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About Me

Golfing 50 years.

Golf left but am right handed.

My irons 2-SW TNT Silver Eagle (Ping Eye 2 knock off) from 1985. I don't play the 2 and 3 replaced with Jazz hybreds.

Woods and hybrids are Jazz. Fat Cat Wide Body (square) 10.5 driver plus Play to Win hybrids (15, 18, 21, 23) but still have the TNT Driver and 3 and 5 woods from 2006 and 2008, replaced with the Jzzz hybrids.

Putter Slotline inertia from 1985.

TNT bag and umbrella from 1985 but I use a newer bag (have two won in golf tournaments).

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Prefer to golf solo first tee off weekday at 7 am. Often golf 36 holes a day either two 18 hole rounds or play two balls on an 18 hole round.

Golf season is Mid May to first week in October. Usually play once a week at great value and great scenic courses in Manitoba one hour or so away from Winnipeg eg. $25 including power cart on Mondays (regular $60).

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