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  1. 7 minutes ago, Clutch said:

    Thanks for the heads up... going to check it out this sunday

    I played it this past Saturday.  Really nice layout.  The city couldn't maintain the course until it was officially took ownership.  Being that it just opened, the rough is high as it has not been cut down.  The greens are a little slow but really nice.  I can't wait to play it after they do maintenance on it.  Really like the course.

  2. This is where i eat the worst.  Usually have a dog or burger at the turn and a beer or two on the back 9.  If i don't eat much on the course then i eat after and have buffalo wings and beer.  I usually play on both Saturday and Sundays.  Takes me the week to burn off the extra fat and then do it again the following weekend.

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  3. When starting out, i went to the range 2 times a week and played once during the weekend.  I did this all summer.  I can say that repetition helps but if your fundamentals are off then you would have to begin trying new things.  I religiously watched Sean Clement on youtube.   Now you have even more content on there but youtube videos helped me try to figure out some tweaks. 

    There are small tools you can purchase and hopefully not spend a lot of money on to help you. 

    I've spent a lot of money on instructors over the last 11 years only to forget half the stuff and need more lessons to go over some of the same stuff.. So now I just go to the range and work on my issues. 

    My advice is only work on 1 thing at a time. 

    How's your ball flight?  If everything is going 100 yards.  Are they flying high or low or average?

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Hazza said:

    Above what number would you consider to be high compression?

    I'd say anything 90 or higher is high compression.  I really like the Snell MTB Black which has about 80 compression.  I can usually get the ball to stop after a hop or two or have minimal roll out but no matter which ball I have, I can only rarely get the ball to spin back.  So a 3-piece ball with high spin properties, urethane cover, and 80 compression does the trick.  I'm not one who hits down on the ball. I tested both the MTB Black and Red on the course.  Felt like the Black was better for me.  People always say to play lower compression during the winter to minimize the loss of distance in the cold weather.  Lower compression balls do achieve a higher COR during all weather.  But is it enough to see a big difference?  

    I saw a really informative video from Snell regarding compression.  The guy basically said that lower compression is meant to give players with slower swing speeds more distance but the gain is really only a few inches.   The video makes it seem you may not even gain a foot by using a lower (70 vs 80) compression ball.  More than likely you'll still be using the same iron on your approach shot, and you want to be hitting a ball with good greenside performance.


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  5. I play Snell MTB Black and have used Vise Pro, Pro V1, TaylorMade Penta 5 and they're all great.  Some more expensive than others.  I tend to stay with a urethane cover as I like the softer feel ..  Vise and Snell are a great bang for your buck.  You can probably get your hands on Visa balls.  I believe they have a urethane ball as well as an ionomer ball so you can test some of theirs.  While cost can be a factor, if one ball is going to give you better (noticeable) results, then the price might be worth it.  A lot of Golf stores here in the US have started doing Golf Ball Fittings.  Maybe you can try that.  Test various balls on a simulator or Trackman, and see what gives you the best distance (and hopefully lowest dispersion) off the tee and some good spin numbers with lower irons/wedges.  

    Maybe the fitting is not available.  In that case, I would say try 9 holes in the afternoon when it's not so busy and play 3 different high compression balls off the tee on a few holes and log the results.  Also, try from inside 100 yards and see which ball has the desired reaction on the green.   

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  6. I went from Pistol Grip to a SuperStroke 1.0 grip and the difference was night and day.  Less pushing and pulling the ball.  I have also tried a weighted grip and didn't like it as much.  It's really a personal preference so i would go to a PGA tour superstore or something and try different putters with different grips and see how you like the feel..

    It won't hurt to change to a bigger grip and if you don't like it the go back to the pistol or test with another style or thickness.  You may find a good one on your first try or it may take change or two to get the feel you like.  

  7. I think $500-600 is ridiculous for 1 club when you can almost get an entire set of irons for that price.

    With certain things, I have tried buying used (like new) items such as woods and drivers.  I bought 2 Ping G400 Max last year in different lofts but before that, I got a used epic and M2 driver.  Sometimes you have to bite the bullet if think you can hit it better than your current club. 

    Some people play the same clubs for 10+ years so $600 over a long span of time is not as expensive broken down by value of time.  Those who switch drivers almost annually just like spending money lol.   Just have to figure if the price is worth the gains you receive, whether it's straighter or longer than the old driver.  


  8. On 5/1/2019 at 9:02 AM, cpeck said:

    looking for some new playing partners in northern nj , i live in sussex county, getting tired of my normal group. been playing a lot alone but sometimes fun with others. they have just been driving me nuts with cheating and taking 10 footers as gimmes because they didn’t wanna get the putter out so used the wedge to put and go if it’s within 3 feet i’m taking it. we’re not playing for money but i still take the game serious and i have had it. !!!!




    Which courses do you usually play?  I usually free play Saturdays.  I play with a golf group I started.  Can always save you a spot or meet up.  I'm playing High Bridge on Saturday (tomorrow) at 12:45 and have an extra spot or we can plan another weekend. 

  9. 1 hour ago, ballplayer002003 said:

    I have never played up there, I would like to though.  What are some nice courses around the area that I should look into?

    I would definitely check out Berkshire Valley Golf Course and Neshanic Valley Golf Course.  There are plenty others but these are really nice. 

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  10. 38 minutes ago, TSauer said:

    Nice looking setup. I'm assuming that was a typo and you didn't pay $9 for an Odyssey putter lol. If so, I'm envious 🤣

    Thanks.  Definitely a typo lol.  I saw the typo, erased it, then made the same mistake... haha.. 

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  11. I'm an avid golfer from NJ.  Currently a 10 handicap and play roughly 60-70 rounds each year.  This is what I'm currently gaming.  The putter, Irons, driver, and SM7 wedges were all new additions to my bag last season.  

    Putter - Oddysey Works #9

    Wedges - Mizuno S6 60*, Volkey SM7 56* and 50*

    Irons - PXG Gen 1 0311P 4-PW with KBS C taper shafts

    Woods, etc. - Taylormade M2 3 Hybrid and 5 Wood, Ping G400 9* driver.

    Bag - Castelbajac Stand bag

    Golf WIMB1.jpg

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  12. I'm usually playing in North West (Beaver brook, Berkshire Valley, Bowling Green, Architects, Crystal Springs courses, etc) and Central NJ (Colts Neck, Eagle Ridge, Lakewood, Neshanic, Charleston Springs).  Also play other courses and an occasional trip to AC.  Love playing Twisted Dunes though there are plenty great courses in the south. 

    How about you?

  13. Hi All, I'm from NJ, run a for-fun golf group, and enjoy traveling (for golf too). 

    • I've been playing golf for going on 11 years? I'm currently a 9 (trending 10) handicap

    • Golf is a great escape from the city life.  I love the good shots especially after a bad shot, that sand save, and the friends I have made and play with.

    • I've been receiving the MyGolfSpy emails for years but never signed up.  Figured i might as well, right?

    • I'm in Northern NJ.  Don't really have a home golf course as I am always playing a different course.

    • NJ has some great courses.  Downside would definitely snow

    • I do IT Help Desk, part-time at United Airlines, and run a Golf group on meetup.com called Avid Golfers of NJ

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