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  1. I've been looking also. I love the new black satin finish! Very Classy!
  2. Slept through Tropical Storm Beta winds and rain last night. Nothing major, more like a strong rain storm for us (Victoria) with about 2 inches of rain. When we woke up, the center was right over us but wind and drizzle was very light. My dog and I just took a wet walk around part of the course. It is soggy with a few small limbs down but mostly looks good. A day or maybe two of draining and drying and we'll be ready to tee off again! It's going to make everything lush and green with lots of mosquitoes. Can't have everything perfect. As usual, north and northwest of the center got hammered. Pray for Houston/Galveston area.
  3. For anything you want added to the home or repaired (like a fence, patio, new appliance, extra attic insulation, etc) - it's better to include it all in the loan now. The little extra it adds to your regular payments is minor compared to the enjoyment you'll receive from having that improvement in place.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I met with the pro at my club to get advice on the lie of my ZipCore wedge. I have a tendency to hit low and toward the toe with all of my clubs. I wanted to know if trimming the shaft improved the lie or if it needed more tweaking. He had me hit off a bounce board. I've never done that before, very interesting. That's the highest I've ever watched my ball soar. The result was that the mark on the tape on the bottom of my wedge straddled the center line in the same spot every time. Sorry I didn't think about taking a photo of the tape before he removed it from my club and tossed it. He said that the shorter length plus that I usually grip down to the mid-to-lower part of the grip made the lie flat so we left it as is. We only tested the ZipCore but I assume that my other Cleveland wedges would have the same results. The mark also showed that I have a tendency to be what the pro call a "sweeper". I said yep, that's me. I rarely leave a divot. The pro also gave me a couple of setup adjustments to improve my accuracy. My shots going where I envision I'm aiming has never been my strength. So now I have been trying to use his tips to practice my aim with my wedges (some times it helps). What can I say - I'm an inconsistent amateur! I'm playing in a team scramble tomorrow. Two men and one woman on each team. My team is all seniors! Hopefully I will get to use my "Zippy" and see if my accuracy improvement decides to show up.
  5. Thanks. It was a guesstimate and leap of faith. My husband questioned me 3 times "do you really want 1 inch off, you know you can't change it?" And every time I replied I was sure that it was a good length to start with. I compared the length of the men vs ladies avg wedge shaft length on the Cleveland website. From that I knew I needed to trim at least 1 inch. All of my 4 wedges are Cleveland men's and all have been trimmed 1 inch. I have a tendency to grip down to the middle-to-lower part of the grip on all of my clubs anyway so the lengths work for me. I say they work, but I don't have anything else to compare them to know any difference.
  6. My fellow Spies and ZipCore allies: I apologize that my ZipCore posts have been MIA the last couple of weeks. I was tasked with sorting through, packing and cleaning my parents home of 57 years all by myself. Then I created 30 inventory videos of everything still stored in the house in preparation for a renter. I made it through in time and now I can concentrate on golf and ZipCore again. I haven't been able to actually play much and when I did I was too tired to focus very well. I have a practice setup inside my house that I used instead. I'll create and post a video of that to share. It helps me. A couple of weekends ago I participated in an ABCD Scramble tournament. I had the honor of being our D player. The opportunity to use my 46° ZipCore arose only once (below is a video an accommodating team member made). We are 65 yards from the 18th pin, a par five. Sorry my ball hitting the green is cut off at the end. My awesome team tied for 2nd with 11 birdies.
  7. I have to be patient and careful when trying to thread the piece that protrudes from the loose end through buckle. And sometimes during a round I find the clip on the loose end has popped out of slot on the band. That is a bit of a nuisance but easy enough to pop back in place. I think that happens only when I stretch the band too far when inserting the clip in a slot. If not stretched too far it seems to work ok.
  8. I assume you're asking about the cart flamingo in my profile photo. Luckily we don't have any tunnels. No, that flamingo is long gone. We had a cart decorating contest along with our Flamingo Tournament (we won!). We did drive it throughout the tournament but a low tree limb close to the end caught the neck and demolished it. We have fun decorating our carts for special events. Like every Christmas we have a night time lighted cart and old car parade through the neighborhoods that surround our course. It's fun, a fire truck leads us blowing the horn and I hang off the back of our cart to throw candy to the kids. One hard and fast rule, nothing can be attached in a way that is permanent or damages the cart. I'm not a super serious golfer, but I have a super great time with our golf community - club, course and neighborhood.
  9. We have already started talking about how this heat stuff is now going to affect my friend and we need to watch out for her.
  10. Yes, she is ok. They got her cooled and hydrated; then ran a bunch of tests to make sure everything checked out. Sent her home last night with instructions to not go outside for a few days. We missed her not being able to play with us today. She's always there.
  11. Thanks for caring. We did it again today. We are part of an active fun group of golf friends that play some kind of game almost every Sat and Sun. Today there were 26 of us braving the heat, but no walkers in this oven. I wouldn't want to walk in this heat, it's too far back to the pro shop if you need to quit. Everyone stayed hydrated and drove our carts from one shady spot to the next. One man even brought an ice chest full of new Gatorade flavors (like watermelon) and Gatorade golf towels to share with all of us. Used my umbrella on the greens to stay cool through #8 when a little breeze kicked up. Doesn't take much wind to tumble my umbrella down the fairway. I'd rather have the breeze. I almost didn't care about the heat because I played good for me with 41/48. Got kind of tired on the last 4 holes.
