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  1. There is a looooong thread on this at the other site. Maybe 10 years ago? Based on definitions in the SC site. The site line is an alignment aid. Site dots mark the sweet spot. So it is possible to have a dot not in line with the site line.
  2. Reed because he is even more driven to piss everyone off right now.
  3. Customer service is hit or miss depending on the DTC company. The big guys maintain and set a big budget for customer service/warranties/etc. If nothing goes wrong, DTCs are fine. If something does, it's a crapshoot. Not necessarily the DTC's fault, you may be catching them 2 days before they have to pay 3 of their suppliers so the reaction may be not what you would expect. We've seen spectacular smaller golf companies go a little sideways when the squeeze is on. It's wonderful that with the forums and social media the DTCs and smaller companies have a better chance.
  4. I alternate between a Tour Bx and the AVX depending on the firmness of the greens that day. I can spin the Bx around the greens. Once in a while I'll try a different ball but that is getting rare.
  5. xxio

    Union Green?

    ^careful. There was a negative review about linksoul in another thread and the OP/reviewer was blasted by guys on here I appreciate the feedback though, can you tell us more. How did it feel? Was it spinny? Etc.
  6. Why is the OP being bashed? He is doing a review on the inconsistency of the product sizing and how the company moderates reviews. We all applauded when MGS got Callaway to get its ball act together when they gave it a negative review because of bad manufacturing. LinkSoul should get their act together as well. I am also overseas with limited local purchase options. I buy a lot of things online and irks me as well when there big inconsistencies in manufacturing for same model. It's called quality control.
  7. Pros love softer fairways. Keep fairways firm then make them 30 yards at the widest spot. Pros will start hitting 5woods off the tee.
  8. So in essence (comparing the Rx and the Bx) its not that big a difference. Good to know.
  9. "Delivers more of the incredibly soft feel" I guess I misconstrued that to mean this AVX is softer than the previous AVX. Otherwise they are just restating the obvious and previous line that the AVX is softer than the V and VX. They also say "faster and longer", yet softer. Confusing. The only way it makes sense then is if "faster and longer" is compared to older version and the "softer" is compared to V Vx?
  10. So you disagree with the soft is slow notion propounded by MGS? I even remember them posting a video on IG(?) asking a Titliest rep about "soft is slow" and the implied answer was it is. Personally I don't have a horse in the soft is slow race. I have played soft compression balls as far back as the MC Lady. My favorite balls have been softish tour balls. I am interested in the 20 AvX because it is basically a better feeling and slightly longer BX which is my ball of choice. It just lacks a little greenside spin. They just can't tease me with more greenside spin but then take it away softer, which some say is slower.
  11. My point was, that does this mean that this newer version is slower than the original.
  12. Softer? I thought soft is slow?
  13. xxio


    To each his own. I react the same way when any movies are way off. If someone wants to do that storyline, use a different or an original character. It is a disservice to the originators of the character. If at least it was close I wouldn't mind. I say the same things when Shakespeare plots using Shakespeare characters go way off as well. Re: Reacher, I never read the books but enjoyed the movies. I heard the criticism as to size but aside from that reviews say the character was true to Reacher. However as you put it, choices were made for the sake of the box office. It has been mentioned Joker is truly just a violent remorseless maniac, this film does not depict him as such. There lies the problem vs Reacher being the wrong size.
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