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  1. Thanks, this does answer my question. Based on similar answers from some of the other posters here, that’s what I’ve settled into. It’s good to get confirmation, but even better, the underlying concepts of getting my brain to learn faster speeds.
  2. @SuperSpeed Golf After my last post, I re-read the FAQs on you site, and then decided to weigh the clubs as well as my driver to see how I match up against the -20%, -10%, and +5% differences versus the driver mentioned in the FAQs. Turns out the SS clubs are somewhere around -13%, -3% and +12% compared to my driver (Taylormade M4 I got last July). I think having SS clubs skewing heavier like that is probably pretty negligible, or may even work in my favor, but am curious whether you have looked at any data on the relative weights skewing one way or the other. Now I'm also telling myself my potential driver speed is closer to my blue numbers than the red numbers, as I had been thinking given the relative weights. So even if that's wrong, please don't tell me
  3. Week 2 of the second level is in the books. Had my best session yet today, which was a surprise because my right should has been a little stiff & sore the past few days (Why? Who knows, I'm 56 ) and with the outdoor temperature about 7 right now, even the garage is pretty cold. Broke the 100 mph barrier in a couple of new columns, pretty psyched about that! Like some others have mentioned, I was a little concerned early on about what trying to swing as fast as I can would do to my form, but I'm starting to feel that is actually is starting to help because my body needs to move more efficiently to swing faster and my brain is now starting to make adjustments which turn into better form. And I believe that is the whole basis underlying SuperSpeed Golf's system. I don't believe that specifically stated on SuperSpeed's website, unless I missed it, but it fits right in with Adam Young's training philosophy - and that's kind of how I got here: Adam Young's blog mentioned Jon Sherman's Practical Golf Site, where I read Jon's review of SSG, which had a comment from someone that linked to this review.
  4. Now that is exactly what I can hardly wait to do once spring rolls around!
  5. It’s all about the snow removal equipment! You don’t need it enough to have to buy it, so you’re stuck when it does snow. On the other hand, I really don’t like it when temp gets above about 88 or 90. We get maybe 10 or 12 days a year of 90 most summers and everyone gets real cranky
  6. Well, it is summer in Antarctica... As someone who grew up in northern NY state, I have to say the balmy winters here in southeastern Massachusetts are pretty wimpy compared to the 100+ inches of snow and temps in the teens I was used to as a kid (they wouldn't call off school until wind chill hit 30 below). But we knew spring was really on the way when it warmed up enough to melt the cow manure around mid-April, if you catch my drift (like we used to on the bus ride home from school). Anyway, having to swing in a garage or somewhere inside is definitely less than ideal for us cold-weather guys, but if it wasn't for SuperSpeed Golf, I'd be sitting on the couch watching NCAA hoops or skiing just knowing it would be mid-May before I started making progress on my swing.
  7. Thanks for all that information! I definitely don't tear up the grass like that at all, so I don't need to wait for spring before knowing I can use the ground contact protocol . I know I also need work on the sequencing & lag too, so I'll be able to use all three of these protocols over the spring and summer. I recently ran across an app that allows you to do slow motion playback on your phone: https://www.hudl.com/products/technique - there's both a iPhone/iPad and Android version, and the basic app is free. I downloaded it but haven't really tried it out yet, just did a quick video of my hand moving to see how it works. You can play back at full speed, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 speed, and there is a drawing tool. That would be great if you could send me the videos of the ASD protocols, I really appreciate that! Thanks sirchunksalot!
  8. I sent an email to info@superspeedgolf.com asking about it, and they sent me a PDF with the protocols, and also suggested it would be best to find a certified TPI/Superspeed trainer, or possibly look at a certification program they will be rolling out in the near future, but that appears to be geared to instructors, not a novice like me. Looking at the descriptions, it looks like something I would need to work with someone on, at least for an assessment.
  9. Thanks revkev. I'll drop them a note to ask, I can use all the help I can get For me, week 20 will be at the end of April, so just in time for me to be able to get outdoors again.
  10. Finished the first week with the kneeling protocol. Boy, am I glad I saw those posts about the kneeling pad, I got the SS pad last month so was ready to go. Very comfy! A little slower this week since I accidentally nicked my left thumb cutting some veggies Sunday - luckily the thumbnail took the brunt, there's a nice clean slice across about 2/3 of it. It's fine, but it was hard to convince my body to swing full speed on my first session the next day and even today a little. Still not sure how I managed that, but it's probably related to having a 32 handicap The first few kneeling swings were interesting, but I think I got used to them pretty quickly, although I've still only cracked 90 on one swing. My step swings have been slower than my regular swings all along, but they are almost caught up now. Probably overthinking the movement of the lead foot back and the little press forward to start the swing. Probably also related to both the thumb and the handicap... Hoping to see some triple-digit numbers start showing up in a few more columns soon.
  11. I agree with what revkev said, don't worry about form, the idea is just to convince your brain and muscles that they can move a little faster than what they do now. You need the swing speeds to know whether or not you actual are progressing - I think that is part of showing your brain proof that it's possibly to swing faster.
  12. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense, I haven't really thought about ground interaction before. I bookmarked an article on about ground contact on (I think) Adam Young's site, but haven't read it yet. Also, I'll definitely give the ground interaction drills a try when I get there, thanks for the tip!
  13. I just use a pair of old Nike sneakers, cross-trainers of some sort. Since I'm doing the training in the garage, I haven't had any issues with slipping, and also haven't had any trouble with the soles coming loose. Maybe that means I'm not swinging hard enough
  14. Hope your trip goes smoothly with the weather and your brother is OK.
  15. Nice! Now if I can get my handicap to look like yours too, I'll really be in business!
  16. I'm sure you'll get there. I try to keep my own numbers in perspective - this is a 70 week program, so the initial day-to-day ups and downs don't seem too bad on a slow day.
  17. Thanks @sirchunksalot - much appreciated! I think you are right about not having a problem getting to 90 with a ball there...I played a round of indoor golf yesterday, and the drives I hit well off the tee registered between 190 and 195 yards, which looks like around 90 mph on the club head speed graph that came with the radar. My swing is a bit all over the place, but that's OK for now since I'm just concentrating on speed. I figure there are 3 things I need to do to improve my driving: (1) speed, which I'm doing here, (2) hitting the ball on the sweet spot, and (3) hit the ball more on the upswing to get a higher launch angle. I'll be able to start working on 2 and 3 in the spring, and maybe 2 or 3 rounds a month of indoor simulated golf over the next 2 months or so will help a little). My birthday is in March and I can order, uh...I mean ask my wife to get me a SC200 Voice Caddy (and a couple of cans of Dr Scholl's spray for my driver) just in time to be able to start getting outside. I noticed where @revkev mentioned he was getting around 210 - 220 yds at about 88 mph, so makes me think that if I can improve in all three of those areas, I should be able to get into that neighborhood if I work at it.
  18. OK, just finished level 1: Those driver swings were without actually hitting a ball (but then again, so was the initial 84). It'll be interesting to see how that translates to real life, I imagine I'll have to remind myself to swing fast, not to mention practice to maintain control. If that translates to about 90, I'll be very happy. My goal when I started was to get to around 90 when I can start playing again in early to mid April, it seems like I'm about there already. On to phase 2 to start to lock in these gains!
  19. Thanks for your thoughtful response, that was really a great post RevKev! That makes a lot of sense, especially not having to be perfect, just better than before. Thanks also to everyone else that replied too. I'm going to keep on doing what I have been, which it stopping just long enough to jot down my numbers, maybe take a few sips of water, and grab the next club. But if I notice a good size drop-off in speed, I'll take a 1 minute break and see if that makes a difference.
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