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  1. What is the best non raw face wedge for someone with a steeper swing?
  2. Thanks for the info! The course is the Cliffs at Glassy in upstate South Carolina.
  3. I bought a new SM 4.5 bag, and I have a question. Do you guys spray anything on it to protect the fabric, or to prevent it from fading? I want to use some kind of protectant on it, but I am not sure what would be best for dirt or fading. Any recommendations?
  4. Has anyone hit both? I want/need a forgiving driver, and I have hit the the 425, and it is impressive. I never hit the G400 Max, but I was curious if it was in the same ball park. For half the price of the 425, I am thinking about getting one of those before I buy a brand new driver (I think it is crazy the cost of drivers these days.)
  5. I have the original P790 irons with Project X 5.5 shafts in them (not a shaft fitted to me). I played with a friend of mine and he had C Taper Lite shaft in his irons. I hit a few shots with his irons, and loved the feel of the shaft. what are the differences in the C Taper Lite and the Px 5.5s? I was considering reshafting one of my irons as a bit of a test, but I am not a "shaft guy". I thought you guys on here may be able to help me know if there would even be enough of a difference to make a change. Thanks!
  6. Craig - Easley SC iphone 11 Outdoors No Net
  7. Craig/Easley S.C. Right Handed I would like to try the 3w in stiff and my backup choice is the driving iron in stiff 11.7 I currently play 2 hybrids and they are my most reliable club
  8. Craig - South Carolina not very well, and I am in the market for a putting green when I do I put on hardwood floors my last putting mat folder and twisted very easily, causing wrinkles medium or fast
  9. Craig in Easley, SC Odyssey OWorks #7 Tyne 3 is the model I am interested in. I have used a similar looking model in Odyssey for several years and I like the way it looks
  10. I really like the C130s, I just wish they made more color choices (and maybe the option for 2 straps)
  11. When will the 2021 golf bags come out? I am hoping sun mountain or Ping have different color options this year
  12. What are some of the current shaft options that have a similar profile as the Diamana A’hina? I loved that shaft but not sure I want to pay the current asking price on a shaft that old. thanks!
  13. Ok, so for about a year now I have struggled with a tie side miss on my driver. With my M3, when I strike it, I had some fairly high draws that work perfect. However, if I miss it much at all, it turns into a screaming hook that goes nowhere. I am taking lessons to help fix the strike part, but I have thought about maybe trying a couple other drivers to find something a little more forgiving than my M3 on the toe side. Any recommendations? in case anyone asks, my M3 is set up with one weight close to the face, and one in the fade setting. I have tried moving the front weight back some, but my spin numbers really jump, and the ball goes much shorter. thanks for any input!
  14. Craig/Easley S.C. Titliest Vokey sm7 (50 and 54) & Callaway PM grind 58 either a 54 or 58 since I use them the most
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