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    I love my family and love to be with them. Anything art related like drawing, painting, pottery, etc. and trolling others artwork at galleries. Outdoor activities - hiking, jogging, the beach (used to be a surfer girl and still have my own blue surfboard) and of course playing different golf courses. Music festivals and live concerts. Reading a good page turner on my iPad.
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  1. Thank you MyGolfSpy and Wilson! Wow! I am overwhelmed with emotions - excited, thankful, humbled, nervous, anxious - this is awesome! Excited and thankful for the opportunity to contribute. I've learned so much from this site and others reviews and I'm humbled to be included in that group. Nervous because I want to do my best and live up to everyone's expectations. Anxious to get started - like now.
  2. Linda Victoria, TX Currently use Garmin Watch Approach S3; 18 Birdies app on iPhone; or ask my playing partners what yardage they show on their devices.
  3. Kiradech Aphibarnrat -10
  4. Woohoo! Congratulations @Golfspy_CG2 Golf is so much more fun when great playing happens. Enjoy the glow.
  5. These look like a lot of fun to use and faster. I want one, now. Hmm, which one . . .
  6. I've read through your great review 3 times - it's so well written and presented I didn't want to miss anything. You were already a very skilled putter before this experiment. And I heard your struggle with whether to replace your current putter even while in the midst of writing your final review. I must say I'm impressed with your "HUGE decision" to embrace the change. You make me feel like I need a new armlock putter for myself. Change can be good. Of course, almost every MGS review I read has a tendency to make me yearn to try something new!
  7. Great memory! Not yet, but I was impressed. During several rounds I have wished for more than only the D7 7-iron to experiment with. The D7 challenge made me realize how much I could be missing by not trying other brands. We don't live close to a location where I can try several types so I need to organize a day trip (or trips) around taking advantage of that journey. The D7's might be "it" for me but I just don't know. On a positive note, I have a couple of friends who have mentioned they would like to share that with me. Yea for girl's golf research trips.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. Have never experienced one of those in South Texas.
  9. Love to see posted golf course photos. Thank you! I sure miss playing while marveling at the distant mountains. But I'm confused by this photo. Is that flag on a tiny temporary green out in the middle of what looks like the rough or what?
  10. Played in 3-day tournament this weekend. First day was great - tied my lowest score ever. 2nd day: #3 score 8, #4 score 9, #5 tee shot in the creek (I wanted to cry) . . . paused and called my son for a pep me up. Told me to quit trying so hard and have fun. And to remember that blowup holes can happen at the front of the round too so just chalk it up to that. I managed to immediately turned my game around. I know a lot of golf is a head game and I can pep other people up. So why can't I turn my focus back around on my own? A couple of years ago my son recommended two golf head books that were a great help. "Extraordinary Golf - The Art of Possible" and "Extraordinary Putting - Transforming the Whole Game". Both gave me things to think about to help calm my mind when playing.
  11. I remember this well! Was super cute. We still talk about it.
  12. I must eat gluten free so I always carry my own snack. I drink Bai Coconut Water mixed with 1/2 regular water. I seem to need protein before the end of a round, so my snack varieties at the turn include: Oberto's Original Beef Jerky Trail Mix (no preservatives) 12g protein; Pure Protein Bars 20g protein 3g sugar; Nature Valley Gluten Free Protein Bars 10-12g protein 7g sugar; and my new favorite Quest Cheddar Chips 21g protein 1g sugar. In warm weather I keep most snacks and drinks in the cart ice box when riding. When walking I keep them in the insulated pocket on my push cart. A lady that plays regularly with me always orders a sandwich from the grill while we're on #7. Then it's ready for her to pick up when we make the turn.
  13. I can't tell from the photo, is there a side slot for an umbrella?
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