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  1. I live ten minutes from their Mississauga location and about 45 - 60 min from their Toronto location. I’ve been going to them for years and needless to say I am a frequent visitor to their Mississauga location and build shop.
  2. Thank you. It was such fun and an awesome experience. Very grateful to Ian and Mike for making it easy.
  3. Where I live in Canada, it can be pricey. Moreover, the season is short, but I have a lot of courses to choose from. One of the metrics I use other than is it a good course, does it provide good value. Good value to me as it applies to golf courses would include the following: 1. It’s a course you would recommend to a friend coming to visit 2. It’s good value for the money. This can include expensive courses 3. It’s accessible to the public and it’s within 30-60 minutes of where you Iive. 4. Pace of play is good (4.25 hours or less on average), it’s a reasonably scenic or walkable course with a good variety of challenge for all golfers 5. It’s a course you’ve played and have/would go back and definitely play again 6. It’s a gem of a course, if it ticks all the above boxes and is very reasonable price wise offering exceptional value for the money.
  4. A good morning to all on a sunny but still cool Monday morning. Espresso going down nicely, both huskies curled up at my feet looking for their treats. Pickleball and the range planned for today. Below is the latest from my artist wife and her gnome collection. Enjoy and may everyone have a great day.
  5. I have been using Arccos for the last 5 years and really like the quality of the data. They’ve gotten better every year with the quality of the data. I use the link and leave my phone in th cart. The downside is you need a fully charged phone and link. The thing I don’t like is the pricing especially the new Link pro. For the same price I could get a Shotscope V5 which includes the watch and no annual fees. So very tempted. Having said that the one downside to all GPS systems is not the accuracy of the GPS, rather how the course is mapped. You can see differences of 5-15 yards on holes compared to laser range finder. The courses where someone has walked it and mapped it tend to be to be the most accurate as far as distances are concerned
  6. I really like this one. Simple, elegant and functional. @jbern a sincere thank you for doing this. They look absolutely great. Really liking the double line with either triple dot or logo. Here is my official reaction. So many great options
  7. Chris, thanks for sharing and a good reminder of the importance of face angle as well as path. To put this into perspective, if you look at the Quintic data, the impact of face angle is about 90% on the start direction of the ball. Elite (tour) players, will typically be < 0.5 degrees at impact. i.e. they are very consistent. For the rest of us, if the putter face is open or closed by 2 degrees or more, you will miss that 5 foot putt. Glad you liked the colours. The stability tour shaft comes in a variety of colours whereas the tour one is basic black https://breakthroughgolftech.com/shop/
  8. Steve, I think you're doing great. PGA tour average from 5 and 7 feet are 80% and 61%. From 10 feet it's 41%. LPGA average at those distance is 77%, 58% and 40%. Anywhere close to any of those, is really good.
  9. I also love the look of the white Accra shaft. Pity the TPT doesn't come in white. If my wife had her way she would select the following (pink head, BGT pink Stability tour shaft + white pistol grip). She has also been known to "borrow" clubs from my bag and if she likes them, it winds up in her bag, never to return again (goodbye wedges, putter). Mind you this usually requires a fitting and the subsequent re-shafting to suit her swing. Knowing this and wary of this, I will not be selecting the pink head as the temptation would be too great for her. If L.A.B. is watching, this could be the ladies L.A.B. To be balanced, here is the men's version in Masters colours
  10. Happy Anniversary @Kenny B What a great photo The balloons are a nice added touch.
  11. Good morning to all, on a cool Sunday morning. Well at least the coffee is hot and delicious. Game 1 of the Stanley cup playoffs and unfortunately the “schooling” continues. One team showed up to play playoff hockey, the other thinking it was still the regular season. I can see @Jim Shaw grinning all the way on Vancouver Island. This is part of the “testers” manual on how to do MGS testing of products.
  12. I’m a bit biased as I have been using a BGT Stability shaft for the last 5 years and love it. Having said that my order of preference with respect to the putter shafts offered by L.A.B. would be TPT, then Stability, then Accra and finally steel. TPT makes great shafts and then I would rely on L.A.B.’s assessment as they would have done extensive testing with all the shafts and have the corresponding data to back it up. The downside, the cost. Both the TPT and Stability are on the pricier side. The Accra shaft offers good value as its significantly less than either the TPT or Stability
  13. Oh there is a definite relationship. If you have a good approach game or good short game you can save yourself a lot of shots. Even if I miss the green, I know that if I can chip the ball to within 5 to 6 feet, I’ve got a reasonable chance of making one putt and escaping with par.
  14. You had to go and do it, but I love the combinations, EE & X as well as EE & Z. This is the official response from the two Chris’
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