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  1. I have used Golf Pride Tour Velvet Mid for almost everything. These suit me the best and I have tried many others.
  2. The first thin top line club I ever hit was a Mizuno T-Zoid Pro ll. It was intimidating to look at but when you hit them …. WoW!!! What a feeling. There was no turning back. Went to Titleist 990’s because the T-Zoid Pro was no longer available. Now I have the MP-64’s. Top lines have to be similar to those or I think the clubs are to thick.
  3. I would love to win that Callaway golf bag
  4. Just bought a Callaway Mavrik SZ Driver head. Trying to decide what shaft to go with to best match up my game and to suit this driver. Previously I had a Nike Vapor Fly driver with a Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 50g S flex. Once my swing came around mid season I would usually hit a fairly high ball and not get much of a roll out. On aggressive swings I would get a little fade. Wondering if any one had any suggestions for a shaft that would promote more of a mid ball flight and a mid spin??
  5. Which ball would you game this Season Titleist Tour Soft or Taylor Made Tour Response?
  6. I am gaming the Miz MP-64’s for the last 6 years. Forgiving/Workable and feel amazing. If I was in the market now I would lean towards Miz JPX Combo set or possibly a Titleist blend. All in all nothing feels better then forged.
  7. This sounds like a great opportunity. Hope I qualify and get to take part.
  8. Jim Swyer St. John’s, NL Canada Odyssey Stroke Labs Double Wide Interested in: Ketsch. I like this one with the alignment feature.
  9. Jim Swyer St. John’s, NL, Canada A1H0A2 13 Mizuno MP-64 155 Thank you for a possible opportunity.
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