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  1. 1. The instructions state use the vertical markings to work on length of back and through stroke. I think that even with a forward press stroke you should be able to use the lines by paying attention to the top of the lines instead of of the line is at the same angle as your shaft. I tried using the plane and the lines for a short time but I don't have a lot of trouble with length of my back stroke. I would rather use a setup with only the alignment sticks. I can tell how the plane and vertical lines would be helpful to someone who needs to work on length of stroke. 2. The only instructions I find on what distance to place a gate is on "Drill - Starting Line. Set the Gate 1-2 feet away from the ball. Work on delivering a square putter face to roll the ball through the gate." I think using a gate (or gates in a line on an actual putting green would be helpful but I haven't tried it. 3. The best distance control aid for me is using the Pressure Putt Trainer cup. If you hit it so that your ball rolls back to you, then you would have made that putt. A "perfect" putt will stick in the micro-target "cup". Your pace and distance must be perfect for that to happen. The attempt in doing that is addicting. I like to attempt 30-50 putts keeping a score of how many are perfect putts. After each round of putts I move to a longer putt setup and start over with my count. I continue until my back hurts too much to continue, which has increased to approx 250 putts in one practice time. Another practice option I use is to leave the Pressure Putt Trainer at the 10 ft. mark, then starting with 1 foot distance, attempt one putt, then randomly move to another mark (like 3, 6 or 10) and attempt another putt. If your distance is off, you must go retrieve your ball instead of it rolling back toward you. 4. The mirror was not included in our testing package. But I would have loved to try it. Other: I find the most difficult drills is trying to make my ball stop inside one of the circles on the mat. It doesn't translate to actual putting on a green, because I try to hit my putts a little firmer than barely rolling in a hole, but this drill definitely helps with feel and distance (on this mat).
  2. "nasty 2-4' putts" - those are the worst! I would much rather face a 15' than a 3'.
  3. Actually I think you are right on target. I’ve done a lot of research into and presented on learning styles. Learning styles affect all of our choices in everything we do. There may not be specific research into learning styles and alignment sticks but I feel sure there are research results that can be applied here. Receiving information in our specific learning styles (no matter the subject) always increases ease of learning and retention. I agree PuttOUT seems to have enough of an assortment in their putting trainer system to fit several learning styles.
  4. I don't like hitting through the gate because it clutters my visual focus and confuses my feel for distance on the target. I figure if I hit the cup on the Putting Trainer then it would have gone through the gate.
  5. Yes! When I clicked to go to a different page, I went to that page instead of the review tab. Yea, thanks! But in one of my posts today, the "like" reaction button is missing. Maybe it will show up later?
  6. Oops, I apologize everyone! When you turn both gate feet with the larger part of the feet inside the gate it does not leave enough space for the golf ball to pass between the feet. But it does work to turn the feet around for the second example I gave above. Below are example photos from setup and drill instructions on the packaging of the Alignment Plane Stick Set. You can see how the gate feet are positioned with the larger part on the outside of the gate. In this video you can see how I turn the outside gate foot around so that my golf ball can pass the foot without any trouble. The idea is to lean the shaft of your putter against the alignment stick to provide instant feedback on keeping everything in your a stroke aligned. This putt was almost 3 feet (space between each tick mark on the mat measures 1 ft). This is how I practice with the alignment sticks. I like it better than trying to use the putting plane setup.
  7. You can adjust them as is. Turn the feet around 180° and put them back on. Now your inside distance between the gates will be smaller. Use this same setup for the feet when using the alignment sticks on top of the gates and lining up the putter along alignment stick but on the outside of the gates - then your ball will not hit the foot when sliding by the gate. (This is one of the drills on the Plane Alignment Stick packaging but it works better with the feet turned around).
  8. Mostly I use tees from my husband's stash. But leave it up to us ladies to find fun even in golf tees! I've bought a few just because they are a fabulous color. Bright yellow - I sponsor a Sadie Hawkins team each year. My team dresses in yellow and I make goodie bags around yellow themed items. Each person gets a bunch of long yellow tees and everyone knows where we've been. Silver - I play in a weekend group that has closest to the hole greenies on every par 3. Put down your hopefully unique tee to mark your spot. I painted the top 1/2 inch of my silver tees with yellow fingernail polish. Trouble is when the last group picks up the tees, no one wants to give mine back. Fuchia (called Passion Fruit on the order) - just because. Look at that rich color!
  9. Problems with new Test Opportunities setup. Anyone else having difficulties with the "comments" tab opening. It takes twice going through finding and clicking on "comments" tab for it to actually open that tab instead of switching back to "Reviews". And then when I click on a page number at any time (like choosing to go to the last comment), it switches back to the "Reviews" tab and I must go through the process again. I'm not convinced that anyone else on the forum (outside of us PuttOUT reviewers, our moderator and one other, @Superjoemofo) are receiving notifications or seeing any of our posts. Do they even know about the new review posting setup? I don't receive a notification when you guys post on this review/comments and I've checked my settings. But I still receive notifications on other forum streams that I follow.
  10. I have noticed an oddity with my PuttOUT mat. In one direction my putts are very straight down the center line. In the opposite direction, I cannot make a putt over 4ft stay on the line, they all drift left. There is a very slight hump across the mat surface that I cannot get to lay flat and that is the point at which my putts turned left. What I can't determine is why putts from the opposite end are not also affected by the hump. In the photo below, the hump is where you see a lighter ban across the mat.
  11. I've been practicing, almost daily, 50 putts at 2ft, 3ft and 4ft aimed at the Pressure Putt Trainer cup and then recording my perfect putts. Just like putting on a green, my success varied. Though my putts were considered made, my perfect putt counts were from 3 - 13 at 2ft and 3-4 at 3 ft but 0 at 4ft. Last night I changed practice up a little. 30 putts at 2ft, 3 ft, and 4ft and then 10 putts at 6ft - 10 ft. I missed one putt at each of 4ft, 7ft and 9ft plus 5 at 10ft. I did have a few perfect putts but didn't keep count. And this morning I have a sore back!
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