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  1. Well this was my first time to give mine a thorough cleaning. And hopefully my last. Drying out after a rain to prevent mildew is one thing, thorough cleaning is a whole different issue. Now everything smells like Lysol, including my house ugh!
  2. Does sand, dirt and pieces of grass fall down in your bag? I was surprised at the grass that came out of my bag when I poured out the water.
  3. Clean & disinfect instructions came from the pro shop. One lady used a bottle of anti-bacterial/fungal spray from her husband's veterinary clinic on her equipment. Another lady used only soap and water. A fourth hasn't done anything yet and played a different local course today, but said she planned to clean hers tonight. So far I'm the only one that cleaned inside my bag.
  4. Not sure where to post this but after searching I've ended up here under club cleaning tips. I played in a 2-day tournament this week in another city and the greens had some kind of fungus. I was told that all of my golf equipment - balls, clubs, gloves, bag, shoes, everything needed to be cleaned and disinfected so I didn't introduce the fungus to my home course. I've never been told that before but it seemed to make sense. Have any of you had to do this before? How much cleaning is necessary and what do you use? It sounded pretty serious that I do this. What I had on hand to use was soap, water and Lysol concentrate. I made a bath of it and soaked everything in it for 10 minutes. Then I scrubbed the outside bottom of my bag and even poured some of that stuff inside the bottom. I opened the inside zippers on my two longest side pockets to let air into the bottom to dry. I also open those zippers to let things dry out after rain gets in my bag. The most interesting discovery is that my driver actually floats! All of the other clubs sink. Everything has dried out quickly just like after a rainy round. But at this point I'm thinking I never want to play anywhere that has a green fungus again if I have to do this!
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Augusta National Women's Amateur on TV. I was amazed listening to Jennifer Kupcho talk about playing through her migraine and relying on her Augusta caddie because for a while everything on her left side was blurry. I think the sportsmanship that was shining through made me feel as happy as the players were to be there. These fantastic amateurs (who play like pros) are very inspiring to a high handcapper like me. And to know Augusta did this for amateur women to help grow women's golf and golf in general - simply awesome!
  6. Found out yesterday that my GHIN went down from 25.5 to 25.1. Yea for me, I worked hard for that! That in turn also reduced my local course handicap by 1. Played with my husband in our club Tuesday Night Lights scramble yesterday. Finished with our cart lights on because of darkness and put on whatever extra clothes we had as the temperature dropped. Didn't win (28.75 with 25% of our handicap) but did get a skin and had a great time. Kept wishing I had those Wilson D7 clubs with me that I tried out on Saturday.
  7. Linda - 25 handicap March 30, 2019 - Marti Golf Center (Houston, TX) I'm learning so much from reading MyGolfSpy and my D7 challenge experience added to that. The main knowledge I came away with is I still have much to learn. And I need new clubs! The Marti Golf Center driving range was in good shape. The grass in the area roped off for Wilson was green, thick and fluffy - very nice. Being a custom tradeshow exhibit designer, presentation is important to me. The Wilson rep, John Lentz, was running a little late, but he was hustling so I'll give him a pass in the organization department. I actually helped set up his canopy tent and then hit balls to warm up while he got settled. He had a good inventory of Wilson clubs and equipment, but the D7 line was the only offering for us gals. John was knowledgeable and patient in answering all of my questions (I ask a lot of questions). A Norther decided to blow in as we were getting started bringing a light rain and a change in wind direction. We pulled all of his equipment under the canopy tent but I stood in the drizzle to hit. To start John had me hit my Ping Serene 7 iron, followed by the ladies version of the D7. The launch monitor data showed an average distance (carry) gain of 11 yards gain. I thought the smash factor information was really interesting. John explained (1.34) represented the most efficient contact on the D7s. My numbers didn't hit that exactly but all my swings were close. The most fantastic discovery for me was the difference in dispersion with the D7 - longer and straighter. Toward the end of my session, I also tried out the ladies D7 driver. We didn't track those shots but they appeared to fly at least as far as my Ping Serene driver. But again, delightfully straighter. John told me that technology has progressed rapidly in the last several years since my Pings were made. He took the time to explain the technology and physics behind why the D7s are longer and straighter. I really liked everything about them. For being a good sport about the weather and helping him set up, John gave me two Wilson D7 golf caps. They are much too large for me but fit my husband perfectly. He also gave me 7 two-ball sleeves of Wilson Duo Soft balls! Three for me and four to share with the ladies in one of my regular play groups. On the way home from Houston that night, I discussed golf clubs with my husband. One of my questions - how can I realistically try out several different club brands being so far away from a big retailer? He said that in his men's groups they regularly hit each others' clubs for that very reason. When I share my D7 challenge experience and Wilson balls with my friends, my first question will be - "May I please hit your driver?" Above is the Wilson setup. John answering one of my many questions. John explaining about tracking data. I did not feel like the D7s are clunky. But you can see the sole on my Pings are even wider. A topside comparison with my Pings. Sorry, my dog poked her nose in the photo. Wish I could have tried out every one of these! Above is the ladies D7 Driver. The dots on the club are not part of the design, those are water spots from the rain.
