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    I love my family and love to be with them. Anything art related like drawing, painting, pottery, etc. and trolling others artwork at galleries. Outdoor activities - hiking, jogging, the beach (used to be a surfer girl and still have my own blue surfboard) and of course playing different golf courses. Music festivals and live concerts. Reading a good page turner on my iPad.
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  1. So sorry the wind is whipping up trouble for you guys.
  2. I'm not convinced the weather people actually know. We were forecast for 3 days of rain. It sprinkled a couple of times yesterday morning and now it's all gone.
  3. My family played a walking 9 this afternoon. High was a sunny 78°.
  4. Water is good. Thought it would be several more days but . . . started receiving a little water through taps Friday evening and then surprisingly, a little while ago tonight they lifted our boil water notice. How it's possible to move the process along that fast I don't know, but I like it! Other cities are not so fortunate yet. But here it's time to run the dishwasher, do laundry and take a hot shower. Ahhh! There are still many repairs to be made but this is uplifting and I feel very blessed. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to do the same for all of you.
  5. Freezing, no water, blinky power - two days later we're de-stressing by enjoying golf in 71° weather. Gotta love South Texas! Those of you forecast for more snow and ice - I empathize with you. I'm so sorry.
  6. Great photo. Looks quite serene and I love the snowy hills in the background. Thanks for sharing.
  7. You are correct, we do have those experiences to learn from. But this is different for Texas. We run inland from hurricanes and don't come back until things have improved. There was no where to run from this and we certainly don't know how to prepare for cold snow and icy conditions. Dumb us - if we had even thought we might lose water we would have filled tubs and everything we could find to be prepared. We were preparing for possible power outage but not water. We are surviving and will add what we learned to our memory banks. It should only be a hiccup for the golf course to bounce back; mu
  8. Please keep Texas in your prayers. What started as freaky but fun winter snow morphed into quite a challenge. In one of our city's press briefings I read that over 1000 public water systems in Texas (including ours) had water breaks/outages for days. Of those that have recovered enough to now intermittently supply water, a boil water notice has been issued. Millions have lost power, some for the past 6 days. Can't boil water without power. But in the great Texas can-do spirit we have pulled together what resources we each have to power through. At one point my creative son and husband scooped
  9. Ok, I'll add my part. I'm sure the beach has dusting of snow and ice but I'm sorry to disappoint you, I live 2.5 hours south of Houston. It is even rarer for us to get the fluffy white stuff. And I now live 30 miles inland from the beach so I can't send you beach snow photos but I can share what we did get (a light wet snow that is now icy!) The low temperature here was 16° last night (that's major for us) with light snow and heavy winds most of the night. The golf course is closed until Wednesday. South Texas does not know what to do with snow and ice so we all stay home and enjoy it. My dog
  10. My club has a Winter Club Cup tournament set up like Ryder Cup - two teams, all match play. Last year, I had a match against another lady (a friend and our local LGA president) and as we were getting started she told me about a dream she had the night before that her husband had invented a golf bag for her where she could spin the clubs around to choose one. She said it would be so cool to have one with that feature. Fast forward to this past December. I'm sitting at our LGA Christmas luncheon and the incoming president asks our table to help think of a gift to give our outgoing president
  11. Well thank you! You made my day! And yes we do have fun.
  12. When @downlowkeywas a young kid (about 6 or 7 years old) we took him to the Shell Open in Houston. After play, he was of course hunting for autographs. He had a visor, his program and a pen ready. He spotted Greg Norman on the the practice putting green and went over to watch him and wait for a signature. Other older kids also walked up to the rope around the green and yelled out "Can I have your autograph?" to which Norman always replied "Wait until I'm finished practicing". All of those other kids quickly got bored and went off it search of another autograph. But @downlowkey waited patiently
  13. I have never had a gluten free store bought pizza crust that didn't taste like cardboard or limp mush. We make our own from Bob's Red Mill Pizza mix. It's easy!
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