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  1. When I got fitted with some 70g graphite iron shafts, they kept me in my 100g C-Taper Light Utility iron shaft and couldn't beat it. So go figure.
  2. I'm guessing it's a mix of urethane and ionomer. Cheaper and more durable due to the latter. Anyone a chemist that knows if those two plastics can bond?
  3. Had a go with the ER11V. I'm the type of guy that looks at the putter head in the stroke. With that much offset, we found that I just pulled everything left. Ended up with a Sik Double Wide Armlock. Not a fan of the feel, but consistency of length is great. Pity we don't have the Cobra Agera over in Australia in the Armlock. That would have been interesting.
  4. Anyone know when the Armlock are meant to be back in stock?
  5. Haven't managed to see any reviews... Interested once the price comes down. I know it's the standard price for the top brands, but hell they're expensive.
  6. Thanks guys. Open week, so Jamieson Whisky and Cola for the birthday.
  7. Yup. Typically more spin on the Max versions, so high spin player like me, even fitted with a low spin shaft, can get into strife.
  8. Good morning all, Under lock down for a week, so getting some hobby jobs done. Preordered the Cobra Agera armlock for a mallet over the current Armlock blade. The Agera has a single bend shaft, my blade had a plumber's neck. Been trying to separate the black insert (Heat method) so I can use the Stability Shaft on the Agera. All I've achieved is pulling what I now know to be the red insert. Then tried to separate the red and black, no luck, just scratching the paint job. Any ideas?
  9. Why is that? What lost do you have now? Should you be having the armlock head?
  10. Thought that the Stingray was more "Spideresque".
  11. Would be curious next time describing 'other' putters bought. Fully custom, personalised, off the shelf, price point. However else you could group the type.
  12. Also keep an eye out on what type of grooves. Golfworks, for example, have a pre and post 2010 groove sharpener.
  13. Snuck out to the local 9 hole course (Not my home club) that is in town after school. Half a dozen Year 7 students taking a shortcut through the golf course on the way to footy training. They recognise me and start yelling out at me to hit the ball. 100m out, stick the ball 5m past the flag, spits out of the green (I could say spins back, but more likely it didn't) and rolls to one foot in front of the pin.
  14. wouldn't you jsut love to see Bryson (Or any PGA player) leave the metalwoods at home and just take a full bag of irons to play one week, really force him to work on his irons.
  15. Cheers. Just joined. Still waiting for the V series to fully release in Australia to get the midlock.
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