  8. Awww, I prefer to think they became misshapen inside a dying snake. They are very light weight.
  9. Yea! Just arrived for my appointment to try out the D7s. Anyone have questions you would like for me to ask the Wilson rep? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. @JohnSmallsA couple of years ago my brother gave us an oval brownish golf ball he found on his property. The only thing we figured could have happened to that ball was that a snake ate it and then died when it wouldn't digest. I thought you might enjoying seeing it!
  11. Wow, these are my drawings! Cool! Currently I draw a simple set of blue angel wings on opposite sides of my ball. I discovered the blue sharpie ink lasts the longest. It is quick and easy to identify my ball when the marking wraps the ball a little. No more hitting the wrong ball. Lesson learned! Plus many players at my course know who hit it when they run across a lost ball of mine. They come searching for me to return it. I once discovered one left on my front door mat. Some of my older balls have 6-7 tiny butterflies, bugs, etc. scattered all around. I'm hoping that when one of our abundant water moccasins finds one lost in the water, will eat it and die.
  12. I have been reading posts about some good golf happening in shaking off winter. But I want to vent about a super frustrating round. I did finish but felt like the course and I had a fight. I set a new record for me with the most lost balls in one round. It felt like I conquered the course into submission when I finished with a found ball still left in my possession. My penalties included 4 in the water and 4 OB that couldn't be found, plus my 8 sand shots felt like cruel jokes. Ended up laughing at myself much of the time while my playing partners watched in disbelief commenting that you couldn't make up a round like that. Came back with a round yesterday (2 days later) that still included 3 lost water balls but knocked 10 strokes off my score. It was a lot more fun.
  13. Thank you and thanks for the encouragement! Your post reminds me of the day my son and husband each shot their personal best while playing together on Father's Day. And when my son, at 14 or 15, beat my husband it was very quiet in our house for a full week while we all let that sink in and adjust to the new world. Thanks for making those very special memories bubble back to the top!
  14. I have been seeing the badges below names and wondering how to acquire them. It took a bit of searching but I found this thread. So far I haven't seen anyone else own up to a "Broke 100" badge, but I worked hard for that was ecstatic when I finally made it. I would love to add that below my name! Getting closer to the next goal of 90. I made my first donation yesterday. I sent a PM to @GolfSpy STUDque requesting a "Donor" badge also. Thanks!
  15. Oh my, I also didn't know there are issues about the type or features of gloves. I have always struggled to find gloves that fit and figured whatever I could find would be ok. When I first started to play I told our club pro that the deal breaker for me to play golf was if it meant I had to give up my soft hands. He said to always wear two gloves and I would never have problems. So far that is true but finding a pair has been a continuous challenge. I like them to match. Our club pro shop stocks only a few ladies but have never had a matching pair in my size. I've tried men's but even the small is too large for me. I've resorted to mostly online purchases and often off brands. I purchased this blue set in September and they are holding up very well. They feature little round gripper dots on the palm. During the hottest months (which is saying a lot for south Texas), I wear half finger gloves with a mesh top. The package calls it a Shorty. My hands stay fairly cool with these so I don't even remove them for putting. These are washable. I first found them at Academy (in white and pink) but the only place I can still find them is Eve's Golf Shop online in limited sizes. Very concerned they will run out and then what? In the winter, I wear these black Snake Eyes that I received for a Christmas gift. They keep even my fingertips warm without being even slightly bulky. I love the silicone Snake Eye logo grippers on the palm side. I've worn these for 4 winters and this past winter one seam finally started to split on my forefinger. These don't have any leather parts (polyester fleece and neoprene) and wash well. These are awesome! I know this one is odd for most of you but they work for me. These are Under Armour boys baseball gloves that I purchased last spring. I like them but the palms become slick with the least bit of water. I must be careful not to have these on if I use the course ball washer. This last photo is exactly what it looks like. A disposable Nitrile glove like restaurants use for food preparation. It rained hard during my very first tournament. Being naive newbies we were very ill prepared. My husband showed up with extra towels and some of these gloves. We pulled them on over our golf gloves and Voila! instant fantastic gripping. Looks a little odd but they are surprisingly amazing! I now permanently carry two pair in my bag - one for me and one for my tournament partner. Our new club pro has fit me with a Srixon ladies glove. It's a soft, pretty glove. He says the next time he places an order will be sure to get several left and right handed in my size and let me know when they arrive. I've heard that before, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I devoured every one of these glove reviews. Thank you so much for the brand ideas. Time to go online shopping again.
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