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  1. Well I play in Minnesota, so that's my standard
  2. At that low of altitude you have entered, shouldn't really change anything. I usually enter 1000 in there as a standard.
  3. Careful when you enter the altitude. The altitude is your elevation above sea level, not peak height. The program will calculate the peak height for you.
  4. Correct. Should only have to change the club speed. The columns that are blacked out are the linear equations derived from the 85 and 115 club speed. The table to the right i have a cell highlighted with you desired club speed.
  5. Someone didn't read the instructions.
  6. Quick question, when you edited the spreadsheet, what did you change? The "drive data tab" just has the parent data and the other tab is the one to change. All you should have done was change your swing speed in the one cell I had highlighted. The whole table is screwed up now. It was built off the MGS robot data, now it's a table built off nothing. I changed sheet 2 back to the original conditions. ONLY CHANGE THE NEW CLUB SPEED UNDER THE INTERPRETED DATA SECTION! BX is now back to King of carry over the ProV1x
  7. I don't want to toy around with the dispersion that thing had. I have plenty of distance with my swing speed. What i need is a consistent ball that also keeps the flight and spin down. I get a lot of height with my shots and can spin it up with my speed, so keeping that peak height low with my driver is what i was after. The extra carry and lower decent angle are a bonus.
  8. The graphs had labels associated with them in excel, must get removed in the conversion to google sheet. I'm sure if you do a quick search how to add the labels to the data points, you can easily see which ball they refer too. They're just a nice quick look to see the balls launch/spin characteristics and such. Get the labels added, should be easier to see what i was trying to do. Basically just mimicking the MGS graphs.
  9. The link is a customizable spreadsheet that i designed using the MGS Ball Test results. The spreadsheet allows you to enter your swing speed of choice and compare whatever balls you'd like.


  10. Awesome! Glad i could help! Interesting note, once all of my tp5x balls are gone, i shall be switching to the Tour B-X. I've already played with them and the carry is further. With my speed of 125+, the peak height is about 20' less with the Bridgestones if i remember correctly and an additional 8-9 yards of carry. Sign me up.
  11. Try this one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-klxlAqBcDo0eBqhXFbVKmE6Uf8RzbCt0Kyq_-rxwS4/edit?ts=5d0ba3d6#gid=1712477298
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-klxlAqBcDo0eBqhXFbVKmE6Uf8RzbCt0Kyq_-rxwS4/edit?ts=5d0aafdc#gid=1712477298 BOOM! Thanks for the tip! To use: Go to the second tab of the sheet and enter you desired club speed and everything will extrapolate from there. You can add more balls to the table using the MGS data. I only entered balls that i was interested in comparing. Thanks again!
  13. Anyone know how to upload an excel file? I created a spreadsheet that interpolates the data based on your swing using linear algebra. I'd like to be able to upload said file. Thanks!
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