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  1. A lot of interesting comments on this subject! Thanks for all the feedback. I see I’m not the only one. Problem is, I’m just not ready mentally to give up the driver (even though I have lately!) I think I’m going to take Bear1’s advice and try to fix my driver issues with a lesson or two.
  2. Very interesting putters! However, with the Swiss franc almost on an equal par with the US dollar (at least for now) they are right up there in price with the elite US putters. It would be difficult to commit to buying one without a 30-day guarantee with free return shipping. That said, I love the idea that disabled people are employed. Regarding "other" golf product companies, I just today added a Founders Club 21-degree 7-wood to my bag replacing my 4-iron. It's brand new, directly from Founders. I'll put it in play tomorrow for the first time. Many folks are not familiar with Founders Clubs but they had a good following and reputation 20-30 years ago. In fact, my brother played Founders woods for years and loved them. You can buy individual woods, sets of woods, sets of irons, and complete sets all for short money. They also have golf bags and other accessories. (foundersclub.com)
  3. Also you didn't mention how you arrived at the driver head and shaft combo you currently have. I forgot to mention, my brother-in-law works for Titleist so I got my driver new from the factory with their “regular” shaft for half price. 🫢 Never tried getting fitted or experimenting with different shafts. Something to look into! Thanks!
  4. Tony, the operative phrase is.. “when I catch it just right.” AND I need the roll! Great point about working out. I’ve slacked off a lot these day. Need to get back on schedule. Nice choice on your new driver!
  5. Bobbers, I had the same issue. So I just drop the ball behind the tee markers and hit off the deck. That’s why they call it golf — all the other 4-letter were taken!
  6. Bobbers, I had the same issue. So I just drop the ball behind the tee markers and hit off the deck. That’s why they call it golf — all the other 4-letter were taken!
  7. Like many, I struggle with consistency hitting my driver (Titleist TSi2 (2019??)). At 76, I hit it around 200-230 when I catch it just right. I play at least twice a week; problem is, I never know who’s going to show up each round - the ball striker or the slicer! So this week I retired my driver and used only my Cleveland Launcher 5-wood off the tee. I’ll admit, I hit it only around 180-200 yards, BUT, it was on a rope right down the middle! Every time! On many holes I had to use it again for my 2nd shot but I was either on the green or very close. It was one of my best rounds ever! Now I’m wondering if I’ll ever go back to a driver. I’ve been very pig-headed about this for decades so it was a big deal for me! It was an eye-opening experience. Of the courses I play, I might consider the big D occasionally for the carry, but it could be a 3-wood instead! I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks - if you kick him hard enough!
  8. PRODUCT CONFIGURATION Forged Tec X Stock Set Forged Right Hand steel regular I chose these irons because I still need a little more forgiveness and at my age need a little more distance. Tom / Quincy, MA Currently playing Cleveland Tour Launchers Hdcp: 15 I agree to participate in discussions on the forum.
  9. I always my Tilly or my wide brim Panama hat on the course during the summer. I can drench the Tilly in cold water and then wear it, whereas the Panama couldn't handle all the water. But it does have a really nice brim that keeps the sun off and is great when there's a nice sea breeze.
  10. burnsie

    Maxfli Tour

    Not sure what's happening with Maxfli Tours and Tour Xs, but the prices have jumped considerably. I just went to Amazon and searched for Maxfli golf balls. They seem to be pushing SoftFli, and StraightFli, and U Fli, but Tour had only one hit and it was for $45/dz. I could eventually find Tour X but also for $45/dz. Out of curiosity I checked with PGA Superstores and Golfers Warehouse in the Boston area and they don't even carry Maxfli! I did find a local Dick's Sporting Goods that purportedly has them in stock now and on sale for 2 boxes at $60. From what I can see, that's a great deal and the only game in town!
  11. Well, we're gonna find out! I just bought a 46" GP Face-on putter from Patrice Dionne because my back just can't take bending over to putt. It took a long time to make such a radical decision, but I'm committed to putting this way for the upcoming season. Living in the Boston area, I hope to get on a real putting green within the next few weeks; but if putting on my bedroom carpet is any indication, I think I'm going to like it. It does take a little getting used to because it different than anything else I've done in golf. I get my line from directly behind the ball, then move to the left one step and facing the hole. (It's not legal to putt by straddling the ball, but putting from the side and facing the hole is totally legal.) Then it's just a simple pendulum swing along my line. I'm sure it'll take practice to get my distances down but it's very comfortable on my back. Let's see what the year brings!
  12. Tom Quincy, MA Hdcp: 16 SS: 83 No hybrid in my bag right now Looking to add an 19* to fill in between my 5-wood and my 4-iron , would love to try the Tour Edge Hit a used one at a golf store and loved it! And, I’m a big Scott McCarron fan!
  13. Tom Burns. Massachusetts Playing a Titleist 915 D2 10.5* loft stock shaft with regular flex Handicap is 16-18. Season just getting underway. Swing speed is 87. I have not played a Tour Edge driver but I recently hit a Tour Edge 3-hybrid and was very impressed. I do not use a LM but did just buy a Shot Scope V2 and will be using it for the first time this Sunday
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