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  1. I would like to be considered for the position of Tester. There are no limits to what things I would test. I have experience in golf retail and like to follow all the trends in golf. Experience with footwear as well.
  2. I have to be honest. I am an over thinker. Tell me nothing put the club in my hands and let me hit away. Give me the numbers/results every 10/15 balls. Don’t even tell me the brand/model. Feed me the data and top three when the session is over. I will tell the fitter from the start what I would like and what I am using, but that’s it. Just give me the best options for me.
  3. I admit to having a bias with irons. I am a big fan of Forged and an equal fan of Mizuno. As for wedges I am a fan forged the same as irons but I do not exclusively like Mizuno wedges. Therefore I have a Callaway wedge. I would expect that some of you think that it’s more to do with something other than feel. It is feel, 100% feel. During my last fitting the only club that came close was Titleist CB Forged. The fact that I gained a few extra yards with the Mizunos closed the deal. With woods I really believe that the shaft makes more of a difference than the head. All things being equal, the right shaft in similar set ups with different heads usually works out for me. Then it’s simple math and looks. Putters are more about how square and accurate I am. Sure the Cameron’s feel great, but so do many others. It’s a try before you buy like the rest of the equipment. So, bring on more Demo Days!!!
  4. I would have to agree that performance above all else determines the time for change. Just think how long it takes to get used to the set. I generally take about 500 range balls per club to know where my yardage range and trajectory will likely end up. No accounting for mid-hits!!! The best example I can give would be the set I bought in 2000. Titleist 990’s 2-P.W. These were incredible and custom for for length, loft, lie angle, shaft and grips. Worked marvelous for years. Then around 2011 I noticed a change in the wedges and short irons. A year later I couldn’t get the same trajectory with my 2iron. Time for a change, then it was on to my current set MP-64’s that I have gamed since 2013. So, in closing I would say if it ain’t broke….
  5. I for one was trained many years ago by Ping Golf. Static fitting was the start point for all fittings. Did my most recent fitting for my Irons without static fitting, trusting the fitter. Even went standard length due to the fact that I fall in around 1/4 over standard. I am only ready getting consistent divots with mid to long irons. About 5 years after getting the irons. Also, went with a shaft I wasn’t happy with as I was told I am getting older and stiff or firm wasn’t the right option. So while I am happy with the feel it’s been a big learning curve to adjust …. Now I am in the market again.
  6. While I can hardly tell with my woods, I can really tell with my wedges and putter. Since I have trouble with my GIR, I have had lots of practice with shots around the green. The best ball I have found for green side spin was Bridgestone BX-S (2018) or the Taylor Made TP-5 (2020-2022). For mid irons I like the Pro V1 (2021-2022). Long irons I like the AVX. When it comes to my woods I don’t get much feel except when I hit a Pinnacle or Top Flite. Just like rocks !!!
  7. I have had a great experience with putter fitting. The fitter is key and then I would say what type of putter comes next in importance. Toe hang is important more than some realize or admit. I went from a high 80’s contact at impact to almost %. I have not had a three putt since I have bought this putter. I am still relearning my aim though.
  8. I would play left edge fairway so a straight shot would still have a good chance. Fading the ball in with a hope to make the cart path. Next shot would most likely be a 5 wood aiming at the spot between the left bunker and green again with a fade. Would almost wish to be short or be able to chip/pitch to get it close to the hole and save par.
  9. I would have to say that I miss my 905 Titleist driver. Other than that… not any others.
  10. I have used Golf Pride Tour Velvet Mid for almost everything. These suit me the best and I have tried many others.
  11. The first thin top line club I ever hit was a Mizuno T-Zoid Pro ll. It was intimidating to look at but when you hit them …. WoW!!! What a feeling. There was no turning back. Went to Titleist 990’s because the T-Zoid Pro was no longer available. Now I have the MP-64’s. Top lines have to be similar to those or I think the clubs are to thick.
  12. I would love to win that Callaway golf bag
  13. Just bought a Callaway Mavrik SZ Driver head. Trying to decide what shaft to go with to best match up my game and to suit this driver. Previously I had a Nike Vapor Fly driver with a Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 50g S flex. Once my swing came around mid season I would usually hit a fairly high ball and not get much of a roll out. On aggressive swings I would get a little fade. Wondering if any one had any suggestions for a shaft that would promote more of a mid ball flight and a mid spin??
  14. Which ball would you game this Season Titleist Tour Soft or Taylor Made Tour Response?
  15. I am gaming the Miz MP-64’s for the last 6 years. Forgiving/Workable and feel amazing. If I was in the market now I would lean towards Miz JPX Combo set or possibly a Titleist blend. All in all nothing feels better then forged.
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