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  1. What a great concept and idea. Can pre select driver and test on course. Would be interesting to combine with Mygolfspy driver fitting tool for recommendations.
  2. Would love the opportunity to test Voice caddie SL2 laser rangefinder. Would be most interested in how it stacks up to Arccos caddie as well as current Nikon rangefinder
  3. Currently using Arccos with link. Overall, excellent system particularly with the data it provides you to improve your game. It will miss the odd shot, but is easy to correct. The link is okay, but I got used to having phone in front pocket. Link does not work well when wearing a jacket or coat in colder weather as it can’t be covered up. Shotscope is another good alternative.
  4. Would welcome the opportunity to try and evaluate the Edel putters. A well conceived and quality product.
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