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  1. Definitely would never play a ball that is anywhere close to that price, plus Schawrtzel hasn't won a tournament in over 4 years. He's playing it for the sponsorship money not because it's a "magic" golf ball. They will go in the woods or water just as easy as any, but you will definitely regret it more. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Bigg Golf ?

    I have some, and was not initially impressed. I played them yesterday just to give them a second chance because the last time I played I them I wasn't playing well. Great off the face, feels good off putter and length impressed me. I am one of those that will try all kinds of balls. I probably wouldn't buy them again unless they was a deal for a couple dozen though. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. From Golf Galaxy. I went there and took photos of most of the name brand clubs. Cobra (graphite shafts)there is no portion made in America (except possibly the grips and the are built in Mexico. So what does buying an overpriced set of clubs support. Lexi, Ricky, Bryson and others.
  4. Through research and experience, there is little or no "Made in America" today. Just check the labels on the clubs. This is every OEM. I have purchased Titleist irons from DHgate and compared them to OEM's. No difference. Lofts may be a little off but all are anyway. I paid $250 with KBS TGI graphite shafts for Titleist 718 TS3 irons as opposed to $1400, and every component is made in China anyway. Ridiculous. Sponsorships and advertising run up the prices
  5. I just got some Centurion irons to try them. I figured that if I didn't like them I could donate them to the First Tee or give them to a friend. Shortly before that I had ordered a set of the new Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black, a completely different club obviously. I went out and hit the Centurions and could not believe how they hit. They were shipped from North Carolina but I don't know the country of origin. The have a website that explains some interesting things like using oversized grips, etc. First of all, they are a carbon steel club that is very soft. The shafts have no markings but I ordered stiff and they are that. They are black clubs that I'm sure will wear quickly like my Nike Vapor Fly Pro did. I was so impressed that I bought 3 more sets, a 3 wedge set (I had bought a 56 degree wedge w/milled face) a 5 wood and putter all for under $500. You can't go wrong with this brand and I still can't figure out why they're so inexpensive, but I took full advantage. I even had a college golfer at our club hit one and he was overly impressed.
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