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  1. Kyle Powell,Oh I currently walk about 75% of the time I currently carry my clubs, but have been looking into purchasing a push cart.
  2. Kyle/ Powell,Oh Iphone 11 This will be primarily used outdoors, but will also be used indoors when the weather is too rough. A net will be used indoors. Really looking forward to the opportunity to test this bad boy out!
  3. Kyle Columbus Ohio I putt around with my 3 year old son throughout the house on the floor. I haven't used a putting mat in a while because they are either too cheap and scrunch up or they are too pricey for my liking and probably won't help my terrible putting anyways. I'm used to playing on fast greens so I would like to test out the fast mat if given the opportunity. Thanks!
  4. Kyle/Ohio Handicap : 13 Current Brand Wedges Played: Ben Hogan Your favorite type of wedge shot: chip within 20 yards
  5. Tier 5 - Jim Furyk Winner - Dustin Johnson -9
  6. Kyle Powell,Oh 12 Ping Eye 2 beryllium, steel stiff shaft (original) about time for a new set 😜 I500 Thank you MGS and Ping for this awesome opportunity!
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