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  1. crope1

    Diamana A’hina

    What are some of the current shaft options that have a similar profile as the Diamana A’hina? I loved that shaft but not sure I want to pay the current asking price on a shaft that old. thanks!
  2. Ok, so for about a year now I have struggled with a tie side miss on my driver. With my M3, when I strike it, I had some fairly high draws that work perfect. However, if I miss it much at all, it turns into a screaming hook that goes nowhere. I am taking lessons to help fix the strike part, but I have thought about maybe trying a couple other drivers to find something a little more forgiving than my M3 on the toe side. Any recommendations? in case anyone asks, my M3 is set up with one weight close to the face, and one in the fade setting. I have tried moving the front weight back some, but my spin numbers really jump, and the ball goes much shorter. thanks for any input!
  3. Craig/Easley SC 11.6 handicap Taylormade P790s
  4. Craig/Easley S.C. Titliest Vokey sm7 (50 and 54) & Callaway PM grind 58 either a 54 or 58 since I use them the most
  5. Those of you who use Arccos, do you both doing anything during a scramble tournament? I want to get as much data as possible, but I am not sure it can be used in a scramble/captains choice format whenever you may not be playing all of your shots. If there are any pros and cons, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. 11.6, Easley SC Original TM P790, 1 up, between 145-150 I know they are a Direct order company that offers an economical solution for their clubs with limited marketing. I know they use a static fitting for their irons, and they offer a variety of clubs that are tailored to the players skill set.
  7. looks like Todd is booked up for a while. I may have to look elsewhere.
  8. Craig - South Carolina Garmin S10, Sky Caddie SG4, multiple IOS apps Bushnell Tour v3
  9. Can going to a larger grip help with face rotation? I am someone who has always had a lot of face opening in the backswing, and closing in the through swing. When I am playing a lot, I manage it fine and can post a decent score (was once a 5 handicap for reference). I do not get to play as often now, and someone I play with asked me if I had ever tried midsize grips. I have not, but I do have pretty large hands. He thinks that a larger grip may help calm a bit of that down. I think he said cartbarnguys put something on instagram to the effect that he uses midsize grips to help limit face rotation. So do you guys who use midsize or bigger notice this at all? I am curious as I am willing to try it, but did not want to buy all new grips and find out my friend is full of it. Thanks for your help!
  10. Does anyone in this area have any suggestions? I took a little time off due to a back issue, and since I have come back I have no feel for my swing at all.
  11. High toe, no spin hook monster off the tee with driver or 3w. It seems like the more I try to prevent it, the worse it gets.
  12. Yes, you should probably be fit for wedges. What lie angle are your irons? If your irons are not set at the standard lie angle, I would get the wedges bent to the same angle. I believe (I could be wrong) that your wedges might be more upright than your irons due to the extra length. Edit: if you keep the wedges, I would get them cut down too
  13. Has anyone ever used this store? They have an older golf bag that I have been looking for, but I have never heard of the site. I wanted to check and see if you guys have ever bought from them before sending them $200+. thanks!
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