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  1. I recently joined a private where 90% of the membership walks. That was one of the most compelling reasons to join. I’ve always enjoyed walking more than riding. Being fortunate enough to live in the Philadelphia PA area where there are many older courses that were designed to be walked originally gives me a lot of walkable courses.
  2. For cooler weather Amazon Essentials Classic Fit Golf Pants were a bargain and appear to be holding up well. In warmer - but not quite shorts temps, at a sub $45 price point, I used to like Snake Eyes Dri-18s. Alas the demise of Golfsmith has made them hard to come by. May find some on auction sites.
  3. At the office, I just can’t seem to keep my bowtie from bunching up the collar of my Nike Dry Fit shirts. Agree 100%: Golf shirts are for golf. Yoga tights are for yoga.
  4. Hi. I was thinking about of day of golf on 08/04 to celebrate my b-day. Could be a good mixer. LOL.
  5. Hi all; After lurking for a while and having google searches always bring me here, I’ve decided to sign up and see if I can offer even a sliver of the community , opinion, and insight that I have passively benefited from in my travels here. So, the questionnaire: 1. How long have you been playing golf? Started chip n putt as a teen, then weed and other pastimes took priority. Fast forward to late 20’s picked up playing again briefly - hacking with no lessons. Then nothing for about 15 years. Then about 3 years ago picked it up seriously again with lessons, drivi
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