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  1. Do you have any charts or data on this? The difference in distance of two golf shots that are exactly the same in all aspects with the only difference being a 13* head and a 16* head?
  2. I have an unused Grafalloy NT Composite shaft that I think I want to install in a Ping G400 SFT. I need tipping/or not recommendations. I am 80 yrs old Swing speed 92-95 I typically have a high ball flight
  3. Dennis Tennessee Ping G25, Graphie, Reg 150 yds - Your first name - State/Province/Country - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup - Your 7-iron distance
  4. Dennis - Tennessee Ping G25, Reg flex, stock graphite 18 Prefer to test the HBX I play twice weekly year round weather permitting
  5. 1. Your first name and home state or province Dennis - Tennessee 2. Your current irons/shafts (flex and brand) Ping G25 - Reg Flex - Stock Graphite 3. Your current handicap 18 4. Your preferred irons to test (visit the Cleveland Golf Website to check out the details) My choice - HBX Irons
  6. Dennis from Tennessee HC = 20 SS = 90 Titleist 910 D3 G400Max 10.5* Alta CB55 45.75" 360 Tour Velvet
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