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  1. So I've wondered, how does the hosel style affect the putting stroke. Is it preference or does it have a real impact on how the putter performs?
  2. Is there such thing as heel weighted putters with more weight in the heel. The same way move weight in the heel of a driver produces a draw bias.
  3. I'm looking for a new driver now. I plan to hit all of them, Ping, TM, CAll, Srixon, Titleist and cobra. Already hit Ping Max & SFT and loved both of them. I think the SFT was a little better for me, but I will hit them again. Next up on the list is Titleist.
  4. Thanks guys. I'm very familiar with Quintic and Paul Hurrion. I'll see if I can find a location that uses it. Maybe I'll try both and see if there are any differing outcomes.
  5. I've decided to finally get fit for a putter and I wanted to see if anyone has experience with the PGA Superstore Tour Van putter fitting? Or the Club Champion putter fitting. PGA Superstore is closer and I have a 50% off coupon. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello everyone - I'm looking to get back in shape after a shoulder surgery and a year of not taking care of myself. Specifically I'm looking into Yoga since I am very tight and have lost a lot of flexibility. Has anyone used a good Yoga for golfers program. I found something called GolfBodyRX which focuses on dynamic stretching. Any advice or feedback is welcome.
  7. I would love to test this product. I just purchased a new set of Sub70 irons and this would be a great way to dial-in my yardages. I already have an indoor setup, a backyard setup with net and there are multiple ranges nearby with heaters. Kyle/Midland Park iPhone 8 Pro I have both indoor and outdoor setups and use each frequently I will use a net indoors and in my backyard. No net when I go to the range
  8. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I am pretty sure most of my problem is mental. When go to the short game area and practice chipping I look great with tons of confidence. When I get on the course, it is a different story. The frustrating part is that I used to be really good a chipping. I think I will continue practicing the cross handed chip in basement for a while and get some lessons in the spring. It will be an interesting journey to say the least.
  9. My name is Kyle and I have the chipping yips. I probably lose 4-5 shots per round chipping. Recently I played with a guy who was chipping cross handed (left hand low for RH players) and he said he decided to try it because he also suffered from the yips. I haven't tried it on the course yet, just my backyard and basement carpet, but I can see why it might work. At least for me it helps keep the left wrist firm. Has anyone tried cross hand chipping and what have the results been? Any feedback is welcome.
  10. They are great, but I only have limited swings with them so I am still trying to dial in my distances. Praying to get a few more rounds in before the cold weather hits NJ.
  11. I was fitting for the UST Recoil 95 Stiff shafts. Sub70 put me in the Aldila NV Iron Stiff. Good luck.
  12. I just went through the process. If you live near a PGA Superstore, go through the Tour Van fitting process. It's about $50, but well worth it. The process is about 90 minutes and you will hit all sorts of club/shaft combinations. I would highly recommend it. I opted to buy Sub70 irons which you can't buy in stores. They recommended a set for me based on my fitting results. I couldn't be happier. If you don't live near PGA superstore, Golf Galaxy does fittings but I don't think its as elaborate.
  13. Go to their site and get some demo clubs. They will send a 6 & 9. You pay $120 and they refund $100 when you return them. I applied the $100 to my purchase. You can also call them and they will help. Like I said, I was fitted at my PGA Store and emailed them the specs of the Mizunos and they recommended a setup for me.
  14. Needed to upgrade my irons with graphite shafts due to some shoulder and elbow issues. I was playing Ping i10 with stiff steel shafts. After going through the tour van fitting process at my local PGA Superstore I was all set to drop $1,300 on a Mizuno combo set. Thankfully I was reading through this forum and found a thread about Sub70 irons. For $600 (or half the cost of Mizuno's) I decided to give them a try. Best decision I ever made. The customer service was outstanding. Jason and his team called, to talk through the results of my fitting and recommend a combo set. They sent me a few demo clubs and after a range session I decided to give them a try. I bought a combo set. 5&6 were the 699Pro and 7-PW are the 639CB Forged. I've only had two rounds with them but I couldn't be happier. Great feel to the clubs, great distance and I love the graphite shafts.
  15. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    So I decided to cut down my 9 iron 1/4 inch and played a round on Sunday. I have to say that my strikes with that iron were very good. Playing another round on Friday and will see how it goes. Originally I tried chocking down, but it didn't have the same feel. Another two rounds are probably needed to make a decision unless a range opens up soon. Thanks everyone.
  16. I am finally ditching my 10 year old 3W and would welcome suggestions. I've heard good things about the Cobra F9 and the SIM. Hands-on pros and cons of each would be great. If there is a different 3W you would recommend, I am all ears. I was a huge fan of the V-Steel back in the day which lead me to the SIM. I play to a 12 with 110MPH driver head speed.
  17. I'm coming off shoulder surgery, so my therapist has me doing lots of planks (especially side planks for golf). My TP also recommended some basic stretch band work to keep up on range of motion.
  18. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  19. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    My contact is pretty decent. My wear mark is more like a quarter instead of a dime, and it is a little I little high on the club face towards the toe. I know that will improve because trimming the shaft will make the club a little flatter, or so I've read.
  20. Pupini

    Shorter Shafts??

    Hey guys - Considering shortening my golf shafts. I'm short 5'4" and currently use standard length shafts. What would happen to my distance if I shorten the clubs. I am a 12-14 handicapper and hit an 8 iron about 155. I would gladly give up some distance if I would see an increase in accuract (which I expect). I just don't want to lose a full club. My thought is cutting 1/2 inch off. - Thanks.
  21. Kyle, New Jersey Handicap 13 Ping i10 160 with a 7
  22. - Kyle - New Jersey - GEL SEDO (Groove Equipment Limited, Designed by Dr. Paul Hurrion) - FRONTLINE ISO SLANT
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