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  1. Parker in Houston, TX 95 MPH driver Srixon Q Star Tour and Z Star Prefer Tour
  2. This is what my Dad taught me. He played on a national title team at Houston in the 1950s. He learned this from his roommate Phil Rodgers. On a flat lie within say 5-6 yards of the green, first determine how many yards to carry onto the green. This is your "carry" length. Then determine how many yards of from the carry spot to the pin. This is your "roll" length. Divide Roll by Carry. Subtract from 11. This is the iron to use. Use it as a putting stroke from that distance. The shaft is more vertical like a putter, so play it off the toe. I also choke up and hold the club where I would hold a putter. Example. 3 yards of carry. 15 yards of roll. 15/3 = 5 11-5 = 6 iron Hit a 48 foot "putt" with your 6 iron. The ball should carry about 9-10 feet in the air and start rolling. Adjust for green speed, uphill, downhill etc. If the example was downhill, I might use an 8 iron. Because while I need 15 yards of roll, my aim target is only 9 yards of roll due to the speed of the green. 9/3 = 3. 11-3 = 8.
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