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    I love my family and love to be with them. Anything art related like drawing, painting, pottery, etc. and trolling others artwork at galleries. Outdoor activities - hiking, jogging, the beach (used to be a surfer girl and still have my own blue surfboard) and of course playing different golf courses. Music festivals and live concerts. Reading a good page turner on my iPad.
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  1. I found out today that yes, the penalty is two strokes.
  2. Be careful when painting regular foam products with a test first. I once tried to spray paint foam and it became a misshapen, melted mess!
  3. Learned a hard lesson today. When my husband points and tells me "that's your ball" down in that fluffy grass, I better check instead of blindly trusting. So I hit the wrong ball resulting in a penalty that kept me from breaking 90 a second time. Same type situation happened to me when I first started playing and I have always checked until it was my husband. Note to self - ONLY trust myself to identify my ball.
  4. I earned a Broke 90 milestone today and would that badge, please! I have come so close a number of times but now it's real! Woohoo!
  5. Our home course, The Club at Colony Creek in Victoria, Texas
  6. Not exactly but thanks for making me laugh. I did use my putter as my dancing partner.
  7. I don't normally post on How'd You Play because somehow I haven't felt quite good enough that anyone would want to know. But today is different. Today I was the happiest person on the golf course and even danced around one of the greens when I made a 2nd birdie. But best of all, I finally broke 90 with an 84. Woohoo! It's like my 3 wood made up it's mind to take control of my game this afternoon but allowed me to go along to view the scenery. It was quite a surreal feeling. I thought I had lost it all on #17 when my drive bounced OB on the right and my next shot soared all the way across the fairway into a lake. Completed that hole with my only 7 of the day.
  8. In my round today, I used my 3 wood 10 times - none of those were on a tee box).
  9. With honors! Double fantastic! Congratulations!
  10. I love my 3 wood. When I played today I counted hitting mine 11 times (one of those was on a tee box). I used my driver 13 times. When I've played in a game when I could only have 5 clubs, I always gave up my driver in favor of my 3 wood.
  11. Congratulations to all of the new Hogan testers. I look forward to following along. I'd like to add a bit of history about the 'special place in my heart' comment Hogan's have for @downlowkey. The first set of clubs he chose to use in playing high school golf were Hogan's. He loved them and they became like an extension. I remember well how he would practice with those clubs until his hands bled. He would come home and immerse his hands in ice water so he would be able to repeat the intensity the next day. That's dedication. And it paid off.
  12. A Happy Belated Birthday Wish!
  13. Nothing. Most of my golf skirts don't even have a pocket.
  14. I get it. I have been a good putter from my very first lesson and have no trouble reading the greens. It's the kinesthetic coordination of big swings that knock me for a loop.
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