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  1. Here's my Strokes Gained Putting example spreadsheet. Feel free to make to make a copy for yourself. To add a round, copy cells A1-D20, past them below, and edit the inputs. Just need the starting distance in feet, and the number of putts to hole out. The cumulative stats are generated automatically. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nR2p-BDGMjrWkLxV13mX2HKJ8w7KpxB3qeeM9ZnMIYU/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I was just thinking about this. I recently decided to keep my SG putting stats because it's the primary place where I can compare myself to tour pros on an apples to apples basis. Tee to green, the comparison is apples to go carts. I record my start distance on the green -- length of first putt -- and number of putts it takes me to get down. After a half dozen rounds, I'm losing 0.15 strokes per round to tour pros on the green. Virtually the entire difference between me and the tour pro is tee to green. Distance (i.e. clubhead speed) and chipping/sand play are the main culprits. So while I work on putting, I am not stressed about it. Even if I started putting poorly, I can't imagine it costing me more than 2-3 shots a round vs. the pros. That said, I've played with some terrible putters who are easily dumping 6-7 shots a round on the green. These players should definitely invest in putting better (lessons, analysis, practice, equipment upgrade).
  3. 2x11 Pro Putt practice mat. 60" ruler, 2" wide. It's a $15 face angle monitor which provides instant feedback.
  4. Rossie (flow) or #7 style (mine is a Cleveland Frontline slant neck), both with about 35 degree toe hang.
  5. Anyone else keep their putting stats? The only place I can compare myself to tour pros apples to apples is on the green. Tee to green is like apples to go carts. Anyway, just started keeping “strokes gained” stats. How far away is my first putt? How many putts did it take to hole out. I enter those for each hole after the round, and compare how I did to what the average tour pro did from those distances. Spreadsheet calculates it automatically after I input the data.
  6. I read the 2020 guide: https://mygolfspy.com/the-best-putting-mats-for-2020/ Nice job. I've seen a lot of these in the stores over the years. I'm sure some of them work well. I went with a 2x11 Pro Putt Systems turf practice strip with stance mat. It's like putting on a real green, cheaper than some of the options in the article, and will outlive me. I added some 2x2 tigerwood boards at the end as a backstop. There are no holes or alignment lines, but Putt Out, Skillz or electric return cups work great. And the 4' x 2" metal ruler from Home Depot serves as a $15 putting monitor and alignment aid. 6' x 2" big brother on the way.
  7. Parker in Houston, TX 95 MPH driver Srixon Q Star Tour and Z Star Prefer Tour
  8. This is what my Dad taught me. He played on a national title team at Houston in the 1950s. He learned this from his roommate Phil Rodgers. On a flat lie within say 5-6 yards of the green, first determine how many yards to carry onto the green. This is your "carry" length. Then determine how many yards of from the carry spot to the pin. This is your "roll" length. Divide Roll by Carry. Subtract from 11. This is the iron to use. Use it as a putting stroke from that distance. The shaft is more vertical like a putter, so play it off the toe. I also choke up and hold the club where I would hold a putter. Example. 3 yards of carry. 15 yards of roll. 15/3 = 5 11-5 = 6 iron Hit a 48 foot "putt" with your 6 iron. The ball should carry about 9-10 feet in the air and start rolling. Adjust for green speed, uphill, downhill etc. If the example was downhill, I might use an 8 iron. Because while I need 15 yards of roll, my aim target is only 9 yards of roll due to the speed of the green. 9/3 = 3. 11-3 = 8.
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