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  1. Progress. 6/5 Average of 5, 103.7mph 1.6 delta. 13/5 114.4, 2.3 Mevo+ Wonder how much of that is getting used to the Rypstick itself.
  2. There's karma for you! Ended up skinning the carpet at the gym with my Rypstick and pulling up a heap of thread.
  3. This would have to be an advertisement for Speedsticks or Rypstick. No plastic bits!
  4. Strokes gained says you should hit the driver off the tee, so if you're clubbing down you should be looking for more accuracy. Wouldn't the hybrid be the better option in this case? Says the guy who switches in the driving iron instead of a 5W so I can hit it off the tee...
  5. Another good podcast by Tony and Chris. Might cautiously be back on the NPG bandwagon!
  6. I'm using my Mevo+ as my radar, Normally I was get a swing speed of 105ish, pushing 108 occasionally. I was recording an average of 102. Anyone found the Mevo+ to count light? Or does it count my driver high?
  7. Just ordered, partially thanks to this thread. I hit the gym most days of the week, including a lot of heavily weight rotation and squats of course - Thanks Fit for Golf - so interesting to see how much speed I pick up. Currently about 105mph driver, 92moh 7i.
  8. IMHO, this is a much better episode. Less about the boys, far more (big)info(small)tainment. Moved away from all the other middle aged wannabe golf podcaster territory of all talk, no substance. Congrats fellas.
  9. Stuck it out for fifteen. Chris: Question about putters. Tony: "No". Crickets: Chirp chirp chirp. Don't find either of the lads funny enough for their carry on at the start that Foreplay or NLU can ride. Stick to the #datacratic principles, if there isn't enough content to do an episode, don't do one.
  10. When I got fitted with some 70g graphite iron shafts, they kept me in my 100g C-Taper Light Utility iron shaft and couldn't beat it. So go figure.
  11. I'm guessing it's a mix of urethane and ionomer. Cheaper and more durable due to the latter. Anyone a chemist that knows if those two plastics can bond?
  12. Had a go with the ER11V. I'm the type of guy that looks at the putter head in the stroke. With that much offset, we found that I just pulled everything left. Ended up with a Sik Double Wide Armlock. Not a fan of the feel, but consistency of length is great. Pity we don't have the Cobra Agera over in Australia in the Armlock. That would have been interesting.
  13. Anyone know when the Armlock are meant to be back in stock?
  14. Haven't managed to see any reviews... Interested once the price comes down. I know it's the standard price for the top brands, but hell they're expensive.
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