. Cheers. Just joined. Still waiting for the V series to fully release in Australia to get the midlock.
  6. I use them. Bought a new wedge, played it before I changed the grip... its inconceivable not for me to play without the thicker grips! Feels like so much more control.
  7. Thats interesting. I found that I hit it just as far (Or further) and straighter. Would you describe yourself as a high spin player? What was the launch like compared to e12 soft?
  8. I too would like a legitimate iron cover test.
  9. I think my eyes are starting to fail. My putting has been abysmal when it comes to the actual act of putting. I no longer know where to look. The ball, a dimple on the ball, a speck in front of the ball, the putter, a specific part of the putter. Really messing with the direction of the putts. Distance control is still good (Timing is still solid in the act of putting, I regret the timing being to the beat of the Bee Gee's Staying Alive now, but it works and it's easy to recall the pace). Now the putter head is wobbling like crazy (Even with an armlock). I have bought (Because it was
  10. Eh... Just increase your mass to compensate. I suggest the beer diet. Spirit diet if you want extreme games.
  11. Is it wrong I can't remember that the regular versions don't look like that?!
  12. Why not? Cobra have been doing this for years with their OL for the different flight characteristics.
  13. Scorecard this week, at the Phillip Island Golf Club, Cowes, Victoria, Australia. Feel sorry for my opponent this week. Been working on Bryson's version of the stack and tilt the last few weeks, have become quite relaxed with it (Stopped trying to spank it) and started hitting it well. Really only one mishit. Really tough to win in handicap sections sometimes when the opponent has a blinder. I played 8 better than my handicap through 10. Outdriving him with a 5-iron, putting and chipping really well. Birdie on the 10th really rubbed it in. Bought him a beer afterwards for his troubl
  14. Oh my goodness. Salivate over them. Shot 7 over the card through 10 in my matchplay game with them. Poor opponent lost 9/8. Not fair from a 28 handicap that day!
  15. Option would be to get a new head made for you. I had Kari make one for me to my specs for $800 Australian. He had nothing to work off, but managed to make it work, no problem. lajosi.com.au
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