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  1. Yep. Look at the top of the page. Sure didn't take them long! https://www.thestacksystem.com
  2. So why do pros play golf? Should all of them who have enough to retire with an average lifestyle drop out or give up all their earnings? Seems exceedingly arrogant to presume the motivations and needs of someone else you’ve likely not met. And it’s funny how you don’t paint all those pros who have MORE than DJ as greedy, but he must be because he changed jobs. Personally, I’m not here to judge ANY of them. Let them decide for themselves what is most sensible.
  3. May be that he just sees his time as more valuable than to spend hours with obnoxious people. My approach would be to find 2 other people who are easy to get along with and who might click with his personality and make your own foursome so that you don't risk getting paired with those stereotypes who bother him.
  4. Don't mind the league at all. I'm guessing it will be a failure, but in general competition is a good thing. Can't blame golfers for pursuing what is in their/families' best interest. I'll watch if I have the opportunity. I'm definitely not boycotting.
  5. Unfortunately, even the shelf probably isn't really worth anything. Paint chips and scratches, and part of the wood appears to be broken off on the top right corner. If they were all Pro V1's, I'd offer a bid, though!
  6. I just moved from Fort Wayne. For years I played frequently at Brookwood Golf Club which is basically adjacent to an Air Force National Guard unit and the Fort Wayne International Airport. Routinely F-15's and now A-10's do touch-and-go drills. One of the paths takes the planes right over a couple of the tee boxes/greens. Several years ago I was on the 2nd tee addressing my ball and about ready to swing when an F-15 came in just over the tree-tops. It was truly 'wave at the pilot' low. The ground shook and air whipped and my ball fell off the tee. I don't have a problem with noise, but that was a bit distracting. Planes go over that course all day long, but that was the first time that I actually saw a plane low enough that a high wedge shot could have hit the plane! Gave us a good laugh, though!
  7. What's the intended target age and purpose? Just to show your support for golf? To give away to a specific group of people? The bottom image has a fresher feel to it. #1 has a traditional clip-art feel to it and feels 'older' to me. #5 is somewhere in the middle. #2 seems like just an old logo. I like the font and look of #3, but agree with the poster above who noted the 'cliche' feel of it. #6 would look good as a pocket-size logo on the front of a t-shirt, but probably not ideal for a large image. I'm not keen on the phrase, but #3 would look great as a sticker.
  8. I have two. One is a gold dollar coin my dad gave me some years ago. Don't even remember why. I think it was change from some fishing related purchase. Shortly afterward he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed about 90 days later. The second is a Belize penny. We operated a children's home down there for about 17 years and recently turned it over to friends of ours who live/serve down there. The ball marker is a simple way of reminding myself to pray for the ministry and the kids, many of whom we still know.
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