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  1. Rather than walk across the green, I walk around the green which ensures the screen continues to show the yardage.
  2. I get confused about how much stuff guys put in their pockets. At least half of my skorts don't even have a pocket to get dirty.
  3. But us ladies love them on our guys! All shapes and sizes. Does my white skort count? My son has white golf pants that always look so sharp. My husband doesn't have white (yet) but has other light colors - pink, yellow and baby blue. I love them all. He gets lots of compliments from other golfers, men and women. The men ask where he purchases them. Dress like you're out to have a fun round. Tip from women - we buy a new pair of white pants each year so they never get too dingy.
  4. About a month ago, I visited a PGA Superstore specifically to search for solar shirts. Mid-summer they start putting lots of summer clothing on sale. I purchased 8 long sleeve solar shirts from various brands, all at least 50% off. My guess is the discount it even greater now. Go - while they are still available.
  5. I now unfortunately (or fortunately) fully understand swing thoughts. This past weekend I needed hit my ball left of a tree about 10 feet in front of me and had plenty of space to do that. But as I was lining up I thought "hope I don't goof and hit the tree". My next thought was "oops is that a swing thought, where did that come from". Sure enough, my ball sailed barely past the right side of tree and almost out of bounds. Then my thought was "well, how about that, it's true". I'm much happier concentrating on swing feels. I think next time that happens I'll back off and start over.
  6. If I play in the middle of hot days, I also search for shade and basically drive from one shade spot to the next. I have an awesome silver semi-reflective umbrella (from Coolibar) that lowers the heat under it 15%. But umbrellas don't work well in wind and we have lots of windy days. I've had to chase it down the fairway to recover it. Several ladies at our course have cart blankets that have an oval hole for the cart armrests to fit through. These keep the seats from burning or freezing you. We stretched cloth seat covers over the seats in our personal cart that do the same thing. Our course has ice chests located halfway through each 9 holes that are full of small towels in ice water. These are a huge help. Most of us stop to get one to wrap around our necks as we play. I usually also pick up one to put in my cart ice chest for use after another few holes. We always turn the towels back in to the cart barn for them to wash and put out the next day.
  7. I apologize that I missed your message above until now. There are a number of anti-inflammatory diet regimens developed the last couple of years that are trying to jump on the trend. They are are easy to search online and the basics for each are similar. I did a lot of research about it as I made diet adjustments that I was willing to start with and then added more later as I realized how true it was. Finding a list of anti-inflammatory foods was pretty easy, but finding a list of inflammatory foods proved to be more difficult. I assume the industries that produce those foods work to keep that information buried. I would too. The anti-inflammatory diet that I drew the most information from is "The Galveston Diet". It is geared toward women but my husband has mostly followed it, after my positive results, and has lost more lbs. than me. Besides less pain, it healed my gut (no more indigestion) and gave us lots more energy. If you want more info, send me a PM so I don't fill up this thread for those who might not be interested.
  8. I didn't even know you can block someone.
  9. In the past I remember a long discussion here about shots not being recorded and how touching the sensor to the watch band helped. That especially makes a difference for my chipping and putting strokes.
  10. I wrapped some of mine with electrical tape (it works great), but you've made me think I may need to do all of them.
  11. As I've been reading this thread the past couple of days I'm beginning to understand why with every lesson I've ever had part of the instructions were don't think about it too much just hit it. Truth is I've never thought about the mechanics much (ok maybe a a little when I first started playing or during a lesson). Maybe it's a woman thing but I swing by feel and try to make my real swing feel like a practice swing I liked. It never enters my mind to process swing mechanics while I'm swinging. I'm starting to feel like I've been missing something and maybe if I thought about the mechanics more I could have better scores. Now I'm concerned that when I play tomorrow I will make myself have some of your swing thoughts. When I start to line up, I do quietly talk to my ball about whatever I write or draw on it. Right now I write "F--- Cancer for Nancy" (my sister), talk to her like she's playing with me and sometimes tell her good shot. After the round we talk (for real) about how "we" played and she loves it. I draw angel wings on my ball when my nephew is deployed with special forces to remind me that the reason people like me get to play golf is because people like him do what they do (and I talk to my ball about where he might be). Then during my swing I focus only on how it feels.
  12. I suggest look into an anti-inflammatory diet (rather life style change). I changed in the middle of last year for a hip pain but didn't know it would make me lose weight. It's been very easy and lost over 25lbs without trying. I read that they tested it on people with Type 2 Diabetes and most of those people are now off insulin.
  13. Wow. Hope it was on purpose.
  14. So sorry you've gone through that. I don't have all of my original parts either. But shiny new or additional parts aren't all bad.
  15. Yep, but my husband says that I love organizing projects. Too bad this one has been so expensive.
  16. I love getting older. It's more fun when I learned to quit stressing and roll with the flow.
  17. Weather didn't keep me away, life did. I just couldn't keep up with everything. I've spent many hours on my parents home I inherited in another town. It ended up needing major repairs - had tub tile leak which flooded a bedroom; foundation issues - jack hammered 21 holes for pilings right through the middle of the house; which caused plumbing problems - had to tunnel under the house for replacement repairs, and now painting and cosmetic repairs top to bottom, one end to the other to get it on the market. Poor @downlowkeyhe's leasing the house from me and is patiently living through it. Takes a while, it's a big house, but can see light at the end - more fun times for golf!
  18. Love the beautiful course photo.
  19. The original post for this was a long time ago, but Golf4Her.com now has skorts available in 3 lengths. Great options for us shorties and our tall friends.
  20. In the meantime, no need to sacrifice. Just clear a skinny lane and roll out a PuttOut. Or make do with an inexpensive runner rug.
  21. Thanks. So delighted you guys are all still here.
  22. Hmmm . . . and where is that dark skeleton in the background going?
  23. Thanks for the welcome back! I've missed being here. Yes all is well. It's hot in TX but seems never too hot for golf. Just prepare well. LOL, just reviewed my last posted MGS handicap. I went down to 16 and now back up to 18. Guess not much changes in the long run.
  24. Hi MyGolfSpy friends . I've been out a while but glad to be back. What better place to start than my favorite "Happy Thread".
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