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  1. Very interesting question I believe a lot of club golfers are unaware of the importance of gapping.... At 62 I am old school in that the clubs I started with were 2-3 degrees weaker in loft, my original Pitching Wedge was 49 degs. They are now down as low as 44 i.e. a 1990's 9 Iron! 1960's 8 iron..... that's how Pros hit a 7 iron 210 yards!! Hence the need for a gap/approach.... I do it this way..... 1. select the clubs you LIKE to use and make a note of the loft. i.e. 5-PW + DW + SW + LW 2. Find a facility with a trackman, not easy I know, but in my remote region of Scotland I have several. 3. Hit at least 10-15 balls with each iron & wedge, Trackman can report on Average Yardages and discount the odd bad one ;-) 4. I record them in EXCEL and work out the degrees of gap v yardages.... 5. Go to the range repeat the process but off grass (not mats) and see if the reality matches the computer! Doesn't always follow that a 45 deg from one club manufacturers should go further than as 47 deg from another? I have a MacGregor 52 Gap and it matches the 48 deg Cleveland? Shaft has a huge effect too.... At one stage I had 2 Pitching Wedges 2 6 irons and no 9 iron - but had 3-4 degrees gapping across all the irons. Cheers Jerry
  2. Sorry late to the post, but just joined the forum! MAC's look superb, hope they play as well!!
  3. Hi All in Golf Land! Not sure if I am posting this in the right place, but here goes.... Firstly I am a huge fan of 'Forged Clubs' particularly 1995-2005, I had always had Cast then in 2003 was fitted for MacGregor 1025cm's with Pro-Pel Multi Step Shafts - that was the start of the love affair! I foolishly let them go cheap, mistake - as I have since spent time looking into refurbishing older clubs and now have a Metal Polisher/Burnisher, Shaft Puller, Dremel, Vice etc.... and have restored a set of MacGregor M685's with Rifle 5.5 Stiff Shafts - along with some Cleveland TA7's, the MacGregors are so nice to play with they are now keepers! They look superb so far, but I would like to remove the 'badging' from the cavity (see pic attached) any ideas on what is the base way to go about it? I assume hair dryer or heat gun..... then clean off the old glue? Any experiences shared would be much appreciated. Thanks Jerry
  4. JerryM


    Hi All I have an old Macgregor Putter - Anser style it has the older 'winged logo' (in gold) is stainless steel and the only other markings other than the MacGregor Logo on the bottom is P10? Had it cleaned and restored and fitted a replacement grip - 'Pro Only' on the original and found a new old stock for it. Nice putter, great feel of the face and nicely weighted.... I doubt it is of much relevance or even much value, but I cannot find any reference on the internet, apart from someone selling an almost identical one in the States but it was a P20? Do you guys across the pond have any knowledge if this model? Cheers Jerry
  5. Hi All Joined the Forum as a Senior (61), based near St Andrews the Home of Golf! Printer By Trade, still going in between rounds of golf As Harry Vardon said: "Don't play too much golf - twice a day is enough" Love the website, reviews, labs testing etc.... Home Course Ladybank GC, Fife, Scotland, Open Qualifier 2011 Current handicap 17.3, once (many years ago) 6.3 drifted back to 9.3 - started paying when I was 15! Double Slipped Disc in my back in 2007 and was played up for 6 months - so couldn't play played the odd round, but not seriously..... so out of the game for nearly 10 years... Moved to Scotland in 2016 and decided in 2017 to try again as I missed it badly, and being the home of Golf I have some of the Best Courses in the world within an hours drive! Love being out doors, great exercise, social - whats not to like Old Course, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, Castle & Eden, Royal Aberdeen, The Dukes Course to name a few. Good and Bad? GOOD: lots of superb courses, great rates/costs, amazing Links Courses in remote areas can be as little as £20 or $30?? Old Course and some in the area a hugely expensive and hard to get on, most local course are great value. BAD: Not that much, slow greens mainly, can get a lot of rain! Started last year on 28 now down to 17, age and a bad back has taken it's toll on the swing, but gradually improving, hope to get to about 11-12 next season. Not as fast or far - but arguably better course management and short game, just need to find the old putting touch! Clubs had to be replaced, well most of them! Woods: Srixon Driver Z785 10.5Deg, Hazadus Red 5.0 Regular (brilliant - not longest but accurate) 4 Wood: Srixon F45 17 deg - Miyazaki Blue 5R Regular (small head but boy does it fly off the face!) 4 Hybdird: Srixon AD 22 Deg, Srixon Regular (not 100% sure what shaft think its a Mitsubishi - not long but solid) 5 Hybrid: Srixon F355 26 Deg Miysaki Jinsoko Red Regular (4/5 iron replacement, 26 degree - but flies high and long!) Irons: 3- PW (only carry 5 - PW) Macgregor M685 Forged (Fully Refurbished) Rifle 5.5 Stiff, MMC Multicord grips (Superb feel and balance - won't change until I find anything as good, have tested a lot but few match them .. Srixon Z 585/785 Combo Golf Irons maybe?) Wedges: Cleveland RTX588 52 & 56 Cleveland 588 Forged 60 Putter(s): MacGregor P10 Pro Only Answer Style c. 1973 - fully rebished with Ping BlackOut Pistol grip (Ancient but fantastic feel, balance and alignment) Ping Answer 4 (c 1982) good on fast Greens..... Ball: Srixon Z Star, depends on the conditions, cold Scottish Winters so a AD333! Looking forward to gettin involved in teh forums! Regards Jerry
  6. Hi Donn I have the NEW irons, 5-PW with Gap & Sand. Best irons I have ever had, and been through a few makes, although my previous set was Macgregor VIP V-Foil 1025c's. KBS Tour Regular Shafts, Half Cord Grips. Superb feel, great balance, the KBS Tour Reg's are lightweight so adds to thebalance and feel. Had them Custom fitted at https://www.standrewsgolfco.com/shop/products/modern-collection/george-nicoll-precision-series-steel/ Highly recommended....
  7. Hi ALFRIDAY101 I live in Fife scotland only 12 miles from St Andrews. Born in London moved up 5 years ago, wife's family here, not necessarily for the golf but an added bonus. Some Courses you may want to look at : although there are many more.... Royal Dornach 9.9/10 wonderful course..... Trump International Aberdeen 9.5/10 (3-4 years) Mussleburgh - arguably the old course in Scotland? 9.5/10 Castle Course (St Andrews) 9/10 Dukes Course (St Andrews) 9/10
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