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  1. We just need a little more time for the rest of the Wilson's (or us) to work into place. I feel confident that the rest will make it.
  2. Woohoo I finally did it! The course was not busy this evening so I dropped 4 balls on this tee determined to figure out how to hit the Wilson 7 iron over the water and stay on the green. #4 ball stuck. After playing we went back to that same hole so I could conquer it again. YES, and within 4ft of the hole on the 1st attempt. Gee what a relief and confidence booster. Next act - conquer the 6 & 5 irons.
  3. Thank you for the kudos. The whole idea of doing testing/reviews is so other people can learn from the participants. I've learned so much from others' posts since joining MyGolfSpy. I just love it. I like sunny 95° beach weather but I also like bundling up for a hike in the mountains when there is light snow!
  4. On the Wilson website they list (Try before you buy) demo sets of the D7 for $9.99. The men's are currently out of stock but I suggest that you contact them to see when more will be available. The ladies sets are still in stock and ready for a trial.
  5. Just notice you added one for me. Wow, how cool is that! Makes me feel official and part of the gang. Thanks.
  6. Hi fellow spies. I posted my Stage 2 review for these Wilson D7 irons last night. Yippee! A couple of you had asked about bump & run and around the green shots. Find out what I discovered (and learned).
  7. I agree. We're almost to the end. And I'll try to get a video of my new bump and run shot!
  8. I just looked at all of them. No wear at all. But after five years my Ping Serene club cavities also don't show wear. Even from an angle you can see how much wider the soles on my Pings are. I also checked the holes on the soles, which to me are not holes at all because they are filled with a hard polymer. I expected to see at least a little wear here but all of those are fine and don't show any wear. There is a slight indention for each hole so the polymer probably doesn't receive the same ground contact abuse as the surrounding metal parts of the sole. As expected the highly polished soles have accumulated lots of scuffs. This photo is of the 7 iron which has been one of the least used in the set. But still shows I have been using these!
  9. Well I didn't have a single favorite shot with the D7s until today. I used my pitching wedge about 70 yards out and needed to skim the edge of a bunker. I could see the flag but not the area of the green where the hole was behind the bunker. I saw my ball bounce on the edge of the bunker and thought it made it onto the green but would be going too fast to stay there. I searched in the tall grass on the other side of the green for a long time but never found my ball. Walking back across the green to search on the front side, I looked down in the cup and there was my ball! I had a birdie on a par 5! Wish I could have watched it.
  10. Though I mostly like these clubs I do have two disappointments. #1 - I'm disappointed that the ladies set doesn't offer a 4 iron like the men's. Doesn't make sense, seems like women need it more than men. It leaves a big gap that I fill with my old TaylorMade 4 iron which I happen to love. #2 - I still have trouble with distance consistency with the longer irons #6 and #5. If I hit the sweet spot they will fly surprising farther than expected. And then a hit that feels solid but obviously isn't can fall quite short. Getting the expected distance doesn't happen often enough. @Tarheelvolvo thanks for the link to the article about gaps. I found myself nodding in agreement also.
  11. 4th week review update - I realize it's past week 4, but after my week 3 update I had almost a 3 week layoff. So to me this has been week 4. Not much to report. I played one full round where I felt completely out of whack - rhythm, distance, direction, putting, you name it. I'll count that as time well spent to knock the jet lag rust off. I didn't even keep score. I also put in two practice sessions working on getting a feel back for my short game. @downlowkey was a huge guidance in helping me feel confident again with chipping, pitching and flop shots. I like my D7 gap and pitching wedge so much I just didn't anticipate that I could go backwards in using them. I'm now optimistic about a round tomorrow. I plan to make it easy on myself, enjoy the course (lots of good rain today, yea!) and let the Wilson D7's do their thing. Weather permitting, I'm committed to putting in a lot of time these last two testing weeks to bring the D7's back around. Cheers.
  12. I don't have a single favorite shot I've made, but I do have a favorite shot I make with these clubs. It's a short lob shot with the Gap wedge. I now feel confident when getting ready for it (over a bunker, hill or nothing significant) because it's become pretty consistent.
  13. Great addition. I hope you don't feel I was being critical of your original post because I didn't intend to. I thought I was just adding my thoughts to the conversation. @downlowkey gave me a wonderful golf head book "Extraordinary Golf - The Art of the Possible" by Fred Shoemaker. It helped me change my perspective on the game and few other things in life. Several times I have reread parts of the book when I need to get grounded again.
  14. My husband seems to have no trouble separating how different people play. He can have a horrible round and still be encouraging and enjoy mine . . . he can also have a brilliant round and still encourage my bad one. I've learned to be a pretty happy player and have laugh at my goofy shots. The only times I get truly frustrated is when 1) I'm part of a team that is depending on me and can't seem to do my part and 2) someone I'm playing with gets mad and ruins the atmosphere for everyone. When it's me, I've learned to give myself a pep talk; I may not play much better but I can still enjoy that I get to play this game and in these surroundings. If it's another player's attitude that is ruining it for everyone, I sometimes gently remind them that we are simply not good enough to get mad so please let me enjoy the day - that usually does it. Sometimes to break the tension it helps to turn up the music, twirl my driver and dance around the cart.
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