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  1. Gurra

    Lefty Thread

    Some Lefty action in Sweden this weekend, the spring is starting to get serious around here with a lot of sun. Still a bit chilly but still good weather for golf!
  2. I ordered a clicgear 4.0 in the cool army green this weekend since they ran a 25% off one purchase on a store here in Sweden so got it for a good deal. Can´t wait to get it and feel it out. I currently run a real budget modell that does not fold when the weather is too hot and the plastic expand.. I will fit the clicgear with my cobra lightweight bag.
  3. Played a full round with the club a few days ago and it felt really secure and I had no problem pulling it out and putting it in the bag. So far so good and really happy with the solution.
  4. I just got a new grip for my putter and since Arccos has sold out on there new superstroke sensor I had to get creative. Since my plan is to get the new sensor when available I did not want to just superglue the sensor on the grip so I instead tried something else. I first cut the screw and just let a small piece left and then sanded that down to fit in the hexagonal part of the superstroke screw and then glued the screw and the sensor together so I then can just screw the senor in. So far it works however I have not yet had the chance to have the putter in the bag and go a round of golf. I will get out tomorrow and try it out. If it does not work I guess I will have to try something else.
  5. Gurra

    Lefty Thread

    I get what you mean but I guess Sweden is looking at it like there is no reason to close borders when every other country closed there borders. I also don´t think that closing down an entire country is the way to go. Since there is so many small villages that is miles apart (especially in northern Sweden) close down the citys/towns/villages that is not affected. What is the reason to quarantine for example 10 000 ppl in a village where no one is affected? Better to let them go on with there lives, go to work, go to school etc. and only close down high risk areas that is already affected like major cities. I realize that different country's and cultures need to handle this differently to get the best possible outcome they can. Anyway to political now I guess. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Gurra

    Lefty Thread

    I don´t think that will be a problem! Our borders are open as far as I know, the question is if you will get back into Denmark
  7. Here it´s mostly business as usual, some big companies has ordered people to work from home but since we are about 10ppl, all with their own office and really big and spacious we keep on going to work unless we feel sick or get symptoms for a cold. I do like that there is much less traffic. Other then that just try to avoid crowds, not going to the mall etc. Will get a round of golf in on Friday with a colleague and probably go to the range tomorrow after work to shoot a bucket and work on that short game so I can show him whats up!
  8. I use arccos and I really like the app and stats i get. I use a galaxy watch and really love the watch app aswell. I find that the arccos distance is almost always +-2yards of my rangefinder. Since I like many others had battery problems I did end up buying a battery pack for my galaxy s10, sort of a thick mobile case with a usb-c connection that is plugged in the phone at the bottom. It does wear out quite quickly but I do get a full round in on it, however I just put it on and let it charge the phone to 100% and keep it there I might be getting a bit more out of it if I turn it on and then off when the phone is fully charged. With the case, a fully charged phone and a separate powerbank to charge the case when it runs out I guess I could go golfing non stop the entire day lol.
  9. Gurra

    Lefty Thread

    Here in Sweden we have not closed the courses, it is up to every course to do as they think is correct and I know that some courses has closed the reception so all scorecards etc. is done by phone. The season is just about to start for real in the south and I have been out a couple of times, with the next round planed on Friday. I think that closing down golf courses is one of the last priorities since that is all done outside and no need to be close to one another, our elementary schools is still open and only the universities has closed and are doing online studies. Also my work is currently running as usual and it is also up to every company to decide for them self's if they want to close, work from home or keep going as usual. There is so much to worry about nowadays and getting to the golf course and hit some balls just clears my head for a little while. Stay safe everyone!
  10. Been waiting for black friday to order a Precision Pro NX7 Pro version, also found out that it was quite a bit cheaper for me to buy on the german site in € instead of the UK or US sites so got it for a really good price. Looking forward to using it in the spring (will probably shoot anything I can from my apartment until I can get it on the course..)
  11. Gurra

    Lefty Thread

    Don´t worry, I will be here lurking commenting be part of the fun all winter What I meant was that that was probably my last round on the course for the season, will still be putting in some time at a local range that has lights and heaters all winter long. We have an indoor practice area at my club as well, fitted with putting areas, chipping areas and some spots to shoot in to a net. I will also stand in front of the tv and putting on my puttout. I also plan to put in more time at the gym to build some strength and work on my flexibility. All in all, I will do my best to have a great start at next season and my goal for next year will be to get into single digit handicap. Will be interesting to see how the new world handicap system will make that easier or harder.. But I will get into the singles somehow
  12. Gurra

    Lefty Thread

    So this might be my last update with pictures from the course this season.. Getting dark around 4pm and it´s around 40 degrees outside .. Anyway, yesterday evening we had a "night golf" event at my course it was pitch black with a light stick in the ground at the tee, one hanging in the flag and one in the hole. So good thing to know the course well since bunkers, ponds, trees etc. was invisible from tee.. The rules were that no flashlight was allowed when making a shot, only while transporting yourself to the ball. It was a lot harder then I would imagine.. to get the club to hit the ball well without seeing much was really hard the first few holes, also since it was a led ball (that lights up for 8 min when struck) the ball was hard as a rock and I had to club up at least one club. I adjusted to this by hole 3 but the hardest part was putting without being able to read the greens.. Anyway a very fun event! We were 30 players and we were 3 players coming in at the same net strokes in the end splitting the W
  13. Wow, great advice all around! Thank you for that. I will try to implement some parts of this and see what works for me. I would like to be able to spend about 30-40 minutes before my tee time but some days that´s just not possible but then again I guess I should give myself a bit of a break on those days. Can´d expect to play my best if I don´t give myself time for practice. The biggest takeaway from this is to probably have a better practice routine at the practice green. Usually I just go there and putt randomly and that will not help me much.. The 5 short putts just to boost confidence before tee off I will make a permanent part of the warm up!
  14. Normally I play at a few different courses with different green speeds. How do you adjust to that? I can have a very good putting round to just be terrible the very next round and sure some of that could be blamed on a good or bad day in general but I do feel that the different speeds of greens can set me off. If I then have a couple of bad putts in a row I become unsure on every single putt regarding the speed. I try to get a feel for the greens by warming up at the practice greens before the round but at some of the courses I usually visit the practice green is a lot slower then the course it self so then I feel great at the practice green to just be rolling miles on the first green.. So I am curious how you guys attack different green speeds and if you have any advice how to practice etc.
  15. Gurra


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