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    I love my family and love to be with them. Anything art related like drawing, painting, pottery, etc. and trolling others artwork at galleries. Outdoor activities - hiking, jogging, the beach (used to be a surfer girl and still have my own blue surfboard) and of course playing different golf courses. Music festivals and live concerts. Reading a good page turner on my iPad.
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  1. I didn't play my best today. Then took my own advice - after three funky high short left drives, on #12 I switched to hitting drives with my eyes closed. Ahh, much better, all long and straight.
  2. I know I'm not good enough to give advice on how to fix a swing or play any part of this game, so I'm very hesitant to add to this conversation. But . . . when I'm so frustrated with my play that I want to cry, I go to the range, and after lining up to hit each ball, I close my eyes. It helps calm me to swing only by feel. I've never hit the ground and have only whiffed one with closed eyes. I regularly hit a blind shot during a round and have hit some awesome drives with my eyes closed, but need to be with cooperative playing partners willing to watch where my ball goes. It's always surprisin
  3. A bunch of the guys in my high school wore short wigs with their long hair tucked up inside. Those were some of the ugliest wigs on the planet.
  4. I would like to paint ours. I assume that you disassembled everything to paint those. What special preparations did you use to be sure the paint sticks? I have trouble just getting a piece of tape to stick on our roof material. We've already looked at a few wrap ideas. What brand did you use for the wrap? Do you recommend them? And did you put the wrap on yourself? Any tips?
  5. Great job and thanks for sharing the photos. We have a 2nd cart that is like this one that we've turned into a 4 seater. I showed your before and after to my husband because we've considered a wrap on the body and you did such a great job. Did you paint the roof and bars or replace them?
  6. Woohoo. Congrats. A reset sounds nice. Good Luck on the next step.
  7. She's beautiful and happy!
  8. Congrats on how you've played so far. Good Luck tomorrow - pulling for you!
  9. When I was learning I threw several balls out of the bunker up on the green - and it felt great to get there. I thought it was fun to be out on the course no matter how I played. It was the good players who made it sound like I shouldn't be having fun. Sounds like your daughter enjoys sharing your time and pastime. Embrace that part of it and she'll keep coming back just to do something fun with you. I read somewhere golf rules for beginners and it included things like tossing your ball back on to the fairway, improving your lie, and throwing the ball out of the sand.
  10. I played in a 2-day Ringer Tournament this weekend. Yesterday was embarrassingly awful. I had been sick all week wasn't sure if I could play. My energy simply ran out too early, on #8. I knew I needed to keep my blood sugar level up to make it through today, so I packed a couple of peanut butter crackers for every three holes and added caffeine (an iced latte) on the back nine. I was pretty wired but it worked. I improved 16 strokes over yesterday with an 85 to win Low Gross in my ladies flight. I used my new Cleveland ZipCore Wedge for every wedge shot except one in the bunker. It's gett
  11. Ha, ha. She has always played fetch very well. But for this she did want to run off and chew up the foam balls. She lived with@downlowkeybefore she came to live in Texas and he would rapid fire 30 foam balls to her in his living room. But I wanted her to bring them all back. I started out by lining up mini treats on the arm of the chair next to my chipping rug. I would give her one treat every other time she brought one back, until now she doesn't need treats anymore.
  12. Your post makes me laugh, thanks. No on the ballet dancer, I'm not that coordinated. The video snippet of the last swing was actually the first one we did, before I started consciously working on trying to keep my feet on the ground. I put it last only because it was a good hit and I yelled Woohoo. Hadn't connected the my toes action with toe hits, but it makes sense. Thanks for the tip. I'll try to pay attention to when that happens. I'm actually doing better with keeping my feet down on short shots but not my drives. I give my drives everything I have and that seems to bring me up on my
  13. Thanks. The photo frame tip credit goes to you. You were correct that Snapseed is easy to use. I love it. Ha, I don't have golf ball dents in my house. I hit so many that would be an expensive repair. Foam balls prevent that. But I probably have marks on the paint from wet "slobber" balls. If I don't focus and aim correctly they ricochet all over the place - kitchen sink, potted plant, under a sofa, into another room and even back at me. But my dog always lets me know where they are.
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