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  1. Just going to add my 2 cents to this. As I said earlier I tried a few different designs by 3d printing some line markers. Tried the regular straight line, the Eyeline Impact type design, a big plus sign at the top of the ball and a line with an arrowhead. I did like the Eyeline Impact design the best when I stood above the ball for sure. It was easy to line up my putter to the ball, however lining the ball up to the hole is a totally different beast. The process of lining the put from just behind the ball, then go back a few feet to check the line, to go back and adjust and then finally stand above the ball and feel totally wrong about the line from that angle had me abandon this little project of mine for now. I gave it quite a few practice sessions and a few full rounds of golf and without any hard data I feel my performance is worse with the line just because the feeling of the line being a fraction of a degree off and not feeling confident at all putting. So I don´t think this is for me. I might give this another try over the off season when putting indoors. But if I would feel more confident lining the ball this would probably help with putting a lot.
  2. First Name/State or Country of residence - Gustav/Sweden Handicap - 19,9 Current irons in Play - Cobra F9 The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 165 yards
  3. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S10 with a battery case, sure it is a bit thicker then a normal phone case but I don´t really notice it. When in use the battery is def. not a problem, never been bothered with having the phone in my pocket while I play (left pocket and playing lefty). I also keep my scorecard in the phone so another reason to have the phone close at hand.
  4. I have been looking into trying a ball liner to see if it is something for me.. This looks very interesting to me but sadly they are a bit pricey and not even sure about shipping cost or if it is even available to Sweden. I do however have a friend with a 3D printer and since I´m working as a 3D model designer I think I will try a few different designs and see what I think. I´ll keep you updated with my thoughts and what design I prefer.
  5. I actually just thought about that right before I asked for the badge. Might have to try and find another pic to put up
  6. Could I please get the Lefty badge.
  7. Hello from the south of Sweden! 1. So I first got into golf this year, actually the very first time I held in a real golf club was April 30 this year. I am in my late 20s, have always enjoyed playing mini golf and come from a hockey background so wacking something with a stick is not new to me. A colleague at work asked if I wanted to come along and hit some balls at the range and I was in! I signed up for a weekend crash course at a local golf club mid may and since then I have played somewhere around 30 rounds (70% 18 hole, 30% 9 hole) both alone for practice and with friends or colleagues. I play as a lefty since that was the most natural given that I come from a hockey background. I´m not sure how it works in the rest of the world but in Sweden you start with a "club" handicap of 54 that you need to work down to a 36 before you can start playing by your self at any course, that was kinda quickly done and I now sit at 25,5 but going down almost every week. 2. What I love about golf is first of all the competitive aspect both against my own handicap but also to be able to compete with my colleagues that are in single digits handicap. It is a very cool sport/hobby that way, to be completely new and still be able to compete with people that played there whole lives is just cool, not a lot of other sports that is an option. I also love to be outside and walking in the beautiful nature that is a golf course. 3. I don´t know any other Spies just yet but maybe soon? I first found the golfspy site when I started to look for reviews, tips and information about equipment and then naturally found my way to the forum section. The forum seems so open and friendly so I signed up after a few weeks of just lurking around to be able to join the discussions. 4. So I´m from a small village in south of Sweden but currently live in Malmö, Swedens third largest city that is located at the very south of Sweden with a number of nice golf courses within a few minutes with car. I am member in a club with 3 courses that is a bit spread out just outside the city, very nice to be able to always find a tee time and to have some variation in courses. 5. The best thing with golf in my region must be the number of courses, I think I have around 70 courses inside 1,5h drive. Since I´m this new I haven´t found all that much that is bad, at least not specific to my region. The lack of selection for a lefty in golf shops is one.. But i guess that is not a regional issue. Not there fault that the majority of golf players play the wrong way.. 6. I work as a design manager at a small company, meaning I spend most of my days at a computer working with 3d cad modeling. 7. Gurra is just a nickname my friends call me. My name is Gustav so yea. See you all in the other threads on here!
  8. Ok, so I started playing golf with a complete beginners set that soon got replaced bit by bit. The latest that got added to the bag is a new iron set that I got at a discount the 5-P F9 irons. I really like the irons and feel that they added a lot of confidence and consistency to my game. I do plan to add the i4 to the set in a near future but I´m also looking to add new wedges since I still play with my "S" from the beginners set. That means that my wedges as of right now is a 44* PW and a 56* SW. I am looking at the GW from the f9 iron set that is at 49* and 2 more wedges, or skip the GW and get 3 wedges. I now ask you guys to help me, what gapping would you recommend? Any specific brands or models? What wedges and lofts do you f9 iron players have? I would like to add that I play lefty so the options is somewhat limited in some models/lofts. /Gurra
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