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  1. But you didn't quit! Good job!
  2. It may be, but not compared to my prior wedges. That's all I have to compare it with.
  3. These photos are a comparison of my PWs in the order I've acquired and played them (L-R). This first photo is of the soles. I don't know how much a difference a wider sole makes for most players but it sure seems to be a hindrance for me. Left to right: Ping Serene, Wilson D7, TaylorMade R7, and Cleveland ZipCore which plans to permanently send the others to the timeout bag. (Ping, Wilson and TaylorMade are each part of a full iron set. Wilson D7 is the 2nd best) This This next photo is a comparison of the faces and grooves. Cleveland claims the extra grooves are a plus and so far (even with what little I used it) my "Zippy" and I agree. Left to Right: Ping, Wilson D7, TaylorMade R7 and Cleveland "Zippy" ZipCore
  4. I haven't had an issue with my watch connecting with the satellite but honestly I haven't watched to know how long it takes. I normally turn mine on when I finish my range warm up while waiting to head to the tee box. That can be anywhere from 5-10 minutes before tee time, but I turn it on and don't look at again until I get to the starting tee. A couple of times I forgot and it didn't connect until after I started. But it is a simple edit to add your first drive after the round.
  5. "soon to be fiance" Hmm . . . how do you know she will say yes?
  6. My Wedge Quest Shortly after I completed a series of group lessons to learn the basics of how to play golf, an elderly gentleman at my club (Claud) asked our golf pro to recommend a tournament partner who was new to golf and fun to play with. He suggested me! So I participated in my first scramble only 3 weeks into playing. I learned a lot that day. I came home and told my husband that my golf goal is to play like Claud. He has a phenomenal short game. My husband explained that I would need to become a good wedge player. I have been progressing toward that ever since. Getting wedges I can hit well has been a journey. My wedges (PW & SW) in my first set of Ping clubs; the PW in my next set Wilson D7 irons; and the PW in my current TaylorMade R7 irons all have wider soles that I can't seem to consistently hit well. They keep bouncing off the ground and the Ping SW just didn't have enough loft. Then @downlowkey came to my rescue a couple of years ago. He gifted me a Cleveland RTX-3 52°/10 and 56°/11 that he no longer played with. I have learned to hit and like them. In the last couple of weeks he gave me another wedge from his past arsenal, 60° Cleveland Tour Action 900 which I intend to make my SW. With the addition of this new 46° ZipCore, I feel like I finally have a realistic opportunity to develop a full range short game like Claud. And all with Cleveland Wedges
  7. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it's a beautiful day.
  8. The reason we decided to blow the grip on was because I'm not sure if 1 inch off is enough. We can remove this grip and reuse it. But we had so much trouble that my husband did plead with me to "just do it the normal way". We first tried a hacksaw on the shaft but it didn't even leave a scratch on that shiny steel. I was desperate to keep trying when my husband remembered our Dremmel tool. It got quite hot but worked.
  9. The morning after we trimmed my wedge shaft, I was scheduled to play in a tournament at 9am. @GolfSpy Stroker warned us not to play without practicing first, but I was anxious and excited to try it. So without ever hitting one shot with it, I left my PW behind, grabbed the new 46° instead and joined my playing partners. Turns out the first couple of times I had the chance to use it, I was not the least bit confident so I switched to another club. That was a disaster because I was trying to make the wrong club work. When I finally used my new 46° ZipCore I was surprised and delighted with the result. I didn't know how much of a swing to take so it hit barely off the edge of the green . . . but it stopped immediately. I have a tendency to hit low to mid-high shots but this was high and soft. I laughed and thought how cool is that! No rolling past the hole or off the opposite side of the green. I know my playing partners were confused about why I was so happy. The next day I played again but with more confidence. I had 3 opportunities to use my new wedge. Two shots were on the green and again just stopped! The third one was a little short but that was user error when I hit it fat while my ball in a soft muddy area. I'm ready to now schedule some quality practice time.
  10. My new wedge actually came in last Thursday night but I couldn't play with it until we adjusted the shaft length. My husband helped me and we trimmed it down 1" Friday night. It took until today for me to figure out how to put my video snippets together and edit it all. We don't have fancy club equipment or special clamps to hold clubs but we made it work. If you're interested in how we did it, my video is below. We ran out of daylight before we finished so I couldn't show you installing a new grip with the air compressor - it wasn't as easy as the how-to YouTube videos make it. A couple of times the grip just flew off with a loud pop.
  11. Well that depends. Prime at what? Your driving distance might decrease but your short game and putting never has an prime limit. I know an elderly gentleman who recently shot his age all because of his phenomenal wedge game.
  12. Ha, ha - I get it! It's called nesting. Ladies need to fix our nest.
  13. I often get lost in the technology "speak" of lofts and spin rates. @Lacassem, your post made me curious what exactly makes a spinner shaft a spinner. The Cleveland site says it's specifically designed for wedge play but doesn't explain what those specifics are. For those of you, like me, who had no idea what the difference is and what it means, I finally found that info on an old 2015 Golf Monthly website: "a small section of the shaft with a thinner diameter is positioned near the grip of the club. And combined with a longer tip section creates extra through impact, increasing spin by up to 500rpm." The more I'm around MyGolfSpy the more cool stuff I learn. I started out thinking that if this steel shaft doesn't seem to like me, then I can switch it out for a graphite shaft. Now I'm hoping it will like me so much that I'll want to instead switch out my other wedge shafts to these spinners. My brain is already spinning and my new wedge is not even here yet.
  14. I can hit a lob shot that stops. But I don't know how to make my golf ball roll back after it hits a green. Any tips on how I learn that skill?
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