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    To each his own. I react the same way when any movies are way off. If someone wants to do that storyline, use a different or an original character. It is a disservice to the originators of the character. If at least it was close I wouldn't mind. I say the same things when Shakespeare plots using Shakespeare characters go way off as well. Re: Reacher, I never read the books but enjoyed the movies. I heard the criticism as to size but aside from that reviews say the character was true to Reacher. However as you put it, choices were made for the sake of the box office. It has been mentioned Joker is truly just a violent remorseless maniac, this film does not depict him as such. There lies the problem vs Reacher being the wrong size.
  2. xxio


    Seems to be a good film. Just not "the Joker". As a huge comic nerd in the 80s-90s, it seems to me a lot of comic turned movie scripts seem to go along this path of veering away from the comic storyline. DC moreso. Justice League and Batman v Superman were such a warped combinations of several plots into 120minutes. For comic geeks, the Joker is just as iconic and "sacred" as Batman, Superman, and Luthor. DC destroys another one.
  3. Based on the conforming list at the time, aside from the Tour Accuracy snafu, Tiger always played a retail Nike ball. Regardless of who manufactured it.
  4. Exactly my point to the comments in this thread saying why would Tiger play a retail ball.
  5. Porsche has the Nissan factory make them a car from their own design. Puts their own badges on it. Do we call it a Porsche or Nissan? Still waiting for a picture of the stampings TWs current ball, unless it has a dot it is the retail ball unless TW wants his last green jacket taken away for playing a ball not on the conforming list.
  6. I thought the discussion was about Tiger's Nike ball being a restamped Bridgestone? If you want to discuss TW's current B XS, there are only 2 distinct XS models on the conforming list. The one available retail and the one with a dot between the B and XS. The others are color differences, the ones with the 5 dots on the seam is probably the alignment aid that is common in Bridgestone JDM only balls. So ifvanyone has a close up of Tiger's ball and it has a dot between the B and XS then it is not available retail. Strangely an XS model with Tiger printed on the seam is not on the conforming list. Does that make it non-conforming?
  7. Just to add, we don't know why Bridgestone won't comment. NDA perhaps. It happens with irons outsourced to forging houses in China and Taiwan, that is why we have to keep guessing. The guys outsourced to make the retail version of TWs current irons are quiet.
  8. I never said it was a Nike ball made at Nike facility. It has been mentioned and I guess is common knowledge among golf equipment addicts that Bridgestone made all of Nike's tour balls up to a certain point. I think they stopped right before the RZN series. I just addressed the issue that Tiger was playing a Bridgestone ball model remarked to a swoosh and that it was different from retail, using logic of course. It would be wonderful if we could uncover some sort of ball conspiracy. I pointed out it already happened with the TW TA, I doubt Nike would have wanted to deal with the same PR and sales issues. Is it too much of a horror to think that TW chooses or at least finally chose to play a OTR ball just so that he doesnt stand on the 18th in Pebble with only 1 ball left of a proto ball? It must be horrible that he doesn't use a proto glove, shoe, socks, grips,...... Although his gamer irons are still different from those $2000 being sold
  9. I don't think Nike would have had an actual Bridgestone ball model re-stamped for Nike or Tiger play a ball different from OTR. 1. Nike already went through backlash when the ball that Tiger plays was different from OTR. I think it was a Tour Accuracy TW? They had to pay for ads to inform (and apologize) the public, they had to reprint boxes to say ball is different from what Tiger plays, and accept exchanges/refunds. 2. The issues with being on the conforming list. I don't think different balls can have the same markings. That is why tour only ProVs and Callaways have different markings.
  10. Just realized my TP5x experice is with the older model.
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