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  1. Steve - New York iphone and/or ipad primarily outdoors would mostly use without a net, but would try it on with a net as well to compare.
  2. Steve Garden City, NY TM M5 7.8 102(ish) TSi3
  3. Steve, New York 10 Index Mizuno MX-200 145-150
  4. Name and Location: Steve - Garden City, NY How do you currently get your yardages? Sprinkler heads, or cart GPS if available. If I'm way off line, like an another hole, I will sometimes ask a playing partner to get me a number. How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? As long as it makes the game more enjoyable and quick, I'm all for it. I'm still "old school" when it comes to yardages, but would be interested in trying out my own GPS device to see if it can quickly give me the numbers I need to help speed up play overall.
  5. First Name/State or Country of residence: Steve, New York Handicap: 11.4 Current irons in Play: Mizuno mx-200 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 159 yds
  6. Steve, NY 12.9 Handicap Current Brand Wedges Played: Titleist SM6  Your favorite type of wedge shot: 3/4 punch shot
  7. Steve Garden City, NY 12.1 Index 100 mph with driver 3 Wood/2 Hybrid/4 Hybrid Right Hand
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