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  1. Spend equal time on all parts of your game except putting. Spend twice the amount of time on putting. Everyone has the better part of there game but spend time on the best part because you can improve on everything. For example I hit my long irons 10x’s better than I do my short irons and my driver is the best part of my game but I work on everything for 4 hrs 3 times a week no matter what. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Adams boxer a4 19* Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. New drivers are called Sim , Sim max and Sim draw. Wonder what Sim means? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. I’m using a DFX 2-ball blade I’ve had since 2009. I’ve bought new putters but always fell back to this one. I will say there is a new company called Sacks Parente and the tech they use is incredible. But it’s the most expensive production putter ever made at $1200 but the tech behind it works. It rotates the head through the put and keeps the ball on line , best feeling putter I’ve ever tried. I’m saving my money because I think it’s worth it. But someone came in my garage and stole my entire golf bag and i’m lucky that the two ball putter was in the house on my practice putting green or I wouldn’t have that but once I get my set replaced I’m definitely gonna get a Sacks Parente.
  5. Yep this thing is the real deal. So many gimmicks out there but the pro at the local club got one and we been messing around with it. It’s not a just put on and start swinging process though so you need your own. There is a entire process you go though before your making full swings.
  6. So it is this year? M7 ? Or whatever they are calling it. I actually wonder how much more can they do? How do you improve on something so great that is pushing the limits already. But then again Cameron Champ driving the ball 369 yards makes you think how far can this go. I remember when John broke 300 and we thought a miracle had happened.
  7. I have my doubts about the testing, it’s never conducted in the same environment week in and week out. At the British open they were doing it in a tent and it’s not the same machine each week. Last year I heard about a driver failing and then TM tested it and it was good and the TM rep took it back to the next event and it passed. Even if a driver was a smig hot how much advantage would that even give a player. Extra 3 yards?
  8. Does TM have a set cycle they go by for putting out a new driver? My entire bag was stolen out of my garage and am building a new set piece by piece but I don’t want to buy another M5 if something new will be coming out in January. PGA show is when we would see it right?
  9. I don’t live near a golf shop but finally got to hit the forged and they are incredible. I wonder how a forged long iron/ MP20 MMC combo would gap?
  10. Something cool dropping tomorrow or was that a joke?
  11. Sean California DGX 2 ball blade- 33.5 ELEVADO 34” slant I am so due for a new putter and I love the look of the Elevado Plus my putter isn’t right for me and I tried a Cameron similar to the Elevado but it was a little too pricey. I’d love to test this for you.
  12. Yes the robot at Pebble is the one I have been on and another in Madera Ca at Dragonfly where Bryson’s Coach is at.
  13. Sean - Lompoc,Ca handicap- 14 current irons- just got stolen in burglary but we’re Ping G400 so I’m shopping and would love to test these. 7 iron distance- 170
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