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  1. My wife started playing golf 4 years ago after I agreed to play pickleball. She was a beginner and not very good, but she is athletic and picks up things quickly. Her average average score was 125 – 135. Initially, had her play best ball, did not keep score and told her to have fun. She started in lessons right away and I got her fit for clubs at TXG six months into the process. She thought I was flipping insane and kept asking what am I doing here. I told her to trust me. When she got her new clubs, all I could hear was OMG every time she hit the ball. She then started playing in the ladies league and plays about 3 times a week. When she’s not playing with the ladies, we play together. I am the Uber driver, official caddie, booker of tee times and analyzer of data. I have been fired and rehired many times. After year one, her average score was in the low 100’s (105-115). She plays about 80-100 rounds per year. Fast forward 3 years, ongoing lessons and a few more fittings and new equipment to match her rapidly improving game, she now routinely shoots in the low 90’s (85-95) and quite often in the 80’s Her low round is 82. Her goal next year is to break 80, which she is totally capable of. Now, it’s only a matter of time before she beats me.
  2. Date 12/07/2023 Course Name Lahinch - Ireland Gross Score 85 Course Handicap 0 Gross Strokes over/under par 13 Net Score to Par 13 Net Score 85 Net Birdies or better 1 Longest Drive 263 SIM Round? SIM This week played Lahinch, a lovely and extremely challenging links course on the NW coast of Ireland and is rated within the top 100 golf courses in the world. Pictures courtesy of the Lahinch golf club website. Like many links courses, if you don't drive the ball straight, you spend a lot of time in the mounds, fescue and other gnarly stuff. My driver decided to take the scenic route so I spent much time visiting the sheep in the pasture After 9 holes, I was already 10 over and wanting to head to the pub for a pint of Guinness. Back nine much better. Now I have to visit this place in real life. The only thing missing was the wind and rain.
  3. They’re rolling back the fries by 20% and thought you wouldn’t notice. USGA approved.
  4. Excellent and well thought out review. Enjoyed reading it. Well done.
  5. Very nice review and pictures. Loved the picture of the deer.
  6. Date 11/30/2023 Course Name Golf de Seignosse - France Gross Score 78 Course Handicap 0 Gross Strokes over/under par 5 Net Score to Par 5 Net Score 78 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 260 SIM Round? SIM This week we are off to Club de Seignosse, located in the far southwest corner of France, The course is a beautiful, tight, tree lined and challenging course. Actual vs Trackman reiteration Score is deceiving as I was able to hole out twice from off the green or hit a tree only for it to bounce back into the fairway. I had to scramble big time, or this could have been ugly. A beautiful challenging course.
  7. Great review and very much enjoyed the pictures from South Africa. Thanks for sharing.
  8. For the most part I agree, performance should be the primary determining factor provided you can measure it and have the data to support it. Having said that, what performs well for one may not perform well for another. That’s why you go to get fit. Also, how you decide what performance (primary, secondary) characteristics you are looking for and how you evaluate them matter. Unfortunately, more often than not, the data is not always cut and dry. I.e. There’s a lot of gray and areas of overlap. It may be statistically significant, but in the real world or on course, not so much or no real difference. Also, for some looks, feel and sound are important characteristics and deciding factors which may override a slight performance edge. So performance does matter, but you have to pick what works best for you and that includes performance, looks, feel and sound or whatever you decide is important to you.
  9. Very nice review, pictures and video. Thanks for sharing
  10. Excellent and thorough review. I particularly liked your short game testing method. This is a good ball but the key question does it match up best with your game and/or what you’re looking for in a ball. Not always easy to assess. Well done.
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