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  1. Excellent! I didn't see much difference between days 1 and 2, but I did see a pretty big jump on day 3. Week 2 was a about a 5 mph jump on average across the board. Just finished week 3, and was back down a little, but I'm chalking that up to Christmas week.
  2. Merry (3rd day of) Christmas everyone! Haven't had much chance to stop by here the past week or so, and like Kenny, my speeds are down a bit this week what with some travelling, holiday activities & eating, and a bit of a cold thrown in for good measure, but I've managed to keep on track with my Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, so I'm happy.
  3. Just finished my second week, not bad considering I went out twice after work this week for a few beers, something I don't usually do. Also feeling a little sore now, figure that will wear off in another week or so as I continue. Final 3 swings today were 102, 104, and 105. After some swings, I feel like maybe I held back just a little...as I get more conscious of that I think it will go away. Kind of like that tee shot on the first hole, sometime there is one too may golf thought running around in my head ;-).
  4. That's certainly true for me! I was thinking of taping some lefty swings and submitting to America's Funniest Home Videos.
  5. Great topic! Currently besides golf, during the winter, I participate in a candlepin bowling league. For those of you outside MA, NH, Maine, and the Canadian Maritime Providences, here’s a peek:
  6. You did Rev, and probably would not have posted here on the new member board if you hadn't suggested it - thanks!
  7. Thanks Kenny! Thanks to what you guys doing the testing are posting, I am definitely on board with the SS clubs, will finish week 2 of level 1 Friday. I agree on the warm-up routine too, I like it a lot.
  8. My guess it may be tendonitis - I've had something similar with my left hand for a couple of years now, although it more on the back of the hand at the base of the thumb, and it I've noticed weakness like you have. I suspect it was caused by my grip when I first started playing 3 summers ago and holding the club too tight and having the top hand mash the thumb a bit when I swung. So far, I haven't found anything to really help it much. I've tried one of those thumb braces they sell at CVS to rest it, hand grips like the ones you are using to strengthen it, and spoke with a physical therapist who didn't help much, but told me it's likely being caused by inflammation in my forearm muscles from swinging a golf club and suggested using a TheraBand FlexBar to strengthen them . For the most part it's mainly just an annoyance, but I do notice when it hurts a little more, if I massage my forearm it can help a little. Advil helps more, although I don't like to use it too much As far as swinging, I use an overlay grip, but have switched to a baseball grip swinging lefty since I've started feeling more irritation around the left thumb and in both forearms. I'm only on my second week of level one, so we'll see how things feel in a couple of months. I'm also going to follow Sirchunksalot's lead and start stretching my hands more. Edit to add something I just thought of: it might be worth doing the hand grip exercises right after the SS swing work if you are doing them on different days - that way, you are warmed up for the grip strength training, and then have a day or two off to rest where you aren't doing either exercise.
  9. Hi - I accidentally came across this site when someone placed a link to the SuperSpeed review forum at the bottom of an article at Practical Golf, and boy am I glad I clicked through. After reading through all the posts, I dusted off the SuperSpeed sticks I bought late last spring, but hadn't used much, started following the program about a week and a half ago, and signed up here on Friday. Several buddies and I found ourselves in a good situation spring of 2016 - kids all old enough to either be in college or close to it, so a bit less running around on weekend, so we started playing golf Saturday mornings. I had only played a handful of times, so started off basically from scratch as a 54 year old. I've made some progress, and even though my scores stayed pretty flat this year from last, I feel like I learned a lot about what I need to work on. Thought I'd spend time over the winter getting stronger, and inspired by the guys doing the SS review, have added that as well. Right now my handicap is around 32 (based on adding my scores for the past 2 years into The Grint). Working to shave 9 strokes off by the end of next summer - not sure if that's realistic or not, but seems like a good goal. Spring is pretty cold and wet here in southeastern Massachusetts, so it's likely I won't get out until mid-April, so I have about 4 months to tinker around in the garage. Mike
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I'll keep you posted as things progress!
  11. BTW, do you guys include those final three swings in your Max swing stats?
  12. Hey All - This is my first post on MyGolfSpy, just wanted to say I'm jumping on board the SuperSpeed train thanks to what you guys are doing. I'm 56, just start playing golf spring of 2016, so as you can imagine, pretty rough around the edges. Get out generally every Saturday from mid April to late October (live in Mass, so kinda cold the rest of the year) with a regular foursome. Got an email early last week from Practical Golf, they are offering a discount on the SuperSpeed equipment, and someone has posted a link to this forum thread, which I read through last week and have been following ever since. I actually bought the system late last spring (based on a Practical Golf recommendation and a couple of Amazon gift cards I had lying around), but didn't get very far due to a combination of elbow tendinitis and laziness. After seeing all the progress here, I just finished week one and am excited to continue through the winter. I actually started a weigh training program mid October, partly to help improve my golf swing speed, but also general strength - I'm not a big guy, about 5' 8" 165 lbs, and sometimes it felt like I was swinging through molasses the last few rounds this fall. Doing all barbell exercises for now, progressively adding weight, and it's definitely helped with getting start on the SS protocol, I haven't felt any soreness at all. My initial driver speed was 84 mph, if I'm swinging 90 or better when I play my first round in April, I'll be really happy...90 mph - 92 mph seems like a reasonable expectation based on what I've read here and on the SS website. Managed a 104 and 107 on the last two normal swings at the end of the protocol this morning, so heading in the right direction. Looking forward to continuing to follow everyone's progress, and I'll let you know how I'm doing at the end of level 1. Just ordered the pad so I'll be ready to go with the kneeling swings when I get there. - Mike
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