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  1. Just finished Week 7 of phase 2 (13 weeks in all now). Last couple of weeks I've only been able to do the protocol twice a week - I changed jobs last month and my schedule has shifted a little (taking the 6:29 AM commuter train instead of the 8:20 AM), so I'm doing the protocols after work instead of before (except Friday when I work from home). I was wondering what the effect would be on my swing speed. Pretty interesting result today, I hit new highs on all the clubs on my dominant side, but all the lefty swings were down a bit. Like Kenny, lots of snow and cold here (14" on Monday, it's been in the teens since Tuesday, and another snow storm scheduled for Sunday, but with any luck it'll change over to rain and start warming up).
  2. I've been seeing a little of that on mostly the step swings and occasionally the kneeling swings. I think it may have more to do with bad sequencing being ingrained on my right side - some of those lefty swings with the step move feel smoother that on my dominant right side.
  3. I think all my fastest speeds except for maybe 2 have come from those last 3 swings with the lightest stick too. The step change is nearly always a little slower than the regular swing on my dominant side - for some reason, my non-dominant swings are faster. Maybe because I never developed bad habits on that side.
  4. Thanks, that's good to know. I've been meaning to record myself, but just haven't managed to take that extra 3 minutes to set up...I've had minor golfer's elbow come and go over the past few years, so this gives me an incentive to video some swings. Awesome!
  5. Week 5 of the 2nd protocol is in the books - finally cracked 100 on both righty & lefty swings on the red club. Hoping to see 120 on the green club by end of week 8, max so far is 115, which I've seen a couple of times now, along with a number of swings between 110 and 114. On the other hand, I've hit that first jump, so I might plateau for a bit, guess we'll see.
  6. That’s pretty cool, thanks for posting that! I just plugged it into my spreadsheet and it really makes my first bump up much more clear. I just finished my 10th week, and using the projected driver speed, things were pretty steady but trending slightly up weeks 1 - 7, then a little more increase weeks 8 & 9, and now a nice bump this week, almost 9% over the average projected driver speed the first 9 weeks. Pretty cool.
  7. Yep, I do, although as time goes by, the big differences don’t happen quite as much. But just last night I saw one set that was something like 89, 98, 95. If I get a reading that seems way off, I usually do an extra swing, or just ignore it and write down 2 numbers instead of 3
  8. Hi Daisy - thanks so much for all your feedback. I scanned through the BodiTrak site last night (watched your video!) and will dig in more in the few days, thanks for sending that along. Very cool stuff! I’ll definitely drop you an email for suggestions, really appreciate the offer. I can use all the help I can get! Your comment about setting speed goals was great, I hadn’t thought about specific numbers for the most part, but it makes sense and I tried it last night - my previous fastest swing was 110, so I tried for 112 and actually hit a 115 on the green standing swings, so adjusting that up to 120. Also have a goal of breaking 100 on the red sticks, got close with a 99.
  9. Good point - it’s definitely a commitment and if you don’t have a place where you can swing away in the winter, you’ll have to take a break for a few months. For me, even after just 10 weeks, I’m seeing a big improvement. Granted, having only been playing for 3 years, I think I had a lot more room for improvement compared to guys here that have been playing 30 years, but if I don’t get any faster than where I am now by the end of the summer, it’s still worth it. I guess what I’m saying is that if cost and 20-25 mins 3 days a week aren’t limiting factors, don’t rule it out if you can only commit to say 4 or 5 months. On there other hand, this time last year, I had big plans to hit balls at the range, do chipping drills in the back yard, etc, but never got an organized plan together so that all fell by the wayside. I’m finding that having a structured set of protocols to follow makes a big difference.
  10. It’s definitely great to be able to hit some balls for a couple of hours on a Saturday, and a lot of fun!
  11. Also want to add that I’ve learned a lot reading through this entire thread since I stumbled across it in mid December. Boy, am I glad I decided to start the training myself. Can’t wait to start playing again in the spring - I got a little taste of what revkev is talking about regarding extra distance on Saturday when I met some buddies at a golf simulator. I’m not sure how accurate these things really are compared to real life, but I was hitting my drives further than other times I’ve been there - even had one register 256 yards (although that hole had a 50’ drop from the tee to the pin), and I hit a 52 degree wedge 121 virtual yards. By the time I can start hitting balls outside, I believe the speed gains will be locked in and I can start working on improving the face strike in addition to continuing the SS protocols.
  12. Thanks, this does answer my question. Based on similar answers from some of the other posters here, that’s what I’ve settled into. It’s good to get confirmation, but even better, the underlying concepts of getting my brain to learn faster speeds.
  13. @SuperSpeed Golf After my last post, I re-read the FAQs on you site, and then decided to weigh the clubs as well as my driver to see how I match up against the -20%, -10%, and +5% differences versus the driver mentioned in the FAQs. Turns out the SS clubs are somewhere around -13%, -3% and +12% compared to my driver (Taylormade M4 I got last July). I think having SS clubs skewing heavier like that is probably pretty negligible, or may even work in my favor, but am curious whether you have looked at any data on the relative weights skewing one way or the other. Now I'm also telling myself my potential driver speed is closer to my blue numbers than the red numbers, as I had been thinking given the relative weights. So even if that's wrong, please don't tell me
  14. Week 2 of the second level is in the books. Had my best session yet today, which was a surprise because my right should has been a little stiff & sore the past few days (Why? Who knows, I'm 56 ) and with the outdoor temperature about 7 right now, even the garage is pretty cold. Broke the 100 mph barrier in a couple of new columns, pretty psyched about that! Like some others have mentioned, I was a little concerned early on about what trying to swing as fast as I can would do to my form, but I'm starting to feel that is actually is starting to help because my body needs to move more efficiently to swing faster and my brain is now starting to make adjustments which turn into better form. And I believe that is the whole basis underlying SuperSpeed Golf's system. I don't believe that specifically stated on SuperSpeed's website, unless I missed it, but it fits right in with Adam Young's training philosophy - and that's kind of how I got here: Adam Young's blog mentioned Jon Sherman's Practical Golf Site, where I read Jon's review of SSG, which had a comment from someone that linked to this review.
  15. Now that is exactly what I can hardly wait to do once spring rolls around!
  16. It’s all about the snow removal equipment! You don’t need it enough to have to buy it, so you’re stuck when it does snow. On the other hand, I really don’t like it when temp gets above about 88 or 90. We get maybe 10 or 12 days a year of 90 most summers and everyone gets real cranky
  17. Well, it is summer in Antarctica... As someone who grew up in northern NY state, I have to say the balmy winters here in southeastern Massachusetts are pretty wimpy compared to the 100+ inches of snow and temps in the teens I was used to as a kid (they wouldn't call off school until wind chill hit 30 below). But we knew spring was really on the way when it warmed up enough to melt the cow manure around mid-April, if you catch my drift (like we used to on the bus ride home from school). Anyway, having to swing in a garage or somewhere inside is definitely less than ideal for us cold-weather guys, but if it wasn't for SuperSpeed Golf, I'd be sitting on the couch watching NCAA hoops or skiing just knowing it would be mid-May before I started making progress on my swing.
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