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  1. In search of a Cobra MiM 6 iron head or full club. Thanks.
  2. Manakiki is an amazing old donald ross layout. Valley eagles is a good course played it twice, has a few difficult holes. Boulder has a the best layout in terms of difficulty but I feel the condition of the course went down this year, greens were brutal a few times i played it. Sleepy i live down the street from, I feel its over rated but thats probably because i take it fore granted as I have such easy access to it and have played in many times. On the east side try out fowler's mills and stonewater also.
  3. Played Kirtland Country Club last Monday (Aug. 9th). Beautiful track, course wasn't super difficult until you got to the greens. If you could get on an play it I would highly recommend. I really enjoyed holes 9, 10, and 11. https://www.kirtlandcc.org/Golf/Course-Tour
  4. Wish I could make it but the wife already had an event planned on the 15th.
  5. sounds good. I have never played it but heard good things, as of right now the weather isn't looking promising so might just have to wait it out then stay local
  6. I am thinking of playing 18 at glen eagles Tuesday or Wednesday (may 4th or 5th) if anyone is interested. If they have tee times https://gleneaglesgc.com/ Twinsburg, OH
  7. I actually enjoy playing Seneca. I was told it used to be a dump but its actually nice to play now.
  8. The far back spots are the championship tees, think its 7600 yards. They only put them out on tournament weeks I believe,.
  9. true, i play off the white tees there anyways, its still 6800 yards
  10. Thats what I hear, I have the luxury of a 4 day workweek so I can get on the nicer courses on a monday when they aren't overbooked. I think Boulder Creek as the best layout in area just love the course but its unbearable to play on the weekends as the course is long and not easy so a 6 hour round on the weekend is not unheard of. The wife would kill me if i did that lol.
  11. I live 5 minutes from Sleepy Hollow, I actually am not a really huge fan of it mainly because how the greens play. I am playing 9 at shale creek sunday, will be the first time i play there. I just hope it warms up by then lol.
  12. Valley of Eagles is really nice layout IMO. I mainly play on the east side or hinckley area though, I play Boulder Creek most mondays as its the time when it is open and not over booked. Stone Water, Manakiki, Pine Hills, little Mountain (chardon) are probably my favorite courses in the area but I have only been playing golf for a few years now so haven't played a whole lot of courses.
  13. I am in Cleveland Area (Independence) pretty much directly in the middle of both west and east side.
  14. I work 4 -10's and have monday's off so I could do monday's no issue.
  15. Michael Cleveland, OH Ping G20 18 112 TSi3 - 8.5
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