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  1. No doubt, they are great. I'm always shocked at how nice the club actually looks when it arrives.
  2. I wouldn't worry about something new coming out or you'll never get anything. That's the nature of the golf industry, constantly something new even if it's not an improvement. That being said, I play the P790's and to be honest I have a hard time believing they are going to out do them by leaps and bounds. There's a reason they (P790's) are still $800 used on the Bay.
  3. Is it just me or did a lot of these guys lose credibility when they started accepting club contracts ? It's very hard for me to listen to a review of clubs when the guy has a Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist full club deal. I know these guys get most of the clubs free but actual endorsements seem to negate everything they are trying to do. Recently watched a Michael Newton video where he loved the Wilson blades so much he actually paid for a set. He even admitted it's probably the first time he's paid for clubs in years. That being said I generally watch TXG, just great equipment content.
  4. I do the same thing when I upgrade clubs. Got a SZ from callaway preowned for almost 1/3 the original cost and if it doesn't work out it will sell for at least what I paid, if not a little more. Win win...
  5. I'll be honest, I use the Bay for stuff like that. Lots of companies that close out shafts on there and if they don't have the correct tip you can pick one up for cheap and glue it in yourself.
  6. I have that shaft in a Rogue SZ driver as well. Haven't been able to spend much time with it yet. Still waiting for Spring to come to Chicago.........maybe by June ?
  7. I just keep rotating them each round waiting for one to act up. I will say the f7 might be a bit easier to hit but the Rogue appears to be a shade longer. F7 has the Fuji Pro 65 and rogue has hzrdus yellow.
  8. Long time struggle with trying to find a 3 wood I like. I had basically gone to a strong 5 wood that was doing well but at times made it difficult to reach the par 5's in two. I used the Most Wanted section here and picked up two 3 woods from the older list. A Callaway Rogue 3+ and a Cobra f7 3/4 adjustable. I cranked the f7 down to 13.5* and now I have another problem. I have two 3 woods that are absolute bombers !! I keep alternating rounds with them trying to decide which to keep. Both are great clubs, thanks for the reviews MGS.
  9. Well the purpose of the thread was post your unpopular opinions so......
  10. I know I've told this story a million times but in 2017 I wanted a new driver so I took my sldr to pgass and said sell me a driver. To make a long story short they said we'd love to sell you a new driver (I wanted the M2) but after an hour in the LM we can't beat the sldr. I spent easily an hour hitting every driver they had but the sldr continued to come out on top. I currently am enjoying a G400 lst because I'm a club junkie but I'll never sell the sldr. Weather permitting I may take the sldr out with the Ping just to do a comparison. I will be honest, the Ping is very forgiving but the sldr is always on stand by.
  11. Michelle Wie is a hypochondriac...... I know everyone loves her but all the years of listening to injury after injury and being covered in Kinesio tape every round, it gets old
  12. I have a Taylormade Burner 2007 5 wood that I just cant replace. I've tried hybrids, utility irons and other fairway wood but this thing is a performer.
  13. I have a K15 driver that I break out when I can't find fairways. Might be the easiest driver I ever hit.
  14. Just from watching fairway wood reviews on youtube it seems the M4 3 wood is constantly at the top. If you like the driver that might be something to look at.
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