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  1. Just received reply………. taking 55+ days to process trades…WOW
  2. I purchased a Epic driver from C Preowned and traded in 2 X hot drivers which they encouraged me to do. This has been over a month ago and I have not received my credit are heard from them????
  3. Scheduling a trip for 23 playing sand hollow and wolf creek has anyone played Cascata golf club? I need to schedule 2 more rounds any other recommendations? Thanks
  4. As recommended I went for a professional fitting 7 weeks ago and after trying 5 different irons the pro and I decided on Titleist T 200s G thru 7 and the T300 5&6 with a graphite shafts. These are not cheap clubs!!! Titleist's launch for these irons was set for Sept. 1 my clubs were suppose to shipped Aug 30. The 5&6 T 300s came in before Aug 30. As of Oct 1 I have yet to receive the rest of my set T200s. I have been given numerous excuses from Acushnet com the most common one being the shafts are back-ordered. Worst launch ever!!!
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