  12. It was HOT! yesterday. I didn't play bad but I had a some blow up holes plus didn't putt my best which ruined my overall score. Like 3 balls in the water on one hole! Actually no one played exceptionally well in my ladies group because it was so hot. The index was 114 here in South Texas. We had to call EMS to send one lady I was playing with to the hospital. Once the heat starting getting to her it was surprising how fast she went from ok to big trouble - from one green to the next tee box. Another 114 index forecast for today. Drink plenty of water and stand in the shade my spy friends. Below: Part of my fun ladies group yesterday doing our Flamingo pose. We had to cancel our big Flamingo Tournament (because of COVID-19) but we all wore pink anyway for a play day. After play we had a putting and chipping challenge. For chipping, we had to land it in that Flamingo pool. Participating in our putting obstacle course challenge Love my LGA. Hot afternoon to be standing in the sun for a putting challenge! I'm the only one with an umbrella. 15° cooler under that canopy.
  13. My husband played 9 holes with me yesterday evening. I had been practicing in the house with my 56° and 60° and then accidentally left them behind. That issue forced me to use my 46° ZipCore for all wedge shots. I was happy with myself to discover that I can do that! I had a little trouble with distance because I wasn't always sure how much of a swing to take. One shot was short (about a foot off the green), one rolled about 8 ft past the hole, and all of the rest were high and landed on the green at various distances from the pin but stuck where they landed. I think I'll use an earlier suggestion from @downlowkey to make the "Zippy" my go to wedge and practice getting good at several types of shots with it.
  14. Thanks for the tip. Yes I am interested. Creativity always ranks at the top in my book.
  15. Great visuals. Love the various creative edges you are applying to your photos!
  16. Played yesterday and overall did not play my best (trouble with fairway shots) . . . but the shots I hit with my ZipCore were really nice. Since the ball stops immediately on the green I need to practice at judging the distance better. That's preferable to rolling too far. I'd like feedback about this: I not sure what to do about the varying weights of my wedges. Does it even matter as long as I can hit them or will it help me if the weights are more consistent. I have been reading about how some players like their wedges to be heavier and why. The ZipCore is my heaviest wedge and only one with a steel shaft. I'll start by listing my 9 iron so you can see the jump from it to the ZipCore. As long as I make sure to get under the ball (like I'm suppose to) I can hit and like each one. I have a tendency to hit all of my clubs low and a little toward the toe. It helps me to change the lie but I haven't done that yet with any of my wedges. 9 iron: 401 grams 46° ZipCore: 458 grams 52° RTX-3: 422 grams 56° RTX-3: 428 grams 60° Tour Action 900: 447 grams (oddly this one feels the heaviest)
  17. I'm not accomplished enough as a player to hit all or even most shots consistently to be able to answer this but I wanted to know also. In the past most of my shots to the green had quite a bit of roll which frustrated me because I never could judge how much roll. I've only been able to play with my ZipCore twice and so far it seems like my strikes with it are stopping better on the green - I decided to try a small sampling test. I went out on my course (hole #3) in the evening so I wouldn't interfere with other golfers. I dropped 6 balls 60 yards out (60-70 yards is a full PW distance for me). Below is what happened. For the two off the green: one was barely off the back edge of the green and the other was 3 feet over. Those were user swing errors instead of Zippy errors.
  18. Mixed. Father is full miniature Australian Shepherd. Mother is Cocker Spaniel & Bichon Frise. She definitely has smart herder instincts. When taking her through service dog training, after the first class they bumped her from beginner to intermediate classes. Then at the end of intermediate classes the trainer said she didn't need to finish advanced classes to be ready for her final test. The plan was to make sure she could fly with me in the passenger compartment without being in a pet carrier and then be available for nursing homes and our local fire department - but that was before COVID-19. She is my shadow
  19. Yes, very well behaved anywhere in public. She is well trained, obeys and stays in the cart without being tied. Usually no one knows she's there. She'll even sit and wait for me to go into the Pro Shop, walk to a green or across a fairway but keeps her eyes lock on me like a laser beam. And she knows the cart doesn't move until she is sitting. She's quiet as long as she doesn't see a squirrel close by - we haven't been able to get past a couple of barks, a whine and stomping her feet for squirrels.
  20. This a very short clip - sorry, but this was my playing partner yesterday. She loves the golf course and thinks the entire place is hers.
  21. But you didn't quit! Good job!
  22. It may be, but not compared to my prior wedges. That's all I have to compare it with.
  23. These photos are a comparison of my PWs in the order I've acquired and played them (L-R). This first photo is of the soles. I don't know how much a difference a wider sole makes for most players but it sure seems to be a hindrance for me. Left to right: Ping Serene, Wilson D7, TaylorMade R7, and Cleveland ZipCore which plans to permanently send the others to the timeout bag. (Ping, Wilson and TaylorMade are each part of a full iron set. Wilson D7 is the 2nd best) This This next photo is a comparison of the faces and grooves. Cleveland claims the extra grooves are a plus and so far (even with what little I used it) my "Zippy" and I agree. Left to Right: Ping, Wilson D7, TaylorMade R7 and Cleveland "Zippy" ZipCore
  24. I haven't had an issue with my watch connecting with the satellite but honestly I haven't watched to know how long it takes. I normally turn mine on when I finish my range warm up while waiting to head to the tee box. That can be anywhere from 5-10 minutes before tee time, but I turn it on and don't look at again until I get to the starting tee. A couple of times I forgot and it didn't connect until after I started. But it is a simple edit to add your first drive after the round.
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