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  1. A very cool gadget. You can get exact that with a magnetic holder (to the belt or your cap) for less than two bucks from: alibaba https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32450854504.html?pid=808_0000_0131&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32450854504&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=1962amp-WMGUAs90Zq29VSNXfMTbtw1547070071472 Best, Henning
  2. I just updated to the new version (12/19/20018) and also recalibrated my android smartphone gyroscope sensor. All worked out! All shots where recognized and stored. No issue with battery life. My battery went from 55% down to 39% within 18 holes or 3.5 hours. There seems to be a decent development for Android users, well at least for mine. best, Henning
  3. When Poulter birdied on 18 - a very good putt - Hossler kind of applauded. Very good sportsmanship. Hossler seems like a cool kid just lost against an experienced Poulter ready to give whatever it takes. A nice final, imho. Best, Henning Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. I have the 588 CB and absolutely love the clubs. Very smooth through the turf, nice sound and very good feedback. Conservatively lofted, i.e. I7 at 35 deg. Those irons are Endo forged and traded at Ebay for about $200 a set. A steel imho. I bought a second as backup. Will never sell them. Best, Henning
  5. I am also happy that Bubba found his way back into the game. Two lefties leading the last two PGA tournaments. I always liked Bubba's way to shape the Ball and I am not sure Volvik was the problem or other things on his mind. It would be nice to see Phil building on his recent finishes and winning soon. Best, Henning
  6. I am intrigued by this. To a very extend it is true. He has not won and for some time. But I believe we all agree he still has it and the last tournaments shows exactly that. In the end, I hope Phil wins a PGA or even a major in 2018. But such a win would somehow be like one from an underdog. Strangely enough, he is for 25 years among the top 50 of the world ranking. Regards, Henning
  7. ...interesting comparison. I very much like the OJ concept of WPS, weather protecting system. I find the OJ cloths to be very durable and withstanding the weathers of Nov-Feb. Less fancy but gets the job done. The layers I bought three years ago are like new, next o unworn. As a loyal customer, I would go for Oscar Jacobson. Gesendet von iPad mit MyGolfSpy
  8. I just got four wedges from 46-60 as a bargain for $140 barely used. Shut the front door! Amazing good feel to use them, particularly in full swing. Really nice and very good through the turf. Cleveland: very smart!
  9. I guess, I was lucky then. I found one set on ebay new for about €200 or $230. Hopefully, I will never get rid of them in a weak moment. Gesendet von iPad mit MyGolfSpy
  10. Hello there, I just ordered a set of Srixon Z565 4-PW. For the last year, I played a set of 588 cb. The clubs look just awesome and give perfect feedback and are very traditionally lofted. Just wondering: anyone else still gaming them? Best, Henning Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  11. This training aid is getting to me. I like to buy one but cannot find the buy one get one free notion on their website. Will I need a coupon or else? Best, Henning Gesendet von iPad mit MyGolfSpy
  12. ...my thumbs are up for Herman. Lefty and easy swing. Henning Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Hello there, what a warm welcome! I currently game an old but nice set of Cleveland 588 CB and a 588 Custom driver and woods. Found a new set of Srixon Z565 4-PW and woods and look forward to get them and will travel to Washington DC in April with them. When in Germany, I live in the Rhineland, close to Bonn/ Cologne. Again, thanks for the welcome and to all who post so interesting stuff here. Best, Henning
  14. Hello there, new here from Germany and as a lefty on search for new equipment. Found some interesting stuff from Srixon (Z565). None of that really in reach here in Europe because we are so few lefthanded here. That is how I came to this interesting forum. Best, Henning
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