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  1. Sorry for the delay. Had some family health issues and not really thinking about golf. But. I did receive the SuperStroke attachment and the shot scope tags would need to be shaved down to fit. I have not tried to mod it yet. About 1/32 would need to come off the external diameter. Just haven’t had time and I don’t know the thickness of the casing on the tag. Another option would be a blast motion oversized putter grip adapter but it is a bit oversized for the SuperStroke I have. Now that shotscope has made available extra putter tags Without the threaded shaft that is probably the way to go Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Play more, hit more fairways. But more importantly, play a few more rounds with my Dad and my Son.
  3. Cheese on Cheese Crackers or Cheese with peanut butter crackers, an apple or orange, water, Gatorade, and it must be yellow, the original flavor. Or whatever I can leave the house with ...LOL.
  4. Don't know why i didn't think of this before. I called superstroke. They have an attachment but it is designed for Arcos only. Next step.... purchase and reengineer Franken Putter !
  5. Thanks. I have used Gorilla Glue before "Strong Stuff.." and i will look more into the manual putt registration.
  6. That’s a nice setup but who makes that building you are in? That looks substantial Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Pre pandemic it was exactly three full cranks or 5 strokes only. Now I carry a Green Go pocket ball washer. Wet the inside and stuff it in your back pocket. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Two Christmas’s ago I received 4 dozen chrome soft. They mostly sleep with the fishes now. I switched to the maxfli cg balls after looking at the data in the MGS buyers guide. As unskilled as I am it is probably all in my head but they seem to go longer and straighter. Also. Dicks has them on sale through the 13th with free personalization. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Thanks All. looking forward to some practice and another round !
  10. I'm considering switching putter grips to a superstroke and adding the weight to the grip. However, the normal method to attach a shotscope tag will not work since there is no threaded hole in the grip end. I am thinking about removing the threaded end of the tag and using a super glue or similar to affix the shotscope tag to the weight. Has any else attempted this ? Thanks RB
  11. Congratulations on breaking through that barrier !!!
  12. Forced to take most of the season off last year for health issues. Fourth round in this year and I carded an 84. Not sure how I managed it. Maybe I can repeat it
  13. My Father hooked me on the game. And his Father in Law (my Grandfather) introduced him. Reformed him from the evils of Baseball, I like to say . And I try to get my son to play. He does occasionally . Perhaps he will play more as time allows.
  14. As mention by many the club glove two packs are nice. I also carry 1 or 2 of generic trifold towels with the grommet And the clip. The trifolds can completely cover a putter or wedge grip during early morning rounds when you need to walk to an approach side shot and lay one club in the grass while hitting. Oh and the frogger brand magnetic clips are nice. No fumbling with a snap hook. Just get the magnet close to the holder. Or to snag a club on the ground if necessary
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