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    I love my family and love to be with them. Anything art related like drawing, painting, pottery, etc. and trolling others artwork at galleries. Outdoor activities - hiking, jogging, the beach (used to be a surfer girl and still have my own blue surfboard) and of course playing different golf courses. Music festivals and live concerts. Reading a good page turner on my iPad.
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  1. I have some yummy suggestions for you to consider adding to your diet transitions. Vegan or meat is fine but . . . 1. Eat as organic as you can. Yes it can cost a little more but what all of those chemicals and pesticides do to your body is not worth any amount of savings. If you are a meat eater that means grass fed and free range without any antibiotics. 2. Drop white rice, white bread, white potatoes and white pasta. Instead choose whole grain brown or wild rice, hearty whole grain breads with seeds, sweet potatoes, oat or almond flours, and lentil, chickpea or spinach pasta. 3. Drop all processed foods (yes, all of them). You don't want the chemicals and preservatives plus you lose too many nutrients with processed foods. Eats lots of fresh fruits and veges. Choose to make your own snacks or reach for nuts and seeds, dried or fresh cut up fruit or veges, and cheese sticks. My golf course snack pack is now a small bag of carrot sticks, apple wedges and individually wrapped cheese stick. 4. No added sugar. Examples: Choose olive oil and balsamic vinegar (fig balsamic and lemon olive oil is extra delicious) for your salad instead of processed, sugar added dressing. Choose to create your own wholesome trail mix instead of processed granola bars. Water and black tea instead of any kind of soda or sugar laced drinks. If you absolutely must have something sweet - try adding a little bit of Stevia. 5. Be gluten free. It's not that hard. 6. Drop inflammatory oils (corn, vegetable, canola, etc.) Choose Olive, avocado, coconut and occasionally peanut oils. This focuses on an anti-inflammatory diet instead of just vegan. We must have a balance of protein and good carbs in every meal or snack. I promise you will lose weight and your joints and indigestion free gut will thank you. Even my sinuses are no longer sore and swollen from allergies. You'll also be surprised what happens with your sugar and A1C levels.
  2. I quickly got accustomed to walking around the green and so now it's habit and not a problem. I haven't tried the X option but I will now.
  3. Yes! When I clicked to go to a different page, I went to that page instead of the review tab. Yea, thanks! But in one of my posts today, the "like" reaction button is missing. Maybe it will show up later?
  4. Mostly I use tees from my husband's stash. But leave it up to us ladies to find fun even in golf tees! I've bought a few just because they are a fabulous color. Bright yellow - I sponsor a Sadie Hawkins team each year. My team dresses in yellow and I make goodie bags around yellow themed items. Each person gets a bunch of long yellow tees and everyone knows where we've been. Silver - I play in a weekend group that has closest to the hole greenies on every par 3. Put down your hopefully unique tee to mark your spot. I painted the top 1/2 inch of my silver tees with yellow fingernail polish. Trouble is when the last group picks up the tees, no one wants to give mine back. Fuchia (called Passion Fruit on the order) - just because. Look at that rich color!
  5. Happy 4th of July weekend (fellow US spies). So exited for 3 full days of time with family, golf and my garden.
  6. I understand heat waves, but how is it possible that can make WA can be soooo much hotter than south TX. We played golf yesterday late afternoon in mid 80s.
  7. Thanks for the tips. I also like Coolibar, but not their women's tops.
  8. We hand wash our caps and easily scrub sweat stains out using an old toothbrush and a little baking soda. Then press most of the water out between two towels and hang to them dry. They are ready the next morning. Baking soda also helps eliminate that yucky old sweat smell. I have a Tilley hat for golf and hiking. I don't wear it often but I do love it. Like @Pandamansaid, it never seems to wear out. I also have a hand washable hat from Coolibar that has a sweat band and wide brim. I've worn it numerous time over the past year and it still looks great.
  9. I recently inherited the Bettinardi armlock that @downlowkey reviewed for MyGolfSpy. I was surprised at how much easier it is putt and I'm now a super fan of armlock. Enjoy!
  10. I have found that I'm cooler while wearing solar shirts or solar sleeves than with bare arms and sunscreen. I wear them for golf and working in my garden. Sunscreen doesn't seem to allow my skin to properly breathe and cool off in the heat. Shirts - I have several colors of long sleeve solar cooling shirts from Under Armour and Nike. I like all of them. I can feel the cooling affect even when I first put them on. Since they are kind of tight fitting all over, I wear a short sleeve shirt over the top of them when. It doesn't seem to make me hotter to have on another shirt because of the way cooling shirts work. I also have one Coolibar long sleeve shirt that does not breathe enough for me to wear in hot months. Sleeves - I purchased 2 pair of off-brand (Aegend) solar sleeves from Amazon. They worked ok but my arms would still tan through the fabric and the fabric started wearing out after 6 months. I have now purchased a much better pair of PGA Superstore brand solar sleeves that are thicker fabric than the off-brand. I feel like they will last much longer. My son has a couple pairs of Nike solar sleeves which he likes and wears every time he plays. Seems like you get the quality you pay for. I always hand wash the sleeves. I put my solar shirts in the washing machine but the instruction tags stated to hang them to dry. Even with solar shirts or sleeves, when the Texas temperature rises to the high 90's, I pour water on my arms 2-3 times during a round for a little extra cooling. With higher temps several of my lady friends and I keep a FrogTog towel in our coolers that we then wrap around our necks - ah that is wonderful!
  11. We've had enough rain that the Guadalupe River that runs through Victoria has been flooded for over 2 weeks. And it's raining again. The golf course has not been dry in a while but we keep sloshing along and slipping in mud but delighted to get to play . . . Rain always sprouts hordes of mosquitos to fight off. I've even donned a bandana across my face for a few select holes. We come home with blood stains on our clothes that I'm convinced is not all mine. I should have bought stock in mosquito spray! And still we go back out to play some more. Played in a 3-day city championship tournament (3 different courses) over the weekend that was lift clean and place everywhere, even the fringe around the greens. The course grass and my garden are loving this extra moisture. Sure love this game and itching to playing again.
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