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  1. Tom Massachusetts Scotty Cameron Newport II Frontline 4.0
  2. Tom Quincy, MA Hdcp: 16 SS: 83 No hybrid in my bag right now Looking to add an 19* to fill in between my 5-wood and my 4-iron , would love to try the Tour Edge Hit a used one at a golf store and loved it! And, I’m a big Scott McCarron fan!
  3. Tom Burns. Massachusetts Playing a Titleist 915 D2 10.5* loft stock shaft with regular flex Handicap is 16-18. Season just getting underway. Swing speed is 87. I have not played a Tour Edge driver but I recently hit a Tour Edge 3-hybrid and was very impressed. I do not use a LM but did just buy a Shot Scope V2 and will be using it for the first time this Sunday
  4. Tom Burns Massachusetts HDCP 18 Titleist D2 915 Swing speed 87 Epic Flash Sub Zero
  5. Tom Burns Massachusetts HDCP 18 Swing speed 91 Titleist D2 915 Ping G410 SFT
  6. So now that we know the first three, who will be the final pick?? I'm hearing a lot of chatter that Tony Finau is a shoe-in, however, Kinsner and his incredible putting gets my vote. I'm a big Kuch fan but the reality is, he just hasn't earned it this time around.
  7. Has anyone taken advantage of the new PXG Gen1 offer? You can "get fitted" online and they will build you a custom set for $175 per club. A 4-W set would cost $1225. This is a pretty attractive price when you compare to the latest offerings from other club companies. The question is, is it worth the gamble? I went through their online fitting process several times changing the variables each time. Their algorithm consistently recommended their PXG-0311XF clubs. They also consistently recommended a shorter shaft (-1/2 inch) and a -1 degree lie. This all seems to make a lot of s
  8. I tried TGF, but I'm not confident in its results. Maybe because I'm not confident in the answers to the ambiguous questions that are used to spit out a result. Then I discovered the videos that help you answer the questions. So first attempt, I put in data I thought was "about right." I used a 15 handicap, medium swing speed, level AoA, and medium tempo. It then goes through its "big data" analysis and pops out a TM M3 or M4. So I mull this over for awhile. I got rid of my TM Superfast in 2017 because the shaft was too long and I couldn't control it. I replaced it with a Titleist
  9. Tom Massachusetts Handicap 15 Currently playing TaylorMade 2009 Burners with standard shaft Regular flex i500
  10. Haha! LOL! I actually have an original Alien wedge in my bag right now. In one of the forums someone was talking about the latest “sure shot” sand wedges being hyped today on TGC. Somehow, the old Alien became part of the thread. It reminded me that I still had mine in the old club mausoleum in my basement. So I went down and pulled it out, put a new grip on it, and brought it to the practice area of the local golf course along with a shag bag of balls. Holy cow! Turns out I could hit it pretty well! Out of the short rough I could drop it consistently near a target 60 yards aw
  11. Tier 1: Tommy Fleetwood Tier 2: Francesco Molinari Tier 3: Webb Simpson Tier 4: Charlie Hoffman Tier 5: Kevin Na Winning score: 276
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