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  1. Small? Queen Bee 7 is you can putt with a short slant neck.
  2. Par 5 second shot 185 yards uphill (about 20-25 feet elevation change). 7wood. In the hole for an albatross. Didn't see it go in though. Kids selling used balls 40 feet from green said itt land softly 10 feet before and rolled dead center.
  3. Just made an albatross with a ball that was last made 10 years ago. I borrowed a sleeve from my dad for the round to help him get rid of his dozens of new 10 year old balls. I guess I don't need new tech I do prefer bridgestone B330x BRXs for consistency in most conditions
  4. I would think the softer core balls would compress inconsistently at a 115mph swingspeed.
  5. 1.Antonio Florendo Jr. Cebu, Philippines. 120-150 rounds a year. 2 IG: tobyflorendo. FB: toby florendo 3. Handicap 11. Swingspeed 95 4. Current set: Driver: Cobra F7+ Mitsubishi Chemical BF 3w: Callaway 1.5 Mitsubishi Kaili 70 3h and 4h:Callaway x2hot Tour AD DI 85 5-pw: Bridgestone XCBP $Taper 110 50/56/60 Fourteen MT DGs300 5. Desired Set All grips GP Tour Velvet connect Driver: F9 black 10.5 loft Tensi CK pro white 60 stiff 45" Fw: F9 non tour 3-4 Tensei Blue 60 43.25" and F9 tour 4-5, Tensei Blue 70 stiff 42" Hybrids: F9 (non 1 length) 3&4hybrids Tensei blue 80 stiff standard lengths Irons: F9 one length 4-pw $ taper regular flex. Wedges: King 50, 56 and 60DG wedge shaft. If custom shafts not possible, all stock shafts in stiff.
  6. Yes. I play greens that are hard and smallish. My X Forged MD 60 is a lifesaver. I bought 3 when they announced the rule. My last one is showing signs of now being just a regular daddy. I can no longer buy anything similar. And yes from our greenside rough and small greens the newer wedges just don't spin as much. I wish manufacturers were allowed to make the old grooves up to 3-4 years before the complete ban.
  7. He even took a peek to make sure the ref wasn't looking.
  8. They've been doing that for JDM maybe 15 years now. Mostly Bridgestone brands, and rarely on Tour balls.
  9. Tier 1. Jason Day Tier 2. Brendan Grace Tier 3. Hao Tong Li Tier 4. Si Woo Kim Tier 5. Andrew Johnston Tie Breaker -3
  10. Re: Tiger 2000. I really wonder how much different that year could have been if the majority of the PGA Tour would have been using mutli layer cast urethane balls as well.
  11. I wasn't the one who mentioned urethane for the Tour Soft. The Titleist site doesn't mention urethane which makes me think it is neglible otherwise they would have mentioned it in their marketing.
  12. Then it competes with the Bridgestone e5. A 2pc urethane but the Tour soft probably has lower compression.
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