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  1. Regardless of your belief in their own results, and or what you think their feelings about TM or big OEMs, or about the advancement of technologies... (they've stood on soap boxes for years stating that gains are minimal and marketing is just embellishment) the person that replied to the original poster is an uneducated ass hat... and I can't imagine he/she/ they speak for the whole team. One thing MGS was always known for, or at least self actualized as, was a hub for unbiased information. They should know better. They essentially said that Rick, given his reach, influence, and popularity, isn't doing a good enough job and is misrepresenting product by not putting in adequate time to do it justice. That is strictly an insult, and that person sounded no better than a fanboy who was either paid or influenced to say what they said... while simultaneously not know what the hell they're saying. Big time egg on MGS now...
  2. Shawn, Millbury, MA 11.4 Srixon z565/765 combo (4,5,6/ 7,8,9,P) Would like to test the Ptx Pro/Icon combo set. Thanks for the opportunity
  3. Been using mine for a bit now too, bout a week indoors into a net. Helps with my pocket a ton. Learning the feels of staying down through impacted and really rotating through the shot Obviously helps a bunch with getting the feel of the club shallowing. I too am a bit concerned about the finish. When/ If you get the hang of engraining those feels and can put them into practice on a reasonable basis, it seams like you'd have to also "re-learn" a proper release on some kinds of shots The swing "feels" like Tommy Fleetwood, but wondering if that sawed off finish is something can work consistently navigating around a course for 18 holes.... Sent from my SM-G973U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. And just like that... the bubble has burst. Thanks Wedgie
  5. General comment I find to be interesting, and pretty awesome... I don't think I've seen a single signature that doesn't include PING somewhere....
  6. Played predictably on Sunday... Raceway Golf in Thompson, CT. It likely slots somewhere in the "good value" category in it's peak form. Sunday however was not "peak" on a number of counts, which was to be expected. Some of greens were frozen solid, and fairways were mostly heaved and flooded, depending on which holes got the most sun. Lost 1 ball on a bad swing, lost 3 others on drives right down the pipe that completely disappeared into the ground. I'm curious to go back to see the course in good shape though, decent design. 1st round of the year in the books 51 on the front, 41 on the back. Swing on the last 7 holes felt awesome, so hopefully I have some good momentum going forward. Anyone getting out this weekend?
  7. Thanks, I think it's called the Raceway golf club? I did a little reading online, not much info, looked okay. I'm just really looking forward to getting out there and knocking some of the rust off.
  8. Well, weather permitting we're going down to Thompson, CT. I know nothing about it and don't imagine it's anything great, even in mid-season. Quite a few places trying to open this weekend though. I guess it's at the speedway there???
  9. Heading out on Sunday for the first time this year. Not expecting good conditions, lot of "mud balls" and dirty towels. So excited though.
  10. Shawn from Massachusetts Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2g Align - Zgrip
  11. That is by far one of the most disappointing things. Spring and fall rates in colder climates should definitely be commensurate with course condition and quality of the "experience". Courses that have had bad weather, drought, flooding, etc. should adjust on the fly and courses that are conducting maintenance that could be viewed as intrusive or disruptive should also adjust. Things like aerating... value to me is in the experience, and what the expectations are on arrival. If I arrive with one expectation I hope it's met. Thanks tchat07
  12. I don't think your take would get stomped on, certainly other people's situations could be viewed differently, but I think that's the point. It's like taking a cross section of the forums as it relates to their specific opinions, situations, and views on what they deem a good/ bad value. I'm not that far off from you in terms of what I typically play. I wouldn't call the tracks junk, but I get the feeling that my $60-80 would go a lot further in other places. Thanks Shankster
  13. Thanks revkev, Regional for sure. I am not a well-traveled golfer, or even well-traveled period... but I am curious to know what the expectations are from people ho live both close by, and very far away from me. I've always been of the belief that courses in my area are a bit on $$$ side, but really had nothing to base that feeling on, it just FELT like I was paying more than I should. Weather and the seasons likely have a lot to do with that where course in climates that can be year round can recoup more of their costs over the course of 365 days as opposed to less than half that in the Northeast, or areas with similarly brief playing seasons. I really appreciate the input !!
  14. I had posted this in my regional "newbie" forum, so my input is regarding courses in Massachusetts primarily, but I remain very curious as it relates to golfers nationwide. How does everyone view the value of a course? Everyone's bank accounts and situations differ so I'd be interested in hearing from folks about their take on the cost and quality of the course they play/ would like to play. Walking can certainly cut cost and is good for the soul, but for the sake of discussion I'm using weekend riding rates as the baseline. Thanks all! GOOD VALUE: I typically think that anything in the $60-80 range (weekend/ riding) that is well-kept and in good condition is a good value. CHEAP: Anything lower than that you kind of should be expecting slightly less in the conditions department, but if you go into it with the right expectations, those tracks can certainly serve their purpose. NICE BUT PRICEY: $80-100 is getting up there for sure and gives me pause. One, because the gap in quality and experience vs.the GOOD VALUE stuff isn't that wide. Two, because that's the point where my wife starts to second guess everything I do. EXPENSIVE: $100-135 is tough to justify for similar reasons stated above, unless it's a charity tournament or something similar where proceeds are going somewhere, you're getting a meal and a raffle etc. I wouldn't necessarily classify courses in this range as "Bucket List" types, but maybe "Must Play" if you're from the area. The courses in that range are typically, and should absolutely be, of noticeable difference to the GOOD VALUE stuff when it comes to experience, service, and condition. Sort of the "you get what you pay for" mentality. But again, the cost-value is harder to swallow here. COST PROHIBITIVE: North of $135 just becomes cost prohibitive for one round of golf. These would be more of the "bucket-list" type of course who should offer and even better experience the EXPENSIVE bunch. These are places you'd love to play but if you'll likely never get to all them. Really only ever doable for tournaments/ charities again, and Vacations/ Special Occasions. These are the cream of the crop places that take so much convincing and negotiating with my wife that they become cost prohibitive. Would love to hear your thoughts?
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