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  1. There is a lefthanded standbag from Ouul. the straps are on the reverse side, open side of the bag is top left shoulder. I am lefthanded but do not feel that this makes a big difference - especially when the weight of the bag is evenly divided between the straps.
  2. It is disappointing that Cleveland will only one model made be available for lefties. It seems just the Elevado will come in LH. Gesendet von iPad mit MyGolfSpy
  3. Again, many thanks! I tried the two accounts solution. And it works. The Arccos account comes free since I bought the sensors. Seems to be the nicer way. Best, Henning
  4. Many thanks! I guess that will work. Already created an account a minute ago. Will see what happens after the pairings. best Henning
  5. I posted this question in another forum also. I have two set of clubs in different locations ( home and weekend / vacation). Can I buy two sets of arccos and analyse the results differently? regards Henning
  6. Todaysgolfer states the cbx2 are forged. I doubt that. Still, nice looking clubs and Cleveland’s videoclip is funny also. http:// https://www.youtube.com/embed/hhGKoiQK524?feature=oembed
  7. I‘ve just seen the promo and read the specs. They might be better even than the rtx4. This will be big. CBX were already great and the CBX2 look way better! best, Henning
  8. Just coming back to this review. I have the set for a year now and played like 30 rds with them. I agree with all the positive notions and cannot confirm the problems with the blue stripe. In fact, the clubs still look like new. Compared to my second set, Srixon Z565, which really looks badly used after 60rds. Srixon wears quickly and Cleveland CBX does not seem to age at all. Other than that, both clubs are really alike to play. best, Henning
  9. Hi there, I am a customer of Precisionprogolf already. Being in Europe, Germany, Precisionpro has little footprint but Amazon does the job. I like the positioning and customer service. Unbelievably, even here, I got a replacement battery as they offered for US customers. I am a left handed player, hcp 28, and commute a lot. Hence, I like to play on courses en route. And there is where a rangefinder comes in handy. I would love to extend Mygolfspy into Germsny with s review. Best, Henning
  10. One can see that the material of the mat differs. Where you place and hit the ball the texture is softer than where you stand. Basically, two kind of mats in one frame. Quite common in Germany. Best, Henning Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. A very cool gadget. You can get exact that with a magnetic holder (to the belt or your cap) for less than two bucks from: alibaba https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32450854504.html?pid=808_0000_0131&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32450854504&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=1962amp-WMGUAs90Zq29VSNXfMTbtw1547070071472 Best, Henning
  12. I just updated to the new version (12/19/20018) and also recalibrated my android smartphone gyroscope sensor. All worked out! All shots where recognized and stored. No issue with battery life. My battery went from 55% down to 39% within 18 holes or 3.5 hours. There seems to be a decent development for Android users, well at least for mine. best, Henning
  13. When Poulter birdied on 18 - a very good putt - Hossler kind of applauded. Very good sportsmanship. Hossler seems like a cool kid just lost against an experienced Poulter ready to give whatever it takes. A nice final, imho. Best, Henning Